Animal Zodiac Predictions for the Year of The Ox 2021



Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Herbalist & Acupuncturist)

Editor: Edmund Chin


A few words from Master Jinyan - Another new lunar year will soon begin and I would like to wish all my readers an early happy, prosperous and healthy New Year of the Ox. These predictions for the year of the Ox are of a general nature only and I’d like to remind readers that each person within the same animal zodiac sign are inevitably different. Therefore, each person’s fortune will differ and this prediction is for leisurely reference only.


The Lunar Ox New Year will be on 12thFebruary 2021. However, the day of first spring for the year of Ox will commence at 22:59 of 3rd February 2021. A child born from this date onward will be considered to be born in the year of the Ox.


For those born in the year of the Goat, this is a year when they clash with the “Tai Sui”. This indicates a year of volatility and unrest. Goats should counter the effect by offering fruits, vegetarian dishes and incense to the “Tai Sui” and asking for pardon by facing the sky. Those born in the year of Rat, Horse, Dog and Dragon will be also be “offending Tai Sui”, and have similarly a year full of turmoil. So they should also use the fore-mentioned method of asking for pardon.




1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021


The Ox are offending “Tai Sui” this year. Although this conflict is not serious, Oxen fate is easily altered and their emotion will be unsettled. Oxen should stay calm and not be too aggressive and observe their environment before taking any actions. It is wise to look for excuses to conduct some celebrations. These exercises can elevate Oxen’ fate. In order to have a peaceful mind, people born under the sign of Oxen need to ask for pardon from “Tai Sui”.


There are two good ally stars of “Wah Gai” and “Tsui Jia” stars to support Oxen which nominate wealth, promotion and achievement of career. “Tsui Jia” has the ability to resolve negative qi and elevate Oxen’s position.


Fortune: Although income will be stable, Oxen are offending “Tai Sui”, there will be variable changes. Oxen need to be cautious in managing their finance and not be too aggressive, especially for investment. It is not advisable to invest in high risk and bigger investments. There will be more sudden and unexpected expenditures causing Oxen great pressure. It is suggested that Oxen need to spend within their means and keep proper savings for unexpected requirements. Those merchant Oxen will face obstacles; Oxen should not put huge investments. They should not trust others, so to avoid losses. As the star of “Tsui Jia” is related to vehicles, Oxen have the desire to buy a new car soit which will cause extra expenditures for Ox people this year.


Career: The star “Wah Gai” is shining on Oxen. Those Oxen who are in the artist or media industries will have a favourable and abundant mindful year and their strategies will recognised and reputation can be elevated. However, Oxen can only obtain applause, but not actual benefit, because there are no Wealth and Good Allies stars in place to support Oxen. Oxen need to develop actively on their onward path by keeping calm and be pleasant to wait for better opportunity.


Romance and relationship:  Offending “Tai Sui”, Oxen easily come across with their pessimistic emotion and unpredictability. Ox people need to learn how to restrain themselves and pay more attention to personal relationships and seniors in their working area. At the meantime, Oxen need to adopt better communications with their families, friends and have patience. In their path of love, it is easy to have arguments. For those married or lovers, their relationships are easily altered. Therefore, Ox people need to carefully communicate with their partners. Peace and patience are a must. The Star of “Wah Gai” has the sign of loneliness and love affairs will easily be negative.


Health: There are two negative stars, “Jian Feng and Fu Shi”. These are signs of being unhealthy, injury and bleeding. The Oxen will easily get hurt by sharp objects, have more traffic accident and surgical operations. Oxen need to be extra careful in home safety and avoid high risk activities. Those in the mechanical industries need to be careful of industrial injuries and accidents. Ox drivers must pay more attention to road safety and drive more carefully. It is suggested to donate blood and have dental hygiene done in earlier this year, so as to avert the bleeding issues.




1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010


There are the good allies of “Tai Yeung, Tai Kong, Tian Yue and Hong Luen” stars shining on Tigers. A favourable year for the Tigers. “Tai Yeung” belongs to male star which is glorious to the eight directions and represent male ally. The Tiger will be benefit from male seniors or bosses, customers and partners and career will be elevated. The Star can assist Tigers for their career development. “Tian Yue” can turn crisis into safety. “Tian Kong” symbolises illusory and unreality. Therefore, Tiger people should step firmly and perform their tasks securely.


