Animal Zodiac Predictions for the Rat 2020 



Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Herbalist & Acupuncturist)
Edmund Chin


A few words from Master Jinyan - Another new lunar year will soon begin and I would like to wish all my readers an early happy, wealthy and healthy New Year of the Rat! My predictions for the year of the Rat is a general indication only and I’d like to remind readers that each person within the same animal zodiac are inevitably different, therefore each person’s fortune will differ and this prediction is for leisurely reference only. The Lunar Rat New Year will be on 25th January 2020. However, the day of first spring for the year of Rat will commence at 17:18 of 4th February 2020. A child born from this date onward will be considered to be born in the year of the Rat. For those born in the year of the Horse, this is a year when they clash with the “Tai Sui”, which indicates a year of volatility and unrest. Horses should counter the effect by offering fruits, vegetarian dishes and incense to the “Tai Sui” and asking for pardon by facing the sky. Those born in the year of Rat, Rooster, Rabbit and Goat will be “offending Tai Sui”, which also indicates a year full of turmoil, so they should also use the fore-mentioned method asking for pardon.




1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972,1984, 1996, 2008,2020


The Rats are offending “Tai Sui” this year. Although this conflict is not serious, Rats’ fate is easily altered and their emotion will be unsettled. In order to have a peaceful mind, people born under the sign of Rat need to ask for pardon from “Tai Sui”. There are two good ally stars of “General” and “Sui Jia” to support Rat, which nominate wealth, promotion and achievement of career.


Fortune: For Rats there will be unpredictable fate. Primary income is stable, but other income, such as shares is unstable and it is not wise to invest for fast and risky gains, otherwise there will be financial loss. There will be more sudden and unexpected expenditure. Therefore, Pig people need to control their expenditures and spend within their means. As the star of “Tsui Jia” is related to vehicles, Rats have the desire to buy or change to a new car and there will be extra expenditure in purchasing a car this year.


Career: There is the support of two auspicious stars, which will help Rats’ career or academic advancements. However, there is one negative star “Mai Qi” in sight, you may face difficulties regarding interactions with others which may cause problems. As long as the Rats keep calm and pleasant to avoid those bad situations, you can deflect those negatives. Do not be overconfident, because this attitude will turn your seniors’ respect against you. The supporting “General” star dominates authority, elevation and career advancement. This star helps Rats to easily move forward on their paths, especially beneficial in the areas of Official Politics, Civil and military officers. Reputations can be elevated. Business jurisdiction and decision makers will express their leadership. “Tsui Jia” can minimize the negative sides and a syndrome of upgrading position. “General” represents authority and dignity and power of balancing negatives. If rats can utilise it, career will definitely break out.


Romance and relationship: Being offending the “Tai Sui" the Rats will easily come across with their pessimism, emotion and unpredictability. Rat people need to learn how to restrain themselves and pay attention to personal relationships in their work area. Rats need to have better communication with their families and friends and be patient. In their path of love, it is easy to have arguments. For married or lovers, their relationships are easily altered. Therefore, Rat people need to carefully communicate with their partners. Peace and patience are a must. Single Rats have chances to meet their other parts, however there will be hindrance and it will be hard to develop in the beginning. The sentiment of love needs to be in low profile, so to avoid any frustration.


Health: There are two negative stars, which are signs for bleeding and injury. The Rats will experience being harmed by sharp objects, have more traffic accident and operations. Rats need to be careful of home safety and avoid high risk activities. Those in the mechanical industries need to be careful against industry injury and accidents. Rat drivers must pay more attention to road safety and drive carefully. It is suggested to donate blood and get dental hygiene done earlier this year, so as to avert the bleeding issues.




1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009


The Ox are combining with “Tai Sui”, making friends with “Tai Sui” and gaining support from “Tai Sui”. With this support, the Ox will have a smoother flow in their career. With ally star ‘Tai Yeung’s support, Ox’s career will have a breakthrough. Advancements in career and wealth are easily to obtain. “Tai Yeung” is Ox male’s good ally and belongs to Yang star and benefits male, rather than female. Female Ox will slightly weaken. Therefore, female Ox are suggested to be low keyed when meeting their seniors or bosses and have more discretion to prevent misunderstandings. Females also need to be careful of their love being deceived.


