Animal Zodiac Predictions for the Pig 2019 



Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Herbalist & Acupuncturist)
Kitty Sin


A few words from Master Jinyan - Another new lunar year will soon begin and I would like to wish all my readers an early happy, wealthy and healthy New Year of the Pig! My predictions for the year of the Pig is a general indication only for my readers and I’d like to remind readers that each person within the same animal zodiac are inevitably different, therefore each person’s fortune will differ and this prediction is for leisurely reference only.


The Lunar Pig New Year will be on 5th February 2019. However the day of first spring for the year of Pig will commence at 11:28 am, 4th February 2019. A child born from this date onward will be considered to be in the year of the Pig. 


For those born in the year of the Snake, this is a year when they clash with the “Tai Sui”, which indicates a year of volatility and unrest. snake should counter the effect by offering fruits, vegetarian dishes and incense to the Tai Sui and asking for pardon by facing the sky. Those born in the year of Pig, Tiger and Monkey will be “Offending Tai Sui”, which indicates a year full of turmoil, so they should also use the fore-mentioned method asking for pardon.




– 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019


The Pigs are offending “Tai Sui” this year. Although the conflict is not serious, Pigs’ fate is easily altered and their emotion will still be unsettled. In order to have a peaceful mind, people born under the sign of pig need to ask for pardon from “Tai Sui”. There are two good stars of Allies “Sui Jia” and Tian Jie” to support Pig. Developments are assured in both employments and business. The star of Tian Jie” has the ability to dissolve uncertainty. Therefore, Pigs need to manage matters cautiously to prevent sudden mishaps. “Sui Jia” is a star of patrol and will be respected. This star also relates to vehicle which means that the Pigs have desires to purchase cars and will spend heavily in this area.


Fortune : fortune is more unstable and there will be more sudden and unexpected expenditure. Therefore, Pig people need to control their expenditures and spend within their means. Primary income is stable, but other income, such as stock, is not stable. Investors must be careful and it is not wise to invest for fast gains. Otherwise there will be financial loss. The Pigs are offering “Tai Sui” this year, there will be variation of fate.


Career : The Pigs who are in the workforce will be admired, but their interactions with others are not satisfactory, therefore the Pigs should consider changing jobs. But the new jobs may not be as what they expected. Therefore, it is suggested to stay put at their present position, and face the work and interpersonal issues. Patience is always the best virtue! Pig people need to work hard and they will be rewarded. The pig people will find their overseas investments finally rewarding. It is a good time for those merchant Pigs to develop business overseas. Those being employed should volunteer for overseas work positions and projects in order to experience their varies changes of offending “Tai Sui”.


Romance and relationship: The Pigs’ state of mind is unstable, married Pigs or single Pigs need to communicate and be patient with their partners in order to change the feeling from negative to positive. The Pigs are always looking for their own pleasures and neglect their partners or families. There is no obvious romance for single Pigs this year and they need to wait for the right time.


Health : there are two negative stars, which is a sign for bleeding and injury. The Pigs will experience being harm by sharp objects and traffic accident. Pigs need to be careful of gastroenteritis, diet, liver & biliary diseases. Also need to watch their state of mind, bad temper and respiratory conditions and handling of machinery. Pig drivers must pay more attention to road safety and drive carefully. It is suggested to donate blood and dental hygiene in earlier this year, so as to prevent the bleeding issues.





– 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008


Rats are surrounding by two auspicious stars, which will bring positive energy and extreme charm personalities. The Star “Tai Yeung” represents male star and is a star of vitality and represents of authorities and power. All these signs reflecting that the Rats will be admired by male in high positions, customers and business partners. It is also benefit for the Rats to be in the business that deals with products for male. Another star of “Tian Yi” which has the power to turn negative to positive in all issues


Fortune: legitimate income is the primary income. With the support of auspicious stars, interactions with others are excellent and the Rats can obtain customers’ support and can develop personal net-work and earning is greatly improved. However due to busy social life, expenditure is high, therefore the Rats need to control their daily expenses to avoid unnecessary loss. It is not suggested to invest in stock market and careful with their investment.