Fortune: With the assistance of several good allies, working class or merchant Tigers can obtain wealth, especially proper income. Although it is a favourable year, the star of “Tian Kong” dominates the illusory and it is hard to accumulate wealth and it is easy to spend it away. It is appropriate for overseas development or investments, as long as Tiger people manage all these investments by themselves, and not rely on others. Tigers will have a significant yields. Tigers can also gain side income by the good allies’ directions. However, whenever there are good returns, Tigers should be restrained and not be too aggressive.


Career: Although there is “Tien Kong” shining, Tigers should not be overly confident, as there are other two negative stars “Jie Sha” and “Mai Qi” in place, which will cause Tiger persons to have emotional fluctuations and tension with colleagues, staff. It causes Tigers’ career development to be cut down. At the meantime, beware of outsiders stepping over Tigers.


Romance and relationship: With the glorious star “Hong Luen” present, Tigers will have great chance to develop their love and romance. It is a good year for marriage. Single Tigers, especially female Tigers will meet their ideal partners through social circles or friend’s gathering. Married Tigers or in honeymooners will grow their popularity and easily get acquainted with opposite genders. Therefore, married Tigers need to stay away for those unfavourable romances, to avoid family conflicts.


Health: No major issues, there might only be some minor sore muscles and bone pain. With the abundant social activities and excessive dining, Tigers will get gastroenteritis. Therefore Tigers need to control all unnecessary social affairs. Whenever overseas on business trips, Tigers will be easily affected by emotional instability. At the meantime, Tigers need to pay more attention to their spiritual well being and work stresses. Increased rest and recreation time will keep Tigers in a more peaceful state of mind.




1927,1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011


There is no auspicious star to look after Rabbits. Their fate is only fair and no other better challenges. Rabbits are in the passive mood and need to hold back for stability. Rabbits need to be optimistic. It is inappropriate to visit sick people in hospital or attend any funeral, so to avoid negative influences affecting their emotion. Rabbits are suggested to attend more happy marriage and birthday functions, so as to absorb the good atmosphere, obtain a more pleasing mind and to gain positive energy.


Fortune: Although there is no good ally, wealth is basically stable and there are no concerns for expenditure, as long as outgoing expenses are well planned. Spend on income is better way for Rabbits. This is a year of the mind for Rabbits. They need to work hard themselves to obtain reasonable rewards. For side income, such as stock or finance, Rabbits need to analyse carefully before investment and setting up limitation of investment, and not trust other people’s information.


Career: Utilising their knowledge and talent to develop career and create more new ideas, eventually Rabbits will be recognised. Rabbits need to build up their social net-work and set up harmonious communication between colleagues. It is not advised to rely on talent. Rabbits can gain their reasonable rewards this year. As per career development, there will be no significant changes, so it is better to consolidate their own position. Staying firm is best strategy! Rabbit is advised to take appropriate route to elevate their own resources.


Romance and relationship: Easily to be slandered and disputed between friends. It will be a challenge to explore the duration and harmony from friends. When communicating with family, stay calm and be forgivable. Peace is the best medicine. Love affairs will be like a roller coaster, up and down and more conflicts between lovers. Rabbits need to be calm, so to avoid hurting others’ feeling. There will be more arguments in the families, children problems and expenditures issues will be the source of conflicts. Honeymooners will easily fall into a cold war with their lovers.


Health: No major issue, there will only have some small sickness, such as insomnia, tiredness and fluctuating emotion. The negative star “Sang Men” and “Zai Jie” indicate surgical operations, traffic accidents, work injuries and bleeding that might happen. Do not carry out high risk exercises for safety and be mindful of elders at home. Pay more attention to a healthy daily diet. This will avoid intestinal, stomach and digestive systems being adversely affected and causing discomfort.




