Geng Zi Year of the Rat –General Predictions for 2020



Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Herbalist & Acupuncturist)
Edmund Chin


Welcome to the Year of the Rat! We wish everyone a thriving and prosperous year ahead! Let us analyse the 2020 Ba Zi: Lunar New Year in 2020 will fall on 25th January, however the actual First day of Spring for the year of Rat in 2020 will fall on 4th February at 17:18 pm (Gregorian Calendar). The Four Pillars (Bazi) of this date is Geng Zi 庚子Year, Wu Yin 午寅Month, Ding Chou丁丑Day, and Ji You己酉Hour. In 2020, the first day of the Year of the Rat will be on 4th of February, which means that Spring will be celebrated after the Chinese New Year.










午   Wu Earth







Yin Wood









On the First Day of the Rat, the Wealth star, the Movement star and Official star are draining and clashing the First Day of Ding Fire. How can wealth be obtained? Without wealth (metal) to protect government authorities (water), the authority of government will be weak. The month pillar belongs to earth and wood, wood can be generating the First Day of Ding Fire, however, the whole four pillars is entirely attacking the Ding Fire, three elements of earth drain the Ding Fire and element of water is invading the Ding fire and the Wealth star is clashing the Ding Fire. Although the wood element can generate Ding Fire, it is in the death position. The whole combination of four pillars (Ba Zi), Ding fire belongs to a very weak Fire. As per five phases of Wu Xing, except the wood element, all other elements are clashing and draining the Ding Fire. This reflects that in the year of Rat, it is lacking of support, unbalanced and full of conflict. In the year of Rat, water invades Ding Fire, it symbolises that local government, the decisions of leaderships between countries and countries will face serious impacts and challenges.

On the First Day of Rat, metal of time belongs to the good allies貴人of Ding Fire, the heavenly stem metal of the year dominates changes and variations. Wood can generate Ding fire, but the star of wealth is in the death position, how can wealth be obtained in the year of Rat? Although the star of Movement is in present and can generate Wealth, it is restrained and invaded, it is hardly guarded and Wealth is difficult to keep in the year of Rat. Also, the Wealth star needs the Official star for protection. The Official star is weak, how can Wealth be obtained? In the First Day of Spring, Ding Fire is invaded, governance is losing her balance, problems will be inevitable. The Movement star combines with the Officials star, how can the regimes around the world or local governments have their policies executed? There will be contra-indication, disharmony, people’s resentment and rages. Official star directly against the Ding Fire, global leaders are both provocative and paradoxical.


Ding Fire will be more favourable during the lunar April and May, but weakens in the Lunar July. Global world and leaders will not keep their promises and agreements. The disaster starts from the West. In the First Day of Spring, heavy earth restrains water, people are losing their wisdom and reasoning and conduct misguided activities.


On the First Day of Rat, Ding Fire is clashing the Officials star, government leadership will use excess force to govern local people. Hong Kong SAR Government’s political power will be affected, policy is difficult to present, fails to succeed and is restrained. People’s emotion will be aggressive for the current year. In the year of Rat, interaction between countries will only be agreement for mutual benefit. Wood will generate fire, so to support the earth, property market won’t drop tremendously, however, more properties will be placed on the market.


Fire dominates and represents civilisation and law. Due to the weak fire, civilization and law are difficult to achieve. The star of Wealth is in the water’s death position, weak fire needs the support from different directions and sources as it searches Earth (movement) to generate the path of wealth (Metal), therefore Earth (movement) will strive hard to obtain wealth (Metal) for the Ding fire. Metal represents Western countries, USA will play hard and use different channels, bullying ways, force, threats and wars to approach their goal.


On the First Day of Rat, star of movement (Earth) restrains the star of Official, government leadership uses extreme force to control and retrain local people. It reflects that local people are in disagreement and continue to challenge their government. At the meantime, movement (Earth) is restrained, people are lacking wisdom to distinguish right or wrong and their thoughts are on the wrong track and easily influenced by other parties. Countries are in the same situation. In the current year of Rat, metal and wood are clashing, people’s emotions and thoughts are wavered, confused, lacking of patience and hard to be control. Opposing voices are constantly coming out. There will be more traffic, aviation, train accidents in the year of Rat. In the year of Rat, there will be more large-intestine, bowel cancers, lung cancers, and also surgical and medicinal errors.


The First Day of Rat also belongs to movement and combining with Officials, which leads to immorality and greedy. Ding Fire is in the death position of wood so wealth is damaged. It is weak and cannot generate wealth. However, there is still hope of friendship and popularity.


The First Day of Rat, wood and metal are clashing, wood is weaker than metal. This represents that USA will stir waves and bully around the world. Due to being in the Age of Eight, Fire is strong in the West for the year of Rat, which can restrain those provocations and USA will pay for its role. Wood and Metal are clashing, people’s thoughts are erratic. Governance thought, documentation and policies will have mistakes. The policy of Global leaders and district governments will be restrained and suppressed. As there are combinations with metal; global countries and district governments will mutually cooperate to solve problems.