Career:  With the support of two auspicious stars, which will help Rats’ career  advancements or academic. However there is one negative star “Mai Qi” in sight, you may face difficulties regarding interactions with others which may cause problems. As long as the Rats keep calm and be pleasant to avoid those bad situations, you can push away those negatives. Do not be overconfident, because your attitude will turn your seniors’ admiration against you.  


Romance and relationship: there are two stars “Xian Chi and Tao Hua” present for Rats this year, for Female” romance is blossoming and easy to meet their ideal partners. For Male personal relationship with opposite sex is good and non-stop socializing. The male Rats need to have self-control, so as not affect your daily activities. These two stars are not proper alliances and they represent more social life and scandalous affairs and over indulgence in sex and wine. Married Rats need to have self control to avoid involving in love triangles.


Health : health is normal, however due to the abundance of romance and increase of social activities for the Rats this year. Excessive eating will cause gastroenteritis. Therefore be careful of daily diet which can prevent sensitive stomach pain and diarhorre. Rats need to pay more attention to hygiene during their long distance trip and control their diet. Rats will experience gastroenteritis diseases this year. Pay more attention to elderlies at home and seek medical treatment and advice when necessary.





– 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009


The Oxen have an auspicious star “Tong Fu” as their Guardian this year, this star can advance their good fate. “Tong Fu” is symbol of General Seal which can command Three Armies and can increase power, reputation and leadership. Therefore it is a good year for the Ox to develop their merits. With the support from “Tong Fu”, Oxen can exhibit their personal strength and leading their career to extreme heights.


Fortune : Tai Sui was offended last year, Oxen’s wealth was trapped. There are good auspicious stars to support Oxen this year, wealth will be significantly increased. Whether co-workers or business partners, Oxen can increase their earning. However speculation investments need careful considerations.  There is no harm in small investment or speculation, but it is unwise to put all your investments in the stock or financial markets. Need to be mindful of daily expenditures and spend within your means.


Career : the Ox’s in business career matters or academy will be excellent and admired this year. Oxen must grasp this opportunity for their developments. “Tong Fu” especially benefits the disciplinary force, law enforcement officers and armed forces.  All these will lead to their breakthrough achievements and deeply appreciated or recognized by their Seniors. In the meantime, their reputation and confidence will increase greatly. Although Oxen’s fate is good, their favourable side should not be shown. Behaviors needs to be watched as not to upset people in power in order to avoid being criticized.


Romance and Relationship: is fair and stable. Male Oxen will lose their money due to scandalous affairs and feelings influenced by reactions of elder females close to him. Oxen’s mind is unstable in the year of Pig, especially conflicts with elder females. All these will affect their feeling with their partners.


Health : Oxen’s health is not that favourable. There will be more minor illness and pain. Oxen need to curb their social activities and avoid excessive alcohol and sexual activities.  It is not wise for the Oxen to visit sick people, or attend funeral, so as to avoid the possibility of losing close ones.  Pay more attention to health of elderlies at home. Seek immediately medical attention when they become ill.





– 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010


The combination of wood and water and “Tai Sui”, Tigers can gain support from “Tai Sui”. “Tai Yin” is in sight and also a Good Ally to the Tiger. Tigers can obtain wealth from senior females who can provide strong support. Star of “Kwok Yin” is in presence. Authority of General Seal is on hand, it helps to elevate and influence development in business to their benefit, job promotions or good opportunities in seeking other employments.


Fortune : Tigers’ wealth is easy to obtain from legal channel, but the earning process is slow. A fierce star of “Guan Suo” can damage and create obstacles, Tigers obtain one and lose the other. Anything related to finance or money, contract needs to be clear in black and white before hand, so as to avoid unnecessary loss. It is not wise to involve in high risk investments.