1928,1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012


Dragonsare “offending Tai Sui” this year. Although this conflict is not serious, Dragons’ fates are easily altered and their emotion will be unsettled. In order to have a peaceful mind, people born under the sign of Dragons need to ask for pardon from “Tai Sui”. Dragons will have a year full of unrest and disputes. They need to be cautious that there might be villains at their back who are against them. Fortunately, the star “Tai Yin” is in place which can reduce those unfavourable matters. “Tang Fu” star is also in place which represents the military commander in charge who can assist and improve Dragons’ reputation and leadership. So it is a good year for Dragon to develop and advance their academic skills. With “Tang Fu” shining, career can be escalated and shore up their performance. “Tang Fu” is especially beneficial for those disciplinary, military forces and law enforcement officers. They will have a prominent development this year and be recognised by seniors and the public and their prestige will greatly increase.


Fortune: “Tai Yin” indicates wealth and the ability to gain money. Fate of wealth will gradually appear and it should not trace hard, as the Chinese Proverb “Money won’t come in the rapid door”, otherwise, the result will turn negative. Dragons are suggested to take it step by step, eventually, they will have a reasonable harvest. “Guan Suo” and “Gou Shen”, two negative stars invade Dragons this year, Dragon people will experience monetary disputes. Therefore, during monetary exchanges, Dragons must be extra cautious and analyse all procedures carefully, so to avoid loss and problems.


Career: “Tai Yin” is an auspicious star for female and will be beneficial to female Dragons. Male Dragons will be easily recognised by female seniors or elders. With the assistance of “Tang Fu”, Dragons’ careers will be advanced. Female merchants will have good results and improved business development. However, as Dragons “offending Tai Sui”, the relationship and performance are more or less discounted this year.


Romance and Relationship: Romance is fair, male Dragons will have more chances to meet their ideal partners and develop to lovers. However, it is advised that Dragons should develop their romance step by step, as “Tai Yin” symbolises a slow pace. So Dragons should not in hurry to develop their romance. Female Dragons will meet their ideal lovers through the recommendation of their elderly. As for Dragons’ romances this year, it is suggested that Dragons should not proceed in their romances with a high profile, because there will be hindrance, pessimism and entanglement. Otherwise the star of “Dispute” will ruin their romance. Married Dragons will obtain their partners’ love. There might be some occasional quarrels and take in as a credit of romance.


Health: No major issues, Dragons are reminded to be cautious of their diet, as they will suffer of stomach and intestine sickness, digestive issues and discomfort. Dragons will easily be injured by sharp objects. It is wisely to visit the dentist for teeth hygiene and to donate blood in early part of the year. It is not appropriate to visit sick people in hospital or attend funeral. Be careful of elderly at home, as there is a sign of filial piety.




1929,1941,1953,1965,1977,1989, 2001,2013


Snakes are combining with “Tai Sui” this year. It is beneficial and good year for partnerships and company mergers. The auspicious stars, “San Tai” and “Guo Yin” are shining on Snakes. Snake people will achieve good examinations, academy achievement, licenses, promotion, election and competition. “Guo Yin” is especially beneficial for Snakes to be in the area of government, politics and their reputation will be escalated. Snakes can also gain good performance in civil service and their strategies will be recognised. Therefore Snakes should grasp the opportunity to promote themselves in the year of Ox.


Fortune: The negative stars “Wu Gui, Guan Fu, Tian Ku” and “Zhi Bei” are not beneficial for socialising. Snakes should not be arrogant, as these stars indicate villains are stabbing at their back. Be cautious for breaking up money and signing contracts or negative burden caused by friends. All contracts and details must be reviewed carefully, as “Guan Fu” is a star of disputes and court cases. These include either small issue such car parking penalties or criminal affairs. Snakes need always to remind themselves that caution is essential. “Wu Gui” indicates wealth from movement. There is gain and loss. Investment in the stock market must be cautious to avoid loss.


Career: “Guo Yin”, the master of power, indicates that Snakes’ career will be smooth and power will be increased. “San Tai” represents promotion, Snakes’ position and salary will be elevated. Snake people need to grasp these opportunities and their career will then blossom. It is also a good year to look for other opportunity and change of jobs. Due to the effect of villains, Snakes need to be cautious in their speech, so to avoid offending others. Keep a good distance but network with other people. Then Snakes’ career development will be smooth this year.


