Year of the Horse 2014 – Flying Stars Analysis


Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Herbalist & Acupuncturist)
Translators : Alfred Wong (B. A/C), Alice Wong (Diploma. Business)
Editor: Edmund Chin (B. Eng.)

The "Jia Wu Year of the Horse" is just around the corner, hereby, I wish that everyone has an easier, and a much better year ahead.

Apart from analyzing the Bazi at the first day of Spring, we can also predict what is going to happen around the world throughout the year, by looking at the position of the 9 Flying Stars.










In the Chia Wu Year of Horse, the "5" Yellow Ominous star arrives at the Northwest, which is the "Chien" position, the "Tai Sui" (God of the Year, also known by the ancient name of Jupiter) at South the " Li" position, the "2" Black Illness star flies to the East known as the "Chen" position, and the "3" Shan Sha Killers star arrives at North, the "K'an" position. These four positions are likely to experience various natural disasters throughout the year.  

With the absence of the Official star, and simultaneously, the Fire element being extremely strong on the first day of Spring, together with the dry Earth element. Without a single drop of Water element to cool down the whole situation, the "8" White Wealth star landing at the South will lack the capacity for beneficial change. By gathering all these analytical data, continuous occurrences of natural, man-made disasters and disturbances in the Year of Horse can be concluded.

This year, the "5" Yellow Ominous star is at the Northwest, the "Chien" position. "Chien" represents power. Authorities and leadership will be challenged. Strained relationship between nations will emerge. In Southeast Asia, conflicts take place between Japan, South and North Korea, Philippines, Vietnam and China. In the Year of the horse we are likely to see the stepping down of authorities in control or the demise of leaders.

In this Year of the Wood Horse, the "1" White Official star lies at the Southwest, the "Kun" position. With the support of the "Star of Romance", mature women will be well respected, things flow smoothly for those who are in power, and their interpersonal relationships are in their favour. However, as Water flows into Saturn, females in the Southwest are likely to suffer from illnesses such as water retention, stomach problems and spleen deficiency.

This year the "2" Black Illness star flies to the East, the "Chen" position.  Japan, South and North Korea, Eastern China, and the Eastern part of the world will be battling with unknown viruses. Japan and Korea may experience astronomical phenomenon in particular. Once again in Japan, the flow of radioactive water into the ocean will cause uncontrollable pollution and affect the agricultural products in the area.  Elderly male suffers from stomach illness, tinnitus, jaundice and facial swelling.

The "3" Jade Dispute star arrives at the Southeast, the "Sun" position.  As the star represents dispute, Southeast Asia remains unstable.  Conflicts will happen all over the world, especially in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Territorial issues arise around China, Japan and Korea. This direction will not be favourable for the eldest daughter in the family.

This year, the "4" Green Intellectual star is right at the centre, which means in the Year of the Horse, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, as well as the freedom of artistic expression will be challenged. The Wood element is being suppressed by the strong Fire element, which means disasters such as explosions, bush-fires and typhoons will easily be seen.  Not a favourable year for the Middle-eastern countries; agriculturally and for their young children. People living at the "centre" should beware of illness such as spleen and stomach viruses, jaundice and deterioration in comprehension.

The "6" White Wealth star locates at the West, the "Tui" position. The United States and European countries instigate conflicts between nations which lead to violence and bloodshed. Residential and commercial properties with entrances or main windows facing West will have positive impact on wealth, however mostly favourable to females. Because the overwhelming Metal element weakens the Wood element, resulting in, sitting in the West may attract illnesses such as lung and throat diseases, gallbladder problem, injuries to the neck and limbs, and also family members can be easily irritated.

The negativity of the "7" Red Destructive star is further enhanced being situated at the Northeast this year, which is the "Gen" position. The fortune of the youngest male in the family is weakened, they will be lingering out and about and find themselves getting into trouble. The destructive nature of the "7" Red star diminishes the effect of the Wealth star, making this year an adverse year.  

This year, having the "8" White Wealth star appears at the South, the "Li" position, there is a destitute side under the prosperous surface. Taking into consideration the fact that his year "Tai Sui" is also situating at the South, constructions and renovations are not recommended. Properties regardless of residential use or commercial purpose, with the main entrance or having windows due south, residents or tenants will tend to fallen sick with the following illnesses; diarrhea, jaundice, stomach, coughing and ear infections.


The "9" Purple star of Jubilant arrives at the North, the "Kan" position will have exceptional and wonderful events. Positive things are in store for properties with main entrance or windows in the North. The Year of the Horse will be a favourable year to the second son of the family, love affairs in particular.

Please note that, there are different outcomes with the various combinations of the position of the Flying and Active stars, which cannot be explained in this brief.

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Dr Edward Tsang (Jin Yan) is a registered Chinese medicine traditional practitioner and acupuncturist in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Tsang has extensive knowledge and experience in Chinese metaphysics. This includes date selection, compatibility analysis, Feng Shui, palm reading and face reading.

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