Fortune: Although wealth will be significantly increased, the combination of “Tai Sui” signifies that money comes and goes. In addition, there is a star “Tien Ong”, representing that accumulation of wealth is difficult and easily dispersed. Ox can increase their earnings. However, caution needs to take to avoid risk. There might be bad debts this year, so caution is a must. Be aware that business or career can be taken by others. There is a possibility of good income for the investment in shares, financial areas if caution is taken, but it is also suggested that when they have gained certain profit, Ox need to withdraw their investment immediately to avoid any loss.


Career: In addition to the star of “Tai Yeung”, there is also the good ally of “Tien Yuet”. Ox’s fate will be smooth. “Tai Yeung” star is full of energy that can clear away negativity. Ox’s career can be expected to obtain a splendid year. The Ox can obtain Male seniors or bosses’ support and your performance will be recognised. For those merchants, it is a good year to expand their business. For those business focusing on Male’s customers, sales and performance can be developed and it is also beneficial to expand and explore their overseas business. Romance: With the good star “Sui Her”, single Ox will have chances to meet their others, or through the relation from their seniors’ arrangements to gain their love. Female Ox are expecting chances to meet with their desired males; however, it is inappropriate to move on the path of love rapidly. It is better to create mutual understanding before further development. For the unmarried Ox, there are opportunities to meet their other halves, but it not suggested to move rapidly. Married Ox need to find spare time with their partners, so to increase their love.


Health: There will be some small occurrences of headache, soreness of ligament and muscle. There might be gastrointestinal sickness, Ox need to curb their social activities and avoid excessive alcohol. Whenever travelling or on business trips, there will be uncomfortable sign or meeting some minor alarming event to cause unstable emotion. As there is negative star “Mai Qi” this year, Ox need to be alert to control their temper when meeting people, so to avoid unhappiness with their families and relationship with their social net-work. Ox easily contract gastroenteritis this year, therefore Ox need to be careful of hygiene in their diet.




1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010


Tiger The star “Yi Ma” is in presence, indicates movements and changes. It also indicates that Tigers will gain their wealth after frequent movement travelling and activities, such as changing jobs, migrations, renovation. All these movements and changes reflect Tigers’ fate this year. Changes and motion will not be negative, as long as Tigers can dominate their initiative and position their own good fate. Travelling and overseas jobs will be significantly increased and Tigers need to fight for more opportunities and express their talents.


Fortune: “Yi Ma” indicates wealth can be gained from movement and activity. Tigers will easily obtain wealth from the industries of transportation, aviation, activities, trading and international trades. Tigers who are in the industries of performance, development, business or self-employment will have opportunities to show their talents and gain benefits. However, it is not wise to gain money from gambling and also not appropriate to have joint venture with others, so to avoid loss.


Career: Tigers will get recognition from their seniors, bosses or colleagues. Career will be smooth this year. For working Tigers, planning to reorganise their career or decisions, this is a good year. Tigers can easily establish their personal strategies and opportunity for changes.


Romance and relationship: Affected by the star “Yi Ma”, unmarried Tigers will have chances to develop their love romance during their overseas business trips or in different places and meet with their ideal partners. Married Tiger will have conflicts with their partners due to heavy workload and neglect their partners’ feeling. It is suggested to plan a short trip with their partners, so to increase their feeling and love. In addition, the star of “Gu Zeng” in place, due to inevitable busy daily job, Tigers will feel lonely.


Health: The Star of “Tien Ju”, indicates frequent social activities, excessive eating and gastroenteritis. Tigers need to control all unnecessary social affairs. “Gu Zeng” dominates loneliness and combine with “Yi Ma”. Tigers will be lonesome due to busy work and have a feeling of isolation from their families and spouses. Because of “Yi Ma” and “Sand Men” appear at the same year, there might be delay or hindrance during their overseas trips. Tigers also need to be careful of their luggages, documents and traffic accidents. Whenever during their overseas business trips, Tigers will be easily affected by emotional instability.




