Ji Hai Year of the Pig –General Predictions for 2019



Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Herbalist & Acupuncturist)
Kitty Sin, Edmund Chin


Welcome to the Year of the Pig! We wish everyone a thriving and prosperous year ahead! Let's analyse the 2019 Ba Zi:

Lunar New Year in 2019 will fall on 5th February, however the actual First day of Spring for the year of Pig in 2018 will fall on 4th February at 11:28 am (Gregorian Calendar). The Four Pillars (bazi) of this date is Ji Hai Year, Bing Yin Month, Zen Shen Day, and Bing Wu Hour. In 2019, the first day of the Year of the Pig will be on 4th of February, which means that Spring will commence to be celebrated before the Chinese New Year.








Zen Water

 Bing          Fire



Wu Fire

Shen Metal

Yin Wood

Hai Water

The First day of the Pig is Zen Water, the Yang Water sits on Shen Metal which directly supports the Yang Water, however the first day of the month belongs to strong Fire and Wood, and there are combinations of fire and wood elements creating a very strong fire which clash with the first day of Pig. The Pillar of First Day of Pig and the Pillar of Month are attacking each other. In the meantime, Bing Fire of Month and Time are clashing the First Day of Pig. The combinations of Four Pillars, Zen Water of First Day of Pig is extremely weak, as per Wu Xing (Five Phases), except the earth element, metal, wood, water and fire are all invading each other, this reflects that the year of Pig will be unbalanced and unstable. The First Day of Pig, the supporting star, metal is clashing by wood and cannot support Zen water, this also reflects the decision of strategies from leaders will have problems.


On the First Day of Pig, both stars of Wealth, stars of Movement and Officials are clashing, how can wealth be obtained in the year of Pig? In addition, the Supporting and Official stars cannot support each other mutually. There are contraindications, conflicts, attacks and provocations among the global leaders, how can their local administrations be implemented? The U.S. their attacks and provocation are even more prosaic and domineering. In order to speed up her military status in the South China Sea, US will pretext to stir up troubles in the South China Sea. However, with metal and wood clashing and metal is weak, the United States will pay heavy price.



First Day of Pig, the star of Official is supported by the star of Fire, the leadership of the political power will try to govern the local people with superiority and authority. However, the earth (Officials) is restrained by strong wood, policies will fail and will be hampered. The discontent of people is high and reflects that people in different districts are not in agreement with the government. People are constantly challenging the government. Government policies and jurisdictions are restrained and unmanageable. The supporting star is weakened and cannot support the First day of Pig, local policies, governance ideas and documents are prone to mistakes.


Due to metal and wood clashing each other, metal is weakened, Europe- following American’s lead will down play Asian policies. Another high-risk dispute will appear between the United States and North Korea. Metal and wood clashing each other, metal is weakened, the United States reaches this summit and could not get any benefit and would be frustrated and thus create a burden in its economy. European countries, especially America, create troubles, hegemonism and impose tough sanctions. However, wood is stronger than metal, there will be lots of conflict, friction and argument. This will cause defeat in American leadership. The Current star of Eight Age is gradually fading, the period of Age Nine will begin.


On the First day of Pig, star of water and Official are very weak and non-supportive, this symbolizes global governments have no support. Government is weak and only to show their fake sense of power. In the meantime, the star of Wood is suppressed by strong earth, government’s policies are restrained and unable to control the current situation which will happen continuously in the first part of the year. Global governments, policies will definitely be suppressed. However, in the second half of the year, situation will be improved from Autumn.