Career : the star of “Tai Yin” is particularly beneficial to Female Tigers, the auspicious star can make you prosper to extremity, whether in daily life or career matters, this star can guarantee Female Tigers promising achievements. Although Male Tigers are not as good as Female Tigers, the star still can support you to obtain female seniors with promotions. On the other hand, be alert that some of Tigers’ plans or strategies may not eventuate.


Romance and Relationship: will be stable and favorable. Female Tigers will easily meet their ideal partners. Female elders will match make for Female Tigers. However the connection may not have any significant progress. There will be chances for Male Tigers to meet mature Females. In the meantime, it is not a year for romance for Tigers who are not really concentrating in looking for partners. Therefore it is better for the Tigers to wait for the right opportunities. Married Tigers’ romance is unpredictable. Tigers need to calm their emotions and keep checking of their tempers, so as to avoid unhappy situation occurs in their family.


Health : there will be some minor ailments. Tigers need to seek immediate medical treatment when they come across ill health. Tiger drivers need to be careful and pay more attention to self safety and elderlies at home and should not be neglected. It is not wise for Tigers to carry out high risk activities involving climbing or water sports. Be careful of knees and back injuries, otherwise old injuries might return.





– 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011


Rabbits with the presence of the auspicious stars “Jiang Xin and San Tai” will have significant progress in their career or job development, especially in the areas of political services, civil servants and military services. Their reputations will definitely be improved. Business CEO or decision makers can also expand their leaderships and harmonious communications with their staffs. In the meantime, there will also be prominent promotions. “Jiang Xing” represents power and has the ability to soften negative vibes. Tigers need to grasp this opportunity to obtain a breakthrough in achievement.


Fortune : in comparison to the last two year, Rabbits’ ligitmate earnings will be significantly increased. Salary increases for office employees could also be expected. Merchants training index will also be increased. There are two other stars “Guan Fu and Wu Gui” in place for Rabbits this year, these stars will lower Rabbits’ interactions with others and a sign of more disputes and legal matters. Therefore, try not to ruffle feathers with one’s opinions. “Wu Gui” will cause Rabbits’ money to come quickly and disappear just as fast. Investment in stock and financial markets need to be very careful to avoid unnecessary loss. When signing contracts or documents one needs to be cautious, in order to avoid court affairs.


Career : though the fate of good fortune career will be prominent promotions, Rabbits still need to be careful, as affected by “Wu Gui”, your emotion could be confused and suspicions will cause your mind to be sensitive and take things the wrong way. It will affect your decision making. As per cooperation and partnerships, the Pigs can bring you great assistance, so Rabbits can ask the Pigs’ opinions in assisting with job and career matters.


Romance and relationship: is stable. Single Rabbits, besides your jobs, keep an eye around the work place, so you may meet your ideal partners. Married Rabbits will have a harmonious and love life with your partners. Workaholic tendencies would land you in trouble with partners. You should spend more time with your spouse or partners to strengthen your relationship.


Health : there will be no major issues. Pay more attention to daily diet to avoid intestine, stomach and digestive systems being affected and cause discomfort. Do more activities outdoors and participate in festive outlook events, all these positive activities can calm your emotionally. It is not advisable to visit sick people or attend funerals to avoid similar situations happening. Be mindful of elderlies’ health at home, spend more time with your partners and enjoy your family life.




– 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012


Dragons were clashed with the “Tai Sui” and last year had experienced an unfavorable year. Dragons can expect a much smooth and pleasant year. The favourable star “Yuet Tack” is shining on the Dragons and improves matters immensely. Dragons’ fate will be smooth and better in comparison to last year. Career development will be smooth. “Yuet Tack” is a Female star of Mercy, Female colleagues will be an important ally in career matters. In the meantime, there is another star “Hung Luen” also shining on Dragons, excellent interactions with others will be heighten. The Dragon is likely to be flush with success.