1927,1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011


Rabbits are offending “Tai Sui” this year and easily offend others by their reckless talk, especially to their senior, bosses or those benefactors. Rabbits need to be cautious and control their temper and communications. Although offending the “Tai Sui” is not very serious, there will still have some impact, turmoil and negative issues. Therefore, ask for pardon from “Tai Sui” as mentioned in early part of the article.


Fortune: Stars “Hung Luen” and “Tai Yin” are in place, “Tai Yin” dominates wealth and is the Female’s auspicious star, Female seniors or bosses will shine and assist Rabbits. “Tai Yin” is a sign of increasing wealth, Rabbits will harvest income, but it will come slowly, therefore Rabbits should not look for quick monetary gains. Otherwise Rabbits will lose money because of scandalous affairs. Whenever meeting up with the opposite gender, Rabbits need to be cautious, to avoid money loss and breaking up with their friends,


Career: “Tai Yin” is an auspicious star shining on female and is not beneficial to the male. Male Rabbits need to be alert when meeting with Female senior or bosses. Stars “Gun Suo” and Gou Shen” combine each other. They belong to disputes and arguments and is a sign of obstacles. These stars will lead to strategies and plans being blocked. It is suggested that Rabbits should stay back and be careful of insignificant people stirring waves at their back. Be aware of internal company personnel disputes. Fortunately, there are numerous ally stars shining on Rabbits and they will overcome all difficulties if Rabbits are cautious and bold to face them.


Romance and relationship: Due to “Hung Luen” in place, there will be more celebrations and happiness and lead Rabbits’ romance and feelings becoming a splendid one. Single Rabbits will easily meet with their ideal partners on their own, or through seniors’ recommendation. Married Rabbits’ romance will be abundant. It is an appropriate year for Rabbits to tie their knot. Those Rabbits at their honey moon stage can properly plan their next steps. This auspicious star can also promote popularity, obtain friends’ love and admiration from their seniors or bosses.


Health: Will be no major issues. Pay more attention to daily diet to avoid excessive intestinal, stomach and digestive systems being affected and cause discomfort. Rest properly and look after themselves. “Gun Suo” and “Gou Shen” are negative stars and indicate obstacle, hindrance, pessimism and disputes, therefore Rabbits need to prevent arguments and keep calm. Be mindful of elderlies’ health at home and seek immediate medical advice if they are sick.




1928,1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012


Dragons combination with “Tai Sui”, means Dragons delightfully gain support from “Tai Sui” and have a peaceful and smooth year. “San Tai”, “Kwok Yin” and “Hua Gai” are good auspicious stars shining on Dragons. These stars will benefit Dragons’ examination, career promotion and academic excellence. “Hua Gai” shines on Dragons who will have an abundant and creative mind. Therefore, gaining in both reputation and wealth. This is beneficial for those who are in the industries of creation, developers, design and writing.


Fortune: The combination with “Tai Sui” means Dragons’ fate is strong. But Dragons still need to be humble, as there are negative stars “Guan Fu” and Wu Gui” hidden behind. These represent disputes and court affairs. Minor events like court summons and complaints matters may arise. Major events will involve criminal law. Therefore, whenever signing contracts or verbal agreements, Dragon must be cautious, so to avoid loss and problems.


Career: With the presence of good allies, Dragon’s career gets a prominent lift up. In addition, with the combination of “Hua Gai” in place, Dragons need to make use of their own talent and knowledge to develop their careers and create more new ideas. Eventually, Dragons will be greatly admired. This star has also a proud temperament, it reflects that Dragons have a strong personality, become self-centred and neglect others’ feeling. It is suggested that Dragons do not be self-centred, so to avoid solitary operation.


Romance and Relationship: Single Dragons will have chances to meet their ideal lovers, however, due to Dragons’ proud temperament, this will affect their observation and hence miss their chances. Dragons have a pessimistic tendency. Together with the presence of “Hua Gai” which dominates loneliness, Dragons therefore neglect their partners. Married Dragons being affected by “Wu Gui”, they get suspicious. It is suggested that Dragons should not bring home their office work, otherwise it will easily create a cold war with their partners or families. Dragons need to have more communications, so to avoid conflicts in their family circle.