On the First year of Rat, wood and metal are clashing, American Asian policies will be unclear. America and North Korea will come across another high-risk dispute. European countries, especially America will make troubles, bully everywhere by their excuses to set sanction onto other countries. There will be conflicts, disharmony and arguments in USA leaderships. The Age of the Eight star is fading and governing century of the Age of Nine starts to begin.


On the First Day of Rat, Water (Official star) is extremely weak, Official is not in a good position and metal (Wealth) can hardly protect water (Official). This indicates that global governments are entirely lacking of governance and support. Governments are powerless and only express their dishonesties. Due to the weak governance and Ding fire being drained by strong earth, which also restrains water (Official), people and subordinates are rebellious and do whatever they want. Governments and jurisdictions are restrained and unable to control the present situation. In the year of Rat, tourism, hotels industry, transportation, shipping, aviation, food industry, property is challenged. However, the situation will improve in the second half of the year,


On the First Day of Rat, Earth (movement) is drained, people lack wisdom and are unable to distinguish what is right or wrong, thought is deviated and easy to be misled. Countries are in the same situation. On the year of Rat, metal and wood are clashing, people’s emotion is fluctuated and confused, impatient, unable to control and non-stop, anti-government voice. There are traffic, aviation and train accidents. Wood invades earth, there will be more gastrointestinal diseases, bowl cancers, lung cancers, and medical errors.


Due to water and fire are clashing, fire represents communication. Global communication is confused with transmission problems. Blood, qi and personnel will be in disharmony. As Water is weak, it is easy to experience heart disease, blood circulation, eye disease, kidney, bone, and teeth, ears, and brain diseases. Transportation and traffic will be sluggish.


General Regional Predictions


Northwest regions: Although economy of European and American districts is likely increasing, the economy is hard to grow and will face setbacks. People in these regions will experience respiratory diseases, there will be possibilities that Europe and America leaders suffer severe sickness or even pass away. The big Wealth star will benefit the areas of design, hardware and real estate

Western regions: The economy of Europe and America will further drop down. Finance and stock market will be impacted. American leadership will control their exaggerated dialogues; however, they never keep their promises. People in these regions will face respiratory diseases. If the star of Wu Huang (Big disaster) is in place on certain month, there will be explosions, fire disaster, bleeding, fighting and arguments.

Northeast regions: The youth will have a libertine lifestyle, abundance of sexual encounters and suffer urinary systems diseases. The young people easily face sudden death at home. These regions will face landslides, objects falling from great height and have more young people leave home.

Southern regions: There will be more sickness, viruses, unknown diseases, inflammation, bush fires, dermatological diseases and dryness. People in Southern part countries and districts will suffer more eye sickness, heart diseases and blood circulation problem and corpse discovery, corpse lesion and arguments. Due to deficiency of the water element, people’s wisdom and thoughts are easy to conduct stupid pessimistic behaviour. Due to the negative stars present, it is suggested not to have any big construction or redecorations, otherwise, there will have negative results in this area.

Northern regions: Especially northern part of China, Mongolia, there will be more arguments and disputes. However, people’s popularity is good. Scandalous affairs will also be abundant. More theft, rumours, trouble making, especially from middle males.
Southwest regions: There will be more dermatological, urinary systems diseases and reflux, especially for older ladies. However, people in these regions will have good academic, thoughts, study but also have with more suicidal thoughts and arguments.

Eastern regions: Korea, North Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Eastern part of China will experience of plague, virus, gastrointestinal lesion, bowl cancer, lung cancer and turmoil. There will be more military practices in the region and easy to face possible war conflicts that might happen. Taiwan will stir up trouble. Japan, Korea and Taiwan will be affected by USA. There will be more conflicts between China and Japan. China will speed up her southeast military position. In the Eastern regions, there will be more influenza, unknown diseases, skin diseases, sudden disasters, urinary diseases, especially for those elderly. There will be more plague, disasters, people’s negative thinking and hidden ominous sign. In these regions, countries will face unfavourable doom, career, finance, families, health and popularity. Due to the star of Big Disaster is in place, this area is not suggested to carry big movement and renovations.

Southeast regions: There will be more liver and gall bladder, chest, respiratory diseases, neck problems, 4 limbs injuries and emotional impacts, traffic accidents, disputes, conflicts and dull thinking. There will be strong dynamic movements. People losing their friends and families because of money and gabling, and bleeding and accidents.

Middle East: there will be more war, disasters, fire and bleeding.

General Monthly Predictions

Lunar January (04 February 2020 – 04 March), wood is very strong, metal and wood clash each other. This indicates that people’s perceptions are confused. There is more traffic, aviation and rail accidents. There will be more disputes and arguments among Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Philippines. USA is still having a strong maritime position and persuades other Asian countries against China. China is also resisting and sends a strong message to America and her supporters. China with the supports from other countries, her reputation and good will be expanding out. USA’s teaser to China will definitely fail. There will more respiratory diseases and blood circulation diseases. In the Southeast regions, people will experience 4 limbs injuries. The Southern part of Australia, will encounter extreme hot weather, bush fires, inflammatory diseases.