Romance and Relationship: Due to over zealousness in their jobs, Snakes’ romance paths are affected and neglected. Chances might pass over and they miss their other partner. Married Snakes are busy pursuing their career and hence overlook their partners existence who will be dispirited.


Health: Snakes’ fate are strong this year, health is also positive. Snakes must have a proper life and more exercise, Snakes’ health will be in good condition. Because of hard work, Snakes feel the job stresses and might have mental collapse. Their quality of sleep is poor and they get more negative emotions. Snakes are suggested to participate in decompression activities or taking some short vacations to unwind themselves. It is not appropriate to visit sick people in hospital or attend funeral this year, so as to keep away the negative qi.




1930,1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014


Horses were offending “Tai Sui” last year and experienced an unstable and fluctuating year. Fate is inevitably unstable and cannot be avoided. All those negative and unfavourable events will be over. There are auspicious stars “Yue De” and “Yu Tang” in place, which have the ability to turn negative to positive and gradually step into a good environment. The good ally “Yue De” is female star, which can guide Horses to turn negatives to positives. The star is more favourable to female Horses and can assist them to obtain good fate. The star of “Yu Tang” indicates wealth and fortune. Therefore Horses’ wealth will definitely increase. Due to “offending Tai Sui”, there will be some personal and colleagues’ disputes. Therefore, Horses should defuse this by offering some fruits, vegetarian dishes, incense to the “Tai Sui” asking for pardon by facing the Sky as stated in early part of this article.


Fortune: With the support from “Yu Tang”, Horses’ wealth will significantly increase. Whenever seeing “Yue De”, there will be always followed by “Xiao Hao”, a sign of excessive and over-expenditure. At the meantime, Horses also need to be aware of thefts and court affairs and mistakes in signing contracts. Horses may also be suggested to purchase a big gift for themselves, so to answer the syndrome of breaking up money and to reward themselves. Proper income will be abundant, but it is not suggested to seek quick money back, so as to avoid loss.


Career: Horses’ career can be escalated and expecting chances for changing job. The fate of career is smooth and marching to another higher level. Horses will make progress in developing their career this year. Horses in the management or leadership level will be admired and recognised. Merchant Horses can explore their careers and customer bases which will be increased. Due to “offending Tai Sui” this year, Horses should not get involve in others business. They should just take care of their own jobs and duties. Otherwise, it is difficult to please two sides of parties, as offending seniors or bosses or colleagues will be a result of the impact of their career progression.


Romance and Relationship: The stars of “Xian Chi” and “Tao Hua” are in place, these stars can generate Horses’ insufficient social relationship. “Tao Hua” is not a proper auspicious star. It represents that Horses will have more chances to involved into romantic clubs or places and easily fall into the trap of romance. Single Horses’ romance may be abundant and have increased chances to meet their other ideal lovers. Married Horses must have self-control. Don’t stray into the short term romance. They must use their wisdom to justify this type of romance, so not to fall into triangle love vortex. The star of “Xian Chi” and Tao Hua” also indicate money loss due to romantic affairs.


Health: The star “Si Fu” meeting with “Yue De “and “Xiao Hao”, indicate that “bit of ill luck embedded in good luck “. Horses need to prevent unpredictable events that might happen and be cautious of daily diet and the possibility of sudden illness. Early medical check-up is the best for prevention. All sickness need to be treated early. Horses also need to prevent work injuries and traffic accidents. It is not suitable for Horses to visit sick people in the hospital or attend funeral. Beware of gastroenteritis and have control of diets. Horses might experience increased work stress which will affect their emotion and spirit. It is suggested to spend some time on outdoor activities, so to balance their mental attitude.




1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015


Goats are “clashing Tai Sui”, a year of instability and fluctuations. Goat people will experience a year of difficulties and changes. Goats need to stay firm and overcome all obstacles. It is not appropriate to get involve in others’ business. Stay calm, talk less and do more is the motto is suggested to Goat people. Whenever the fate is not bright enough, Goats should defuse the effect by offering some fruits, vegetarian dishes, incense to the “Tai Sui” asking for pardon by facing the Sky as stated in early part of the article. The auspicious star “De Jie” is able to resolve disaster. With its support Goats will overcome any difficulties and negative incidents.


