Feng Shui Cures


Baqua and Lopan

The BAQUA is the most well known fengshui tool used to disperse fengshui ailments/killings, There are many commercial items that have adopted the BAQUA as the theme of their designs. For example, the BAQUA clock that uses the BAQUA and LOPAN as the face of the clock. Contained contained within the BAQUA are the YIN/YANG, FIVE ELEMENTS, and it also has a countering effect against fengshui ailments/killings.
The BAQUA mirror can be used to block any “SHA” energy coming from sharp/pointy objects pointing toward your house as well as to deflect any negative energy from cemeteries, churches, temples and other harmful external structures away from you. It is advisable to only put such a mirror outside the house and not be hung inside the house facing the occupants. The “Convex BAQUA mirror” is specifically used to counter against any fengshui tools pointing directly towards the house. Its main purpose is to reflect any “SHA CHI"

Six Legendary Emperprs coins

The Six Legendary Emperors coins are chosen from the coinage of six of the most prosperous Emperors of the Ming Dynasty. They are Emperors Shunzi, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiaqing and Daoguang. The Six Emperors coins can disperse Earth Killings, its strength is also capable of dispersing the FIVE yellow star and other negative stars. If they are placed in the location of the harmful flying star location for that particular year, this will keep the people living in the house safe and healthy as well as ensuring smooth working and career conditions for that period. It is imperative when placing the Emperor’s coins that the arrangement shall follow the dynasty timeline and the coin face should be facing outwards. Since these coins have been passed down over the centuries, they must undergo special treatment before the coins can be used. This treatment is required to ensure that any bad energy in the coins is dispersed.

Promotion Seal

In ancient times, the “Promotion Seal (升官印)”was used by government officials to signify their status or position. The seal was carved from jade. The more senior the government officials, the more exquisite the jade used to make the seal. The seal used by the Chinese Emperor is called Yuxi (the Imperial seal). The seal usually takes the shape of animals such as天鹿印, 麒麟印, 獅子印(Lion), 瑞龍印, 龍龜印( Turtle). The Promotion Seal can help politicians, government servants and senior executives to be more successful in their career (get promoted or elected)

Wen Chang Tower

The WENCHANG tower is most commonly used to improve studies or career achievements.  It can be placed on the study desk in the “WENCHANG” position, the best WENCHANG towers are the ones with nine levels. It helps to enhance one’s thinking ability and concentration, as well as to improve one’s learning ability. The WENCHANG tower can also promote better career/status achievements.

Chinese Brush

If due to the space constraints within the house, the WENCHANG cannot be placed on the study desk, it is possible to place four Chinese brushes in the WENCHANG location. For aesthetic reasons, they can be placed on a wooden rack and hung on the wall as a decoration. The brush should not be sealed and must be aired. The brush is long in shape and reflects the nature of the soft WOOD element. The softness in the bristles reflects the character & nature of Sun qua. The brush portrays the qua which is the combination of both number FOUR and WENCHANG qua. It has similar function as the WENCHANG tower, it improves studies and wisdom and also helps to promote quick thinking. As such, good academic results in examinations are within one’s grasp. As a reminder, even though its effect can improve the strength of WENCHANG, it still requires one’s personal effort to succeed. As the saying goes “There is no free lunch in this world”

Brass Kirin

The Kirin is an auspicious animal, powerful and fearsome, It is capable of resolving any difficulty or disaster, punishing the evil as well as dispersing “SHA” energy. Kirins which is made of gold plated brass ornament, can be used to disperse 3 Killings, and counter the FIVE yellow star. If the 3 Killings for that particular year is located in the main door or window, this 3 Killings must be dispersed. To disperse the 3 Killings, place 3 gold KIRINs in the 3 Killings direction with the Kirin facing outwards with its tail facing the house. KIRINs placed inside or outside the house possesses the same potency. If due to limited space or aesthetics, the KIRINs cannot be placed outside the house, consider placing/hanging a pair of flat bodied KIRINs on the main door frame outside the house

Wu Luo

The “Wu Luo” can be classified into the Brass Wu Luo, the Natural Wu Luo made from dried calabash gourd and the White Jade Wu Luo. The Brass Wu Luo is used to fight “EARTH” killings, as it is considered to be “METAL” element of the FIVE ELEMENT. The Wu Luo comprising of two round shaped calabash gourds is considered to be element of METAL (Round shape represents the element of METAL) and used to cure EARTH Killings. The Wu Luo that has a small opening and slim body can capture the “SHA” energy and keeping them intact inside the WU LUO. The Brass and White Jade Wu Luo are also used to increase the prosperity of the KUAN position. If they are placed in the particular position which does not have any clashes and belonging to one’s Life QUA, this will help to improve one’s fortune.

Heavenly Medicinal Wu Luo

The Wu Luo can also be used to heal illnesses. The most effective WU LUO for this is the natural Wu Luo made from dried calabash gourd. It can be placed in the house and room of any sick person particularly in the Tien Yi (天醫),Yan Nian (延年)and Wheng Qi (生氣) locations. It needs to be filled with some Chinese medicine. It will have an unprecedented healing effect on the sick person living in the house. If there is a room directly facing the toilet, it is possible to use the WU LUO and eight pieces of Yellow jade to dissolve any negative energy coming from the toilet. It can also be used to disperse the clash between any two room doorways facing each other.

Stone Lion

Stone Lion has protective powers and can be used to mitigate various shape “sha” and to protect against any harmful spirits. Stone lion is also known to improve authority, status and the “yang” energy in the house. Some luxurious mansions tend to place the Stone lion statue at the main door to increase status and authority as well as to help in promoting prosperity. Stone Lion has been known to bring status, reputation and increase authority. Hence many business owners like to place the stone lion in their offices to enhance the reputation and authority

Dragon Head Turtle

Dragon head Turtle is regarded as one of the celestial animals in China, it has the head of a dragon and the body of a turtle and is typical made and craved from jade.

Dragon turtle can be used to accelerate your career, and enhance relationship.    Dragon turtle is beneficial to assist with status and career success and to improve the relationship fortune. Using the dragon turtle as feng shui cure, will help in receiving aid from valuable person at work, to gain your boss’s admiration, to get the support from your colleague. And be on the path of becoming successful at work. If the dragon turtle is placed in both home and office, this will have two- fold effect, it will bring more good benefit. Dragon turtle made of bronze can be used to cure 2 and 5 bad stars, as well as to attract prosperity and wealth. Some bronze dragon turtle has a hump back which can be used to store white rice, tea leaf, ancient coins, jade. This will accelerate the effect of attracting wealth and prosperity.


In feng shui, often hear the term “Left Green Dragon, Right White Tiger” where “Green Dragon” represent the male master of the house and ‘White Dragon” represent the female master of the house. Any side that is lacking would bring disadvantages to that particular side. If there is any lacking on the left side of the house, then green dragon statue should be placed in left side to compensate for any insufficiency. Also Dragon can be beneficial to protect against any villain, and can be used to resolve disaster. It will also help corporate senior executive and political figure to enhance your authority. The high salaried executives and government officials will benefit the most from the power of the dragon.


Crystal ball
It is well know that Crystal ball can enhance one’s ability, promote one’s wisdom, improve one’s mental strength, aid better concentration and improve one’s educational luck. Place a crystal ball in the home can help in promoting prosperity, but when placed in the wrong location will have an opposite effect and this can cause disastrous situation to occur. Hence attention should be paid when position the crystal ball to avoid any potential catastrophic event from occurring.    



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