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Year of the Earth Pig 2019 – A Flying Stars Analysis 



Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Herbalist & Acupuncturist)
Kitty Sin ; Edmund Chin(B.Eng)



The " Ji Hai ” Year of the Pig" is just around the corner, hereby, I sincerely wish everyone a predictable and excellent year ahead.

Apart from analysing the Ba Zi for the first day of spring, we can also predict what will happen around the world throughout the year by looking at the positions of the 9 Flying Stars.


In this “Ji Hai ” Year of the Pig, the "5 Yellow Ominous Star”- destructive in nature, falls in Southwest “K’un” position, the “2 Black Illness Star” occupies the Northeast “Gen” position, “3 Killings Star” arrives in the “Tui” West position and “Tai Sui” Star occupies the Northwest “Chien” position. These four positions are likely to experience various natural disasters throughout the year. The “8 Wealth Star” stands in the centre and constrained. On the first day of Spring, both stars of Wealth, stars of Movement and Officials are clashing, no star supports the First Day of Pig. How can wealth be accumulated in the year of Pig ? It symbolises that wealth will be difficult to generate and its not looking optimistic. On the first day of Spring, the foundation of the Official star is not stable, it reflects that government is weak and constrained. As per the indication of numbers of “Xuan Kong” flying stars and its the combinations on the First Day of Spring, the Year of Pig will be a severe test.


Flying Stars 2019


























NW Tai Sui



In the Year of Pig, the "8 White Wealth Star”

takes the Central position and combines with the original Flying star 8. The Wealth star is constrained. Investors need to pay special attention and plan carefully regarding their investments; otherwise, their finances will be entangled and difficult to apply. If it also comes across with the negative stars 25, residents will experience urinary system problems, kidney diseases, gynecological problems and ear disease, uterine cancer, bladder cancer, kidney stone disease and weeping abscess. If it comes across stars 43, there will be gastroenteritis, re flux and mental impairment. If it comes across stars 79, 97, there will be respiratory and asthmatic diseases. If it comes across stars 16, 61 meeting with 8, residents will obtain wealth easily and respected by others which will help them to achieve their objectives. If the flying stars can interact appropriately, academic and employment can be easily obtained.


The “9 Purple Happiness Star” – is a fire element in nature meeting with “Tai Sui”, occupies the “Chien”, Northwest position, If the main entrance, window, bedroom or kitchen is located in this direction, residents will experience celebration, do well academically for popular with others and promotion in job, respiratory problems that involves wheezing, coughing arguments, tempers. Residents also need to protest against influenza, cold and flu, pneumonia, liver and biliary diseases and unstable emotions. In the year of Pig, it is not advisable to carry out large renovation and construction projects, otherwise residents will suffer unforeseen disasters. 


This year, the “1 White Official Star” meeting with the “3 Killings” Star in the “Tui”, West position, the star is water in nature that drains away and weakens the metal element in the West position affecting Western districts and countries. If the main entrance, window, bedroom or kitchen is located in this direction, residents will experience more changes. Those who prefer to be out socialise could attract scandalous affairs, also watch out for influenza, cold and flu, coughs, urinary system problem, uterine diseases and cancer, bladder cancer, kidney stone and neural problem. Due to “1 and “3 Killings Stars” are in place, it is not advisable to carry out renovation and digging in the Western direction to avoid disasters.


The "2 Black Illness Star” arrives in the Northeast position, it represents illness. If the main entrance, window, bedroom or kitchen is located in this direction, residents will experience influenza, cold and flu, undiagnosed diseases, gastroenteritis, gastrointestinal, respiratory and skin diseases, emotional upsets, abdominal pain and mentally disturbed. Due to "2 Black Illness Star” in place which will directly impact the young male’s health and disturbed mind. This will also affect the policies in the region of North Korea, Korea and Japan.


This year, the "3 Jade Dispute Star” arrives in the South position. “3” is wood in nature and generates the Fire position at the South position. If the main entrance, window, bedroom or kitchen is located in this direction, residents, the middle age female in particular will experience psychological disorder, bad temper, disputes and arguments. Southern regions and countries easily come cross with bush fires, volcanic eruptions, gastroenteritis, inflammatory diseases, stomach cancer, phenomenal disasters, undiagnosed diseases, toxic sores, lung diseases, coughs, wheezing, cold and flu. On the other hand, wood generates the “Li”, Southern regions; it can improve education, intelligence, promotion and admiration.


This year, the "4 Green Intellectual Star” is at the North position. “4” is wood in nature and belongs to the star of Academics, water generates the wood element, and China is located in the North which belongs to the water element. With the support from both stars “1” and “4”, Northern regions and China, reputations, academics, and job developments will be improved and achieved. Due to the combination of “1” and “4”, more scandalous affairs, single people will easily meet their partners; married people need to be careful of scandalous affairs that will harm their family. If the main entrances of houses, shops or offices are located in this position, residents, especially of middle age, will meet their partners easily; have more celebrations and good job achievements.


The "5 Yellow Ominous Star”, a destructive and negative stars falls in the Southwest “K’un” position, there will be more negative affairs in this region and countries. The policies of Government and local districts will be unsound and unclear leading to more opposition and demonstrations. Local governments will apply more force to restrain demonstrators. There will be more diseases of kidney, bladders, urinary, prostates, uterine cancers and neural problems. For the main entrances of houses, shops or offices located in this position, residents, especially the elderly females will experience more doom and gloom. There will be downturns in employments, finances, families, health and relationships. The “5” is a strong disaster star and suggested not to fight it, it is not advisable to carry any major constructions or renovations; otherwise residents of these areas will attract disasters.


The "6 White Prosperity Wealth Star”, is metal in nature, will be at the Eastern area of “Chen” wood element position. Wood and metal clash each other. These regions, countries and people will be affected more by bad tempers, disputes and arguments, liver and biliary diseases and injuries of the limbs. If the main entrances of houses, shops or offices are located in this position, residents will suffer from injuries to the limbs, liver and biliary diseases and can be easily harm by metal objects.


The negative "7 Red Destructive star" will fall in the position of the Southeast at the "Sun" position. Due to the current star invading this position, metal and wood are clashing, Japan, Korea, North Korea, Taiwan in these regions will suffer from disputes, scandalous affairs, bloody disasters. If the main entrances of houses, shops or offices are located in this position, residents, especially for elderly females will experience injuries of the limbs, hard to achieve academically, uncertain wealth, hot temper, liver and biliary diseases, gastroenteritis and abdominal gas problems. 


Please note that, there are many different outcomes with various combinations of the positions of the Flying and Current stars, which cannot be covered in this brief analysis. You may also be interested in the two other companion articles written by the Author which are "Ji Hai Year of the Pig Prediction" and "The Cures of Negative Energies in Ji Hai Year of Pig".




Dr Edward Tsang (Jin Yan) is a registered Chinese medicine traditional practitioner and acupuncturist in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Tsang has extensive knowledge and experience in Chinese metaphysics. This includes date selection, compatibility analysis, Feng Shui, palm reading and face reading.

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