Fortune: As a whole, Dragons will have a financially stable year and income will be increased . Whenever there is the star of “Yuet Tack”, it will always be accompanying a star of “Xiao Hao” which will cause Dragons to lose money. There may be unexpected expenditures for the Dragons. Wealth accumulation is not easy, therefore when managing your finance, the Dragons should be thrifty, so as to avoid spending more than what on earns. Don’t put your money in the high risk investments. Don’t borrow money or be guarantors, otherwise you will be in danger of losing. Be careful with signing contracts, otherwise Dragons will loss money or face court causes.


Career : star of “Ban An” is in place, dominates fame and wealth. Working class people will get a better reward if they work hard and can enjoy a fruitful and smooth year. Due to the influence of “Ban An”, Dragons could consider change of career in another field. The change is an uncertainty . It may be opposite to Dragons’ expectations. Dragons need to think it through carefully before action to avoid falling into situations that one cannot get out.


Romance and Relationship: star of “Hung Luen” is in place, which can bring celebration and enrich Dragons’ emotion. Single Dragon will meet their ideal partners and through match making or introductions through their elders. Married Dragons’ love life is blossoming. In the year of Pig, it is a good year for those Dragons who are in their courting period to make their decision concerning marriage.


Health : “Si Fu” meeting with “Yuet Tack and Siu Hao”, represents mixture of negative among positive and positive among negative. Therefore when you are in a good situation, don’t forget to take precaution in case of a fall back. Caution in daily diet and health is a must. There is another disaster star “Jie Sha”, a sign of sudden illness and it is unavoidable. There will be injuries caused by freak accidents. Be careful of work injury and traffic accident. It is not advisable to visit sick people or attend funeral. Health is not favourable this year. Therefore an early health check up is suggested. When there is sickness, seek early medical treatment.





– 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013


Snakes are clashing “Tai Sui”, fate is inevitably unstable and cannot be avoided. It is suggested to stay calm. Snakes should defuse the effect by offering some fruits, vegetarian dishes, incense to the Tai Sui asking for pardon by facing the Sky as stated in early part of the article. It is suggested to have more celebrations to defuse the negative impacts. The star of “Yi Ma” is in place, Snakes will have numerous changes in their life this year, such as, employments, migration and renovation. Snakes need to be patient and calm and wait for the appropriate opportunity. The year will be easily over and good luck will arrive soon. Giving of blood and dental hygiene are both a good way to defuse the impacts.


Fortune : The power and impact of fierce Stars of “Sui Po, Lan Gan and Tai Hao” will cause Snakes’ fortune to be stagnant and diminished. Must watch your steps and be cautious regarding finance. It is not advisable to gamble, borrow or lend money. Failure will be the indication in dealing with money matters. In order to be in a secured financial situation, it is better to hold more solid assets rather than cash. When investing, snakes must be careful to avoid loss.


Career : The star “Lan Gan” indicates that Snakes’ progress and actions will face a lot of obstacles. Career will face hindrances this year and prone to uncharacteristic bout of temper. All these issues, impacts and undercurrent will affect Snakes’ daily work performance. It indicates that Snakes will face work pressure and conflicts with their senior managements or boss. Therefore Snakes need to be patient and stay calm. There is a chance of career change. If there is any opportunity arises, Snakes should consider changes within other departments or seek employment elsewhere by experiencing the clashing “Tai Sui” this year, the changes may bring Snakes additional fortune.


Romance and Relationship: impacting by the star of “Yi Ma”, there will be opportunity for the single Snakes to meet their ideal partner or opposite sex and in different countries. All these opportunities could be experienced during their overseas business trips or travels. For some they might get to meet their overseas partners through circle of friends. Married Snakes need to shy away from scandalous affairs in order to avoid uncomfortable family issues. Snakes need to have better communications with their partners, stay away from scandalous affairs which will have damaging impacts on their families.


Health:  “Tai Hao” will place heavy work load on Snakes and they will be exhausted physically and mentally. You will feel unreasonable pressure placed on you by senior managements or work place. Therefore, Snakes need to be patient and pay more attention to personal health. Rest well after work, because good health and body are key factors to evade ailments.  “Lan Gan” is also in place this year, which indicates actions or activities being restricted. Snakes will reduce their activities due to heavy workload, or there might be illness and legal matters. Snakes should watch their steps and not be involved with legal matters and prevent being ill and admitted into hospital or being placed in prison due to legal matters. It is easy for Snakes to sustain injury. So high risk activities, such as driving, skiing, parachute and climbing are the best to be left alone.