Health: Being affected by “Wu Gui”, Dragons’ emotion become more suspicious, self-interference and nervous, with palpitations and insomnia. It is not wise to visit patients in hospital or attend funerals. Keep distant from places that might cause emotional issues. This will reduce their instability and emotions. Pay more attentions to elderly and sick seniors who will also easily be stressed and emotional. Seek medical advice quickly when the elderly is unwell.




1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013


Snake, as per Wu Xing, belongs to fire element, Rat belongs to water element, Snakes are falling into water and conquered by water. The fate of Snake is not stable this year. Snakes’ Career is experiencing both internal and external negative impacts. Snakes are suggested not too aggressive and stay calm. Snakes will regret if they have more movements and activities. Fortunately, good ally “Yuet Tack” in place, which can be of assistance and harmonise the negative. The star belongs to Female ally, a star of mercy and females’ dignity. It reflects that assistance comes from females whenever there are negative issues that affect Snakes.


Fortune: Whenever good ally star “Yuet Tack” is in place, “Siu Hao” will accompany which dominates money loss. Snakes will be up for over expenditure; Besides, Snakes also need to prevent theft, and money loss because of court affairs by signing incorrect contracts. “Jie Sha” is also in place, represents losing money, especially at the first half of the year. Therefore, it is advisable that Snakes need to be careful of managing their money and not be a guarantor. Whenever signing contracts in relation to money, Snakes must be careful. Snakes also need to be aware of theft inside or outside the home. It is also suggested to avoid losing money by buying some precious gifts and spending money on themselves.


Career: Under the light of “Yuet Tack”, Snakes’ personal network can be developed and expanded smoothly. With no hindrance in their social relationship, career will develop properly and gain senior management or boss’ admiration and supports. Merchant Snakes can expand and update their network; However, Snakes still need to be careful of managing their wealth, do not overlook the impact of “Jie Sha and “Siu Hao” which have the power of destroying money.


Romance and Relationship: Separation can happen during Snakes’ honeymoon period. Unmarried Snakes will easily meet their ideal partners; however, they need to spend more time and effort to reach their goals. On the other hand, there are more chances in social circles arranged by senior to meet their opposite sex and explore and develop to meet their ideal partners. Married Snakes will have a stable, harmony, romance and feeling with their partners and spend a happy year together.


Health: “Si Fu” in place and meeting with “Yuet Tack and Siu Hao”, a sign of “positive embedded within positive and threat embedded with positive”, so Snakes should not be negligent, as needed to prevent those innocent disasters and be aware of their daily diet. Snakes’ health is not that great this year, there are some sudden sickness that is hard to prevent. It is suggested to have an early yearly medical check-up. Whenever there are minor ailments, seek immediate medical advice. Snakes also need to prevent work injury. It is not appropriate to visit patients in hospital or attend funerals. Be cautious of diet and gastrointestinal disease this year.




1930,1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014


Horses are clashing “Tai Sui”. Fate is inevitably unstable and cannot be avoided. There will be changes, no matter in romance or feeling or economy. Therefore, Horses should defuse the effect by offering some fruits, vegetarian dishes, incense to the “Tai Sui” asking for pardon by facing the Sky as stated in early part of the article. As one year will soon be over, Horses should be optimistic to face this type of environment, and will absolutely overcome the impact this year.


Fortune: Fortune is not stable; horses will easily spend more money or lose money this year.” Sui Po, Lan Gan and Da Hao” are in place, these three unfavourable stars will cause Horses’ fortune to block up and drain away. Therefore, Horses should be careful on managing their finance and money affairs. There will be some sudden unexpected expenses for Horses. It is suggested that Horses should reserve some money for sudden expenditure, so not to upset their original plans. It is not appropriate for investment and gambling this year, otherwise will definitely lose money.


Career: Career will not be stable and no direction on onward path, Horses should actively plan for their own career this year, don’t just keep calm and wait for chances. Horses will be moving around and there will be more hindrance and less rewards. Whenever reviewing documents, Horses must be cautious and prevent mistakes. Job stress will be heavy this year and there will be conflicts with management or bosses. Horses should be patient and not be impulsive. Horses have the mind or intention to change their job. Horses should have a self-relaxed and peaceful mind to avoid negative impacts.


