The Universe  -   A Personal View

( by Joseph K. H. Cheng ) 


One has to take numerous journeys in life. In fact, life itself is one hack of a journey. It can be pretty lengthy and yet seems fleeting. On the contrary, it can be very brief and yet seems tedious. It depends completely on your point of view. More precisely, it hinges on your frame of mind. Regardless of your feelings towards life, it would be generally true to say that some time during one's journey along this river of time questions will be asked of yourself about its meaning and purpose. You may come to the conclusion that it is totally pointless. Even the cream of the crop such as some much revered Nobel Prize laureates do hold such a view. So, do not feel stupid and ignorant if you hold a similar view of life. Or you may be more positive and feel that everyone must have a mission in life. After all, there is a beautiful though mysterious universe out there that invariably begs the WHY question.


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