– 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014


Horse : the stars of “Zi Wei, Long Tack, Lu Xun and Di Jie” in place with Horses, these are good star combinations, which will support the horse. Horses’ fate are

shinning brightly like the mid day sun and Horses’ qi and energy will be heighten. Working Horses’ career, reputation and wealth is promising. Promotions, salaries

increase will also highly featured. “Di Jie” is the auspicious star which can defuse all negatives. Whenever there are any hindrances and difficulties, this star can defuse

them and let Horses gallop through smoothly.


Fortune : though it is a good and ideal year, there are still some uncertainties. The negative stars “Bao Bai and Tien E” can change positive to negative and Horses could obtain wealth in one hand and lose money by the other. It is not wise to eagerly invest heavily for quick gain, so as to avoid unnecessary loss. Don’t be guarantors or lend money to others. For Horses, they need to be aware of their ability as far as career advancement. It is not wise to borrow money for investment. Income will be reasonably rewarded.


Career : Auspicious stars are shining on Horses, working Horses’ performance in their job will be highly regards and admired which will result in promotions. For those Horses involved in politics, their future will be benefited and enriched. For merchants, it will be a good year to expand their business, incoming wealth will greatly be increased. Politicians or leaders can act on their abilities and policies. Scholars will have a good academic year if they work hard.


Romance and Relationship: Horses’ social life this year will be plentiful

and lots of scandalous affairs, Horses need to restrain themselves, and best to

prevent over indulgence in sex activities and alcohol. Single Horses are expected to meet their ideal partners and marry. Married couples will have an excellent married life. Don’t be a workaholic Horses and ignore your spouse, spend more time with your spouse and travel more to spice up the relationship love life.


Health: horses will have a delightful year. As a whole, health in general is good, there will only be minor ailments. Look after one’s health will lower the chance of getting sick. Affected by the negative “Tian E”, Horses might face minor accidents, however, supported by the auspicious star, it will only be a false alarm. It is suggested to check your travel documents carefully before your trips.





– 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003


The only star “Hua Gai” which is not considered to be an auspicious ally. Luck with the combinations of “Tai Sui” it will have harmonious effects to defuse the unpleasant situation. Goats’ fate will be on a smooth path gradually. Those Goats engage in art design, creative work and ideas will have a clear inspirations and creative ideas. All these will assist Goats’ career greatly. “Hua Gai” is trouble by love affairs, it will upset their emotion. Goats should be able to forgive and forget in order to get themselves out of the rut. Let the experience be a source of their creative strength.


Fortune : Proper fortune will be stable and require no outside help. Goats need to make their own fortune. There will be extra expenditures, especially the large medical bills which will put a lot of financial pressure on the Goats. They will be mentally and physically exhausted by it. It is not wise to invest for quick gain this year. It is suggested to be conservative in managing their fortune to prepare for unexpected expenditures. Goats’ creative thinking is the best rewards this year. Think more, create more are Goats’ claim to fortune this year.


Career: The Goat’s career path will be stable and ability greatly admired. Career and employment will flow smoothly. However “Hua Gai” has a proud ego. Goats should consider more about others feeling, so they won’t be isolated by their peers. Female seniors who will create troubles for Goats, spread and create unpleasant situations.


Romance and Relationship: Single Goats will have a chance to meet their love ones. However, due to Goats’ attitude and temperaments, they will miss the opportunities for romance. Goats are very pessimistic towards romance, in addition, “Hua Gai’” indicates loneliness, Goats seems to enjoy their own company and neglect their families and partners. Married Goats’ are not wise to bring office problem back home, this will easily create conflicts with own partners. Goats need to seek a compromise and communicate with partners to prevent creating family tensions.