Romance and Relationship: Romance is not stable, love affairs are up and down and full of changes, it is empty and unrealistic love. Easily meet and part soon. There are more separations than meetings for couples or lovers, and more impacts and more arguments. Horses need to control their emotion and think of their other half and create mutual understanding and improvement. Married Horses easily meet with opposite sex, so they need to be alert, as these are all misleading.


Health: “Lan Gan” in place, indicates hindrance and difficulties. There might be possibility of admission into hospital or prisons. There will be more career and job obstacles for Horses causing unstable emotion. “Da Hao” will also increase Horses’ job and overtime workload. Thus, Horses need to take more rest. Aiming for good health and more relaxation is the first priority for Horses this year.




1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015


Goats have two super auspicious stars “Zi wei” and “Long Tack” shining on them this year and provide Goats with a wide and healthy path. Goats’ fate is just like the Sun shining in the Sky. With auspicious stars associated with celebrations and promotions, salaried Goats’ job and career will be admired and recognised and there will be chances for promotions. Goats are offending “Tai Sui”, fate will be more or less affected and hindered. It is suggested that Goats should defuse the effect by offering some fruits, vegetarian dishes, incense to the “Tai Sui” asking for pardon by facing the Sky as stated in early part of the article. With the support from “Zi wei” and “Long Tack”, Goats will overcome any difficulties and be marching onward to their paths.


Fortune: It is a good year. Chances for Goat merchants to expand their business and their fortune will increase tremendously. Administration staffs or managers can be developing their talents. However, though fortune can be smooth, yet Goats are offending “Tai Sui” and there will be some hidden negatives. Goats must be careful that their scourge will be built up from their increasing fortune. Therefore, Goats should not be too aggressive during their investments and they need to keep a calm and careful mindset to face all situations and not take any risk, so to avoid any misfortune.


Career: Auspicious stars shine on Goats, salaried Goats and their jobs will be admired and recognised and chances for promotion. Those Official political Goats’ ally is abundant and their political paths will be smooth and elevated. If Scholars and students can work hard this year, their academic path will be achieved. Due to offending to “Tai Sui”, there will have some hindrances and impacts. Personal network will also shrink. There will be disharmony with seniors or subordinates.


Romance and Relationship: Whenever there are gains, Goats need to prevent embedded threat. “Bao Bai” and “Tian E” in place will bring destructive influences. Goats need to prevent any sudden impacts. Goats who are in honeymoon will be affected from external and ruin their romance. Married Goats and their partners and relatives will have arguments and disputes because of finance arrangement. Therefore, Goats, need to resolve all these personal relationships and be caring, so to avoid family disputes.


Health: Be aware and prepared as there will have sudden changes during long distance trips. The trip will have twists, turns and frustrations. Goats must plan well before their trip. This will lower their losses. Be careful of health and have a balanced diet. It not suggested to have excessive workload and beware of sudden strokes or heart disease. Goats need to be always mindful of their health.




1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016


Monkey meets with “Tai Sui” and form a combination of “metal, water and earth” which represents: Monkey, Rat and Dragon”, a combination of a strong water source. The combination dominates the success of career, popularity and the advancement of career and authority. At the meantime, the auspicious star “Lu Xun” in place, which can benefit reputation. However, the combination has some hidden negative element. Therefore, Monkeys should be cautious to manage all daily matters, be alert and keep a low profile and temper their aggressive nature.


Career: “LuXun” dominates reputation, Academy, Examination and Promotion which will be acclaimed and regarded. There are more chances of salary increase and achievement of their goals. The rewards and achievements need actual effort and self-performance. “Da Hao, Bai Hu, Fei Lian and Zi Pei” are in place. Although this is saying that Monkeys should stay back and not to expose their brilliance, their dialogues are needed to be in a calm manner. Treat every thing with caution, so to avoid malicious admonition. “Bai Hu” is a sign of being treated by females’ prejudice talk.


Fortune: Monkeys will win their accolades but in fact there is no actual benefit, because they are lacking the star of Fortune. This is also not a good year for fortune. No matter in their job or investment, Monkeys need to work hard themselves to gain progress. There are some overdrawn accounts causing Monkeys’hih emotion. Monkey need to be careful to manage their finance. In the second half of the year, this situation will be expected to improve. It is suggested Monkey merchant’s financial management be not too aggressive and their expenditure should be based on balancing with income and controlling their daily expenses.