The First Day of Pig, wood is being attacked, people lacking of the wisdom to distinguish between right or wrong and their thinking is confused thus easily be dominated. This happens between countries in the first half of the year. Global government, policies will definitely be suppressed. However, situation will improve when it falls into Autumn. Due to metal and wood clashing, people’s emotion is high, becoming impatient and hard to control. Voices against government will be ceaseless. There will be accidents of aviation and rail in the year of Pig. Due to strong wood conquering earth, there will be more intestine, lung and bone cancers and medical errors. Eastern districts, South China Sea, there will be still strong political hidden ranges, America allies with Japan will continuously create trouble in Asia and provoke trouble in the South China Seas. However weak metal will be defeated by strong wood, America will face obstacles. The regions of Japan, Korea, North Korea will still be unsteadily and tumultuous. Taiwan will create minor negative political actions. Eastern regions, Japan, Korea and Taiwan will follow America’s lead and become more aggressive against China.


In the year of Pig, metal and water are weak, the financial system is in discord. Banking, finance, stock market and monetary systems are in turmoil. Monetary war, miscommunications, transportation, and restaurant industries are challenged. Investment in stock market and financial markets need to be particular cautious so to avoid loss. Banking industry will be impacted. Due to the star of Wealth is invaded and no support, economy of finance will face severe test. Tourism, hotels, transportation, shipping, restaurant, aviation and property industries will also face challenges.


Water and fire clash in the year of Pig, fire represents communication. Global communication will be confused and errors made during transmissions. Blood and qi’s circulations are not in harmony, human-relationships are stressed. Due to strong wood conquers earth, there will be symptoms of respiratory, heart, eye and ear, teeth, bladders, kidneys diseases, colon cancer, lung cancer, blood circulation complication and Meningitis.


Northwest district , European countries and America will face heavy pressure, people in these regions will develop respiratory diseases. There will be possibilities of Europeans and American leaders suffering severe sickness or even pass away.


Western region, there are more movements, activities and hidden crisis in the European countries and America, whose economies will be further receded. Financial and stock markets will be impacted. American leaders speak without thinking and stirs up troubles everywhere, however they will suffer bad consequences and not to their advantage. People in these regions will have more scandalous affairs and kidney and bladder diseases.


Northeast region, there will more medical complications or errors, Gastroenteritis, gas reflux and skin diseases, young people will suffer.


Southern region, Wood generates Fire element. Academic results and study are easy achieved. In the year of Pig, weather will be dry and hot and easily cause dry skin conditions and people are prone to suffer from heart and blood circulation conditions. Also, there will be more bush fires.


Northern region, especially in Northern part of China, Mongolia will have more scandalous affaires, however relationships and academic matters can be easily achieved. The reputation of China will be further recognized in the political stage and supported by global countries.


Southwest, there will be more influenza, colds and flu, skin disorder, sudden disasters and urinary system problem, especially for the elderly females. Plague, disasters and people’s minds are confused. There will be hidden crisis and ominousness. This region will suffer more hazardous and negative events, such as job development, finance, families, health and relationships. Therefore, it is suggested that this area should be static, otherwise, there will be more viciousness.


Eastern region, more traffic accidents, disputes, young people are in high spirit, 4 limbs and necks are easy injured and suffer liver and gall bladder diseases.

Southeast region, people will prone to suffer from liver, gall-bladder, respiratory diseases, injuries of the limbs. People are in high spirit and their perceptions are confused


Lunar January (04 February to 05 March) wood and fire are very strong, metal and wood are clashing each other. This indicates that people’s perceptions are confused, more traffic, aviation and rail accidents. There will be more disputes and arguments among Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Philippines. America is still having a strong maritime position and persuades other Asian countries to against China. China is also resisting and showing a strong message to America and her supporters. There will be more liver & biliary, lungs, respiratory diseases and blood circulation diseases and injuries of 4 limbs. The Southern part of Australia, will encounter extreme hot weather, bushes fires, inflammation diseases and loss of properties due to earthquakes.


Lunar February (06 March to 04 April) wood is still very strong, metal is weak, people’s perceptions are confused. America and European countries have phenomenal disasters, and flu epidemics. European leaders will suffer from terminal illness. There will be more respiratory diseases in the Northwest region. People in Japan, North Korea, Korea, Taiwan will suffer colon and stomach diseases, reflux. However, there will be good reward if invest cautiously. Southeast areas, countries’ relationships between people, education, job opportunities and business will be achieved.