Health : Although Goats’ health is stable in comparison to last years, the fierce stars “Bai Hu and Yang Ren” can cause bleeding and injuries. Goats need to be careful of road traffic to prevent possible injuries or operation. If Goat is healthy, it is good for Goats to donate blood which not only can help people, but also defuse disasters. Goats also need to prevent disputes and arguments, be careful of speech and conflicts. In short keep an honest mind when making friends, then friendship will be harmonious





– 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016


Monkeys are smiled upon auspicious stars, “Tian Tack, Fuxing, Ba Zuo and Yu Tang”. Everything is wonderful and auspicious stars are great benefactors to Monkeys, Monkeys’ careers and authorities are heighten and highly respected. Due to their quick response, it will be an asset in examinations. However Monkeys are also offending to “Tai Sui”, no matter how smooth this year is going to be for them, you will still come with narrow minded people who will make you feel uneasy. It is suggested Monkeys should ask pardon from “Tai Sui” as mentioned in early of the article and hope to turn negative to positive and sail through a smooth path.


Fortune: Auspicious star “Yu Tang” is in place, Monkeys’ fortune will greatly increase in normal earning or from other financial channels. Negative stars “Jiao Sha and Jie Sha” appears, these stars indicate that there will be unavoidable financial problems. Therefore, Monkeys need to be extra careful in checking all incoming and outgoing accounts in order to prevent problems occurred. Don’t be guarantors or lend money to others, otherwise Monkeys will not only loss their friends but also money.


Career : Due to “Tai Sui” being offended in a big way. Monkeys will find themselves Tangles up with unexpected problems and obstacles. The only way to handle these is by being patient and calm. There will be a lot of frictions and disagreements between monkeys’ and senior managements at work. Best for Monkeys to handle these matters is in a calm manner in order to avoid missing out good opportunities that might come along. There is an unfavorable star that appears to bring about uncertainties, arguments and legal matters. Relationships between monkeys and those close to them will be under a lot of strain. Fortunately, there are still suspicious stars to support monkeys in handling these matters. All these obstacles will disappear as long as monkeys remain patient, calm and sensible.


Romance and Relationship: it will be normal and expect changes. Monkeys will experience a test of emotion and pay attention to the possibility of the existence of a third party. Monkeys have to make more efforts to establish better relationship and communicate better with their partners. All these doubts will be dissolved. After having had this experience, Monkeys will then realize the importance of each partner in the relationship. Single Monkeys should keep the existing status and it is not appropriate to marry this year. The negative star “ Liu Hai” indicates disharmony between relatives, Monkeys should hold their tongues to avoid unfavorable opinions of other people’s view on you.



Health: Monkeys’ health will improve slowly, however there will be some minor ailments which will affect Monkeys’ emotion. There might be some uncomfortable and sad issues at home, because “Pima” appear this year, it is not advisable to visit sick people and attend funerals, and be mindful of elderlies at home. There would be occasions for mourning due to passing of close family members. Although it is a smooth and pleasant year for Monkeys, They need to be wary of the star “Juan She” which will bring arguments, disputes and pressures due to unfavourable rumours. Whenever meeting with families or friends, be cordial, because minor arguments can create waves in the calm seas and trouble will follow.





– 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017


The star of “Academy” is in place, indicates reputations, examinations and promotions. The academic star will increase Roosters’ quick thinking. Roosters’ creative mind and abilities will be highly regarded. However the applauses can’t bring Rooster actual financial rewards, because auspicious star is not present. Roosters need to be patient and work hard in their careers and wait for the appropriate opportunity. In the meantime, Roosters have to accept all changes and fight for opportunities.


Fortune : Fortune is better than previous two years, the harder Roosters work the better they will benefit. Income in the first half year is not smooth, luckily there is a benefactor good Ally on hand, wealth in the second half of the year will gradually improve. Star of “Wealth” is not prominent in the year of Pig, it is not a good year for investment. Rooster should not get involved in gambling and risky speculation business to avoid loss. It is also not advisable to be guarantors, otherwise Roosters will attract court affairs. Roosters will spend more money unexpectedly this year.