Romance and Relationship: It is not an appropriate year for marriage. Monkeys are not keen in concentrating to search for romance, so the development of romance and love is rather slow. Unmarried Monkeys should pay more attention in their surroundings as this is from which they will find their ideal partners. There are also opportunities for them to develop their romance overseas. There will be more disputes for Married Monkeys this year, Monkey should understand opposite side and care for their spouses’ health. “Bai Hu” also indicates that there will have some strong female appear in front of Monkeys, choosing or rejecting them is Monkeys’ own will.


Health: Due to “Bai Hu” in place, Monkeys will easily experience bleeding and injuries. It is suggested that Monkeys should have dental checks and teeth cleansing in the beginning of the year and donate blood which not only can help people, but also defuse disasters. Be careful of dialogue and conflicts from others. With “Fei Liun” in place, there will have some minor affairs to drain away Monkeys’ energy. It is suggested that Monkeys reduce their workload, and stay away prying people and disputes.




1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017


Roosters’ fate is strong and abundant. With “Tien Tack”, “Tian Xi”, “FuXing” as their guardians and supports, there will be more celebrations. Career and Wealth will both be advanced. In addition, auspicious stars “Ba Zuo” can resolve all difficulties and support Roosters to gain all events in a harmonious way. Roosters should actively grasp what they want. Not matter those are in the senior position or salaried staff, their salary and income will expect to have a satisfactory increase. As there are numerous negative stars surrounding Roosters and affect Roosters’ personalities and network, some disputes and arguments are inevitable. Fortunately, there are still good ally stars to support Roosters and dissolve difficulties whenever they arise.


Fortune: Winning their applauses cannot bring Roosters’ actual benefit, because lack of the star of Wealth. This is not a year of good fortune No matter whether career workaholic or investors, they need to work hard to gain their wealth. There will be some unexpected expenditure causing Roosters’ economical stress. Roosters need to stay steady and carefully manage their finance. In the second half of the year, the situation can be improved. Rooster merchants need to be conservative, balance expenditure and income, and control all expenses.


Career: Roosters’ fate is extremely strong and those workaholics will gain their expected career satisfactorily and obtain Senior management or elderlies’ admiration and improve the job opportunities. Those Rooster merchants can gain customers’ trust and their business will be elevated. Those are in media or arts; they will gain more job assignments and their reputation will be lifted up. “Juan She”, a star of disputes, will bring Roosters arguments and disputes. Roosters will face stress, because of rumours and scandalous affairs.


Romance and Relationship:“Tien Xi” is a scandalous star and indicates that Roosters’ personalities are strong and romantic life is abundant. Married Roosters’ life is smooth and sweet. Unmarried Roosters or lovers, they can tie their knots, but they will also face other scandalous affairs which will affect their passion. With the presence of “Tian Xi”, “Xian Chi” will be in place, which is not a proper scandalous star, so Roosters need to be cautious, not have the hasty romance or indulge in wine.


Health: Though it is a good year, “Juan She” can bring negatives to Roosters who will face the stress of scandal affairs. Whenever meeting families or friends, peace is the first and only priority, because minor argument can stir waves in the calm sea and bring unnecessary consequence. If there are some minor changes or unhappy issues, roosters need to remain calm. Be careful of elderlies at home. There might be the possibility of filial piety, as the fierce star “Pi Ma” is in place.




1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018


Dog has no particular good auspicious star, but only “Tian Jie” is in place. Dogs’ fate can only be considered a normal year. Dogs will come across of many up and down matters this year. Therefore, Dogs need to prepare themselves to face whatever that might happen and be relaxed and have a calm mind to overcome any negative issue might arise. “Tien Jie” is a star having strong ability to defuse uncertainties, evil matters and difficulties.


Fortune: Wealth is not that good as expected. Primary income is normal, Wealth is up and down and there is a sign that income is unstable. Dogs will easily be breaking up their money. Dogs will face some mistakes in financial management and money exchange. In order to avoid loss, it is not wise to be guarantor or lend money out or have high-risk investment in the year of Rat. Dogs need to secure their money and prepare for sudden expenditure that might arise and complicate Dogs’ planning. Dogs also need to reserve some cash for all these sudden issues.