Lunar March (05 April to 05 May) Wealth seems promising, however due to the star of Wealth is blocked, it will only appear for a short period. There will be more influenza, colds and flu and respiratory diseases, unknown virus and colon diseases occurs in America and European countries and in the Northern part of China. In the Southeast area, there will be rewarded if invest cautiously. There will more disputes and arguments in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and people in these regions will suffer respiratory, liver & biliary diseases.


Lunar April (06 May to 05 June) More traffic, aviation and rail accidents and colon diseases. There will be financial and stock market movements in European countries which will have global affects. Investors must be cautious. There will be more influenza, colds and flu in Northeast region and countries.


Lunar May (06 June to 06 July) There will be more respiratory diseases, financial and stock market will be impacted. European countries will face financial lost. Undiagnosed and infectious diseases and influenza and colds and flu will appear in the Southern regions and countries. There will be more inflammation, eyes, chest and lung diseases due to the strong fire present.


Lunar June (07 July to 07 Aug) Southeast countries, Japan, Korea and Taiwan will have more undiagnosed diseases, influenza, colds and flu and trouble matters occurred. Northern regions and countries’ oceans will be contaminated. America and European will be noticed for their strong actions to interfere with other countries’ internal affairs.


Lunar July (08 Aug to 07 Sept) Metal and wood are clashing, water and fire are also invading each other, people are in high spirit, anti-government protests happen everywhere, strikes and senior government administration are continually being attacked and the situation is hard to control. More traffic, derailments and aviation accidents. Phenomenal disasters are inevitable. The Southwest will have more flu epidemics. America and European countries will interfere with Asian regions and Southeast China Sea. Financial and stock markets will be impacted. Investors in finance and stock markets must be cautious. There will be more chest and lung, respiratory system and kidney diseases. Emotion is out of control and more injuries of the limbs.


Lunar Aug (08 Sept to 07 Oct) There will be a sign that leaders’ reputation and authority will be affected. Politicians’ reputations and power and elderly and health will be affected and damaged. There will be more stomach and spleen diseases, reflux. Investments should be cautious, so to avoid loss.


Lunar Sept (08 October to 07 November) There will be more colon and stomach diseases and money will be used as quickly as it comes in. Finance and stock markets in European and America will be impacted, more respiratory diseases. Korea and Taiwan populations will experience undiagnosed diseases, flu and cold and medical complications. There will be more respiratory, lung and chest diseases in the Southern regions and countries.


Lunar October (08 November to 06 December) Metal and wood are clashing, European countries and America provocatively stir up troubles everywhere, however due to strong wood the metal is suppressed, European countries and America will be weakened by their ambitions and intentions.


Lunar November (07 December to 06 Jan) Communications and information exchanges are confused. There will be more disputes and arguments in European countries and America. Be on alert regarding sexually transmitted diseases and prevention in the European countries and America, otherwise it will easily spread out. There will be more undiagnosed diseases, influenza and cold diseases, medical complications, skin diseases, bush fires and inflammation. As the Star of Wealth is impacted, it is not advisable for high investments. Investors in Finance and stock markets need particularly caution to avoid loss. Transportation industries will also be impacted, investors need to pay more attention.


Lunar December (07 Jan to 03 February) The star of Wealth is impacted and unstable, it is not appropriate for investment, investors in finance and stock market must be careful to avoid loss. There will be more colon and stomach diseases, urinary system diseases in the Northern part of China, Russia, Europe and America.






Dr Edward Tsang (Jin Yan) is a registered Chinese medicine traditional practitioner and acupuncturist in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Tsang has extensive knowledge and experience in Chinese metaphysics. This includes date selection, compatibility analysis, Feng Shui, palm reading and face reading.

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