Career : the auspicious star “Academic” is in place, all strategies will have a high rate of success. Roosters who are in media or authors, their careers and ideas will be highly acclaimed and regards. Examinations or promotion, school enrollment and job interview will also be successful due to assistance from a good benefactor. All the opportunities are there for the Roosters. It is also to their benefit to have some training and take part in further education which benefit to their career advancement.


Romance and relationship:  Roosters’ romances this year is unpredictable and not much progress regarding romance. Roosters who are courting will face disagreements. They need to control their emotion and don’t loss their temper easily. They need to show concern for their partners, so relationship can be improved. Married Roosters need to stay away from other female in order not to cause family fractions.


Health :  Negative stars “Sky Dog, Diao Ke and Jai Sha” are in place. When travel abroad, there might be frightening incidents or minor accidents which will cause bleeding. Roosters need to prevent injuries, accidents and possible medical operation. Also beware of Gastroenteritis and digestive systems issues and have a proper diet. Whenever there is stomach upset, Roosters need to search for immediate medical treatment.  Roosters should go for a gastroscopy to check out the cause. Female Roosters need to prevent difficult delivery, miscarriages and abortion issues. It is not advisable to visit sick people and attend funerals, so as to reduce the negative impact to a minimum and be mindful for elderlies at home.





– 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018




“Tian Xi” is presence, career and wealth are fruitfully expecting. Happy events are featured for dogs this year. Promotions, academic, child-birth and marriage are also featured. “Tian Xi” is a proper auspicious star which indicates that there will be plenty of strong regarding job advancements and relationships with others. Senior managements will definitely have high regards for Dog people. Merchants should grasp this ideal opportunity to advance their business to great heights.


Fortune : job paths will be smooth and relationship with others is also excellent which will bring good financial gain. But there is also indications of financial lost. There are both gain and lost in money and luck matters. Dogs should plan their budget carefully and spend according to their income.  It is not wise to invest in property and be cautious of investment failure. Wealth can be seen but can’t be obtained. Because of the star “Loneliness” is present, Dogs will feel isolated among colleagues, friends and families. Dogs need to communicate more with others in a pleasant way. Dogs will then be rewarded with a harmonious existence.


Career : the star “Mo Yue” is present, it indicates that Dogs will face new work challenge. New work environment and pressure are indicated. “Mo Yue” is also a sign to indicate that Dogs will face frustration and difficulties themselves at work. Dogs need to work hard in their relationship with colleagues in order to build up friendship. Dogs also need to face all these calmly and to keep their nervous energy under control. This way trouble will not fin you. 


Romance and relationship: the opposite side of “Tian Xi” is “Hong Luen” star. Marriage and birth are indicated.  It also represents Dogs’ relationship with others is highly improved and also help from good benefactors. “Tian Xi” is a star of romance which indicates that Dogs’ relationship is strong and plenty of colorful love affairs. Married Dogs will have a fulfilled happy marriage. However Dogs still need to be aware of scandalous affairs. Single Dogs will meet their ideal partners and romance will flourish.


Health : Stars “Sickness, Mo Yue and loneliness” are in place. Dogs need to be cautious of problems caused by illness which can affect their general health. However minor illness will turn the negative to positive. “Tian Xi” will bring Dogs frequent social activities. Dogs need to watch their regular diet, excessive alcohol and rich food which will cause high cholesterol, hypertension and for long term health problems.



Final Note:  Dr. Edward Tsang (Master Jin Yan) is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist.  He is an expert in metaphysics, including life predictions, palm reading, face reading and Feng Shui, honed from many years of practical experience, and his predictions are highly regarded, detailed and accurate.  Dr. Tsang was previously a lecturer on Feng Shui at the Victoria University.  His predictions and writings can be viewed at and enquiries for personal/business consultation can be made at 0400 878 618.