Career: Dogs’ mind and will are varied and looking for change. There are external factors to bring them stress. Although “Tien Jie” can defuse dilemma, Dogs’ career could not be elevated. Therefore, Dogs must set up a strategy for emergencies. “Fu Qian” is a star of turmoil; it reflects uncertainty in Dogs’ careers and emotions.


Romance and Relationship: Dogs’ mind is unstable, being blinded by “GuaSu”, which is unfavourable to romance. Dogs will be busy with frequent travel. With separation from their partners and they will feel lonely. Married Dogs need to pay attention to their partners’ health. “GuaSu and “Fu Quan” can stir up the unsteady emotion and easily cause disputes with their lovers or partners, so Dogs need to control their emotion and not raise their temper. Dogs also need to actively pay attention to show their love and concern to their partners, then relationships can therefore have expected improvements.


Health: “DiaoKe”, “Xue Ren” and“Fu Quan” are in place, there will be threatening matters happening. Be careful there might be medical procedures, traffic accidents, injuries or suddenly bitten by animals. Dogs need to pay attention to diet hygiene and gastrointestinal diseases. It is not suggested to visit sick people or attend funerals. Pay attention to the elderly at home. Whenever they are sick, seek medical adviceimmediately and be cautious of filial piety. Take time to have more rest and reduce social activities. This is to lower over-draining self-physical energy. Dogs also need to be careful of water risk.




1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019


Pigs were offending “Tai Sui” and had an unfavourable year last year. Pigs’ fate is now gradually settling down and returning to more harmony and peace. “Academy” star is in place shining on the Pigs. This star can assist and elevate Pigs’ career and job development and reputation. Pigs must grasp this opportunity and it is a year to actively look for modifications, such as changing jobs or switching to other departments. Scholars need to seek for chances to go to overseas for study.


Fortune: The fate of wealth is conservative and this progresses slowly, due to the lack of a wealth star. Financial management must be cautious and to stabilise family’s economy. It is not wise for gambling. Pigs need to reduce their luxury expenses, so to avoid the financial agency. Take extra care of personal belongs, such as mobile phone, wallet and travelling documents. The loss of such item will not cause Pigs much damage, but it will cause Pigs’ inconvenience and emotional stress.


Career: “Academy” star represents talents, exploratory on study of things. Pigs’ mind will be more flexible and job strategies will be admired and their reputation will be elevated. The star will also have benefit on examination, changing of job and job interview, internal promotion and obtaining great achievement. “Mo Yue” is also in place which will bring Pigs stresses from new assignment, new job, new challenges or being in a strange place. This new environment takes a while to settle down and Pigs’ jobs and fate will then proceed on to the next stage.


Romance and Relationships: Fate of romance will have small impact on married Pigs, Pigs need to be patient. Love fate is up and down. Pigs are suggested to stabilise their emotion and not be bad tempered and to actively care for others. Then relationships can be improved. Single Pigs are busy with their study and examination preparation. Thus, their opportunities will therefore leak away. Married Pigs are suggested to travel with their partners so to increase their romance.


Health: “Wang Shen” and “Bing Fu” are in place, Pigs need to be cautious to prevent sickness and to take extra care of health. Though it might be a minor ailment, it can degrade their spirit and indirectly reduce the Pigs’ overall performance. Don’t visit hospital patients or attend funerals so to reduce the impact. There will be some hidden conflict that hurt you. Whenever the Pig meet with the elderly, senior management or bosses, there might be conflict and argument. Therefore, daily discussions must be caring, so to avoid unnecessary matters turning up against you.


Final Note:  Dr. Edward Tsang (Master Jin Yan) is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist.  He is an expert in metaphysics, including life predictions, palm reading, face reading and Feng Shui, honed from many years of practical experience, and his predictions are highly regarded, detailed and accurate.  Dr. Tsang was previously a lecturer on Feng Shui at the Victoria University.  His predictions and writings can be viewed at and enquiries for personal/business consultation can be made at 0400 878 618.