Lunar February (05 March to 03 April), wood is still very strong and metal is weak, wood and metal are clashing, people’s perceptions are confused and full of conflicts. American and European leaders will suffer serious diseases, lung cancers, respiratory diseases or death. People in Japan, North Korea, Korea and Taiwan will suffer gastrointestinal disease, gas reflux, and unknown virus, especially for the young people. Southern countries, people will suffer plague and skin dryness.

Lunar March (04 April – 04 May) The economy of American and Western countries likely increase, however it just like an epiphyllum plant and won’t last long. Northern part of China easily suffers kidney and variety diseases. In Southeast districts, there will be more unknown plagues. Around Japan, Korea, Taiwan, there will be conflicts, respiratory, liver and gall-bladder diseases.

Lunar April (05 May to 04 June) More traffic, aviation, rail accidents and colon diseases. The financial and stock markets in Europe and America will be fluctuating and global countries will be affected. Investors must be cautious to avoid loss. America will be quite bullying and frequently interfere in the South China Sea by excuse of freedom sailing routes and create conflicts and teasing China’s bottom line. Southwest district, there will be more plagues, unknown diseases, dermatology disease, reflux, especially for the older ladies.

Lunar May (05 June – 05 July) There will be more unknown diseases, respiratory problems in the Western countries. Global government and local governments will be affected and restrained and their policies are hardly to execute. China, Northern part districts are easy to suffer heart diseases. America will act like world police again and distribute orders everywhere and sanctioning orders to other countries and provoke arguments.

Lunar June (06 July – 06 August) There will be more plagues and gastrointestinal diseases and urinary system problems in the Southeast, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. America, there will be more influenza and gastrointestinal diseases. Western countries will suffer unknown plagues, arguments and annoyance events. China or Northern districts will ally together with her allies and their reputation and trade will be escalated.

Lunar July (07 Aug – 06 Sept) Metal and wood are clashing. This indicates that people’s perceptions are confused and emotions are fluctuated. Demonstration and anti-government are non-stop. There will be more traffic, aviation and rail accidents and natural disasters. Senior Government’s policies are continually attacked and situations are difficult to control. On the other hand, in the Southeast regions, property investment will be increased. However, stock market and banking stocks are not appropriate for investment. America and European countries will interfere in Asian regions and South China Sea. There will be more respiratory and kidney diseases, uncontrolled emotions and 4 limbs injuries.

Lunar August (07 September – 07 October) It is appropriate for defensive investment and inappropriate to invest in the riskier financial and stock markets. Investors must be cautious to avoid unnecessary loss. There will be more conflict between America and European countries. People’s emotion in these regions will be mixed and government’s policies are difficult to execute. More scandal affairs in the Northern part of China will be abundant. There is good relationship in these regions. There will be more plagues and unknown diseases and natural disasters, skin and stomach cancer in Australia and Southern regions, especially for the middle age ladies.

Lunar September (08 October – 06 November) There will be more respiratory diseases, inhale and exhale problem, conflicts and arguments in European and American regions. There will be more inflammation, skin disorders and dryness in Southern countries. As per Southeast countries, if cautions can be taken, there will be rewards for investment.

Lunar October (07 November – 06 December) Wood and metal are still clashing in Europe and America, USA will stir up and provoke trouble everywhere. However, Metal fails, America cannot achieve their plans but weaken their strong force. There will be more unknown diseases, lesions, and stomach cancer, especially for middle ladies’ health. There will be more abdominal pain and eye sickness, blood circulation and heart diseases this month.


Lunar November (07 December 2020– 04 January 2021) There will be respiratory diseases and leaders suffering from terminal diseases in European and American countries. There will be more unknown disease, plagues, lesions, skin disorders, bush fire, inflammation. Due to the impact to the star of wealth, it is not appropriate to plan large investment this month. Those investors need to be particularly cautious to avoid loss. Transportation industries will be impacted, traders must take special attention. For China and Northern regions, academic, popularity and reputations will be escalated.

Lunar December (07 January – 03 February 2021) Due to the instability of the star of Wealth being combined and impacted, it is not beneficial to invest in the financial and stock markets. Investors must be cautious to avoid loss. In the Northern part of China, Russia and Europe and America, there will be more unknown diseases, influenza, intestinal diseases and urinary diseases. America and European countries’ economy seem to grow; however, it is only as an epiphyllum plant and won’t last long. In Southeast regions and countries, there will be unknown diseases and intestine and stomach diseases.


Dr Edward Tsang (Jin Yan) is a registered Chinese medicine traditional practitioner and acupuncturist in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Tsang has extensive knowledge and experience in Chinese metaphysics. This includes date selection, compatibility analysis, Feng Shui, palm reading and face reading.

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