Fortune: The clashing of “Tai Sui” and also meeting another three disaster stars “Sui Po, Lan Gan, and Da Hao” will cause Goats to be trapped and lose money. Whenever relating to financial issues, Goats need to take measured steps and not neglect all possible events that might happen. It is not wise for gambling, financial debts and banking transactions, which will cause Goat people to use up their money. Since Goat people will have the sign of losing money, why not purchase some valuable assets. Turning the cash into real assets and stabilise personal reality. Investment must be made carefully. It is suggested not to carry out big investment.


Career: “Lan Gan” star indicates action being trapped and the experience of a lot of hindrances. All these issues will affect Goats’ careers and face hidden tides. Work stress will be inevitably high and they might come across conflicts with seniors or boss. Goats should be patient and stay calm and take measure of learning other subjects, so to increase self–enhancement.


Romance and Relationship: Chinese motto says “One celebration can prevent three disasters”. Romantic lovers are suggested to consider marriage this year and stabilise the negative qi environment, so to resolve the possible breaking up of monetary assets. Single Goats’ romance is just fair, which comes and goes quickly, like admiring flowers from the mists. Married Goats need to be calm and prevent possible conflicts between partners. Let those big arguments turn to smaller issues and prevent those hidden tides and family problems. Couples need to have good mutual communications. Avoid improper romance situations, as it will bring harm to your families.


Health: The “Da Hao” star will increase workload and let Goats feel huge pressure and their companion might make some unreasonable demands. Goat people must be patient and be careful of their health due to over-working. Goats have to strive for more rest and keep their body fit, so as to be able to face possible sickness. “Lan Gan” star is in place, Goats need to reduce their activities due to heavy workloads or sickness or court case causing activities to be restricted. Therefore Goats need to take step by step and not get involved in court affairs. Goats also need to be careful of the possibility admission into hospitals or confinement.




1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016


Monkeys’ fate is strong and abundant. There are three auspicious stars “Zi Wei, Long De and Tian Xi” are in place. Monkeys’ career, fate and job progress like the Sun hanging in the sky and obtaining good allies’ support and admiration. Last year, the unfavourable fate was over and resolved. With the supports of auspicious stars, career and happy events are following one by one. Romantic fate is also greatly escalated. “Tian Xi” is at the opposite side of “Hong Luen”. This indicates that there is possibility of marriage or welcoming a new born member. This is also a sign of Monkeys’ personal popularity getting stronger and obtaining Nobles’ directions.


 Career: The super auspicious star “Zi Wei and Long De” are shining and with the full supports from good allies, those working class or merchant Monkeys are able to create their strategies and to show their talents in commercial field and gaining applause. However, on the other hand, Monkeys need to be cautious for their hidden competitors and be humble to all of them. Even though it is a favourable year for Monkeys, Monkey people should be careful. Be aware of the negative embedded in the positive. Do not just look at the positive side.


Fortune: Monkeys will have an abundant income. The stars “Zi Wei” and “Long De” are mutually shining, Monkeys will experience promotions and celebration. Working class Monkeys will be recognised and admired and have chances for promotion. Merchant Monkeys’ business will be escalated through their personal net-work. It is a good opportunity for expanding their business and financial revenue will be greatly increased. On the other hand, the unfavourable star “Bao Bai” symbolises unexpected impact to Monkeys’ wealth and a sign of money loss. There will be smooth embedding hindrance, so investment for quick money is not suggested. It is also advised that Monkey people should not be guarantors, unless Monkeys want to give away their money.


Romance and Relationship: The star “Tian Xi” can generate Monkeys’ romantic affairs. For those unmarried Monkeys, the star can assist them to meet with their other half. It is also a good year for marriage. Monkeys will have more celebratory and happy events this year, no matter love proposal or anticipating new born members will also be successful. Therefore Monkeys should grasp this good opportunity. Married Monkeys’ romance is sometimes experiencing disputes with their other half. Male Monkeys, due to the abundance of romance easily to fall into love triangles. Male Monkeys need self-control. Keep away the harmful temptation otherwise they will hurt their families and lose money.


Health: With the support from auspicious stars, Monkeys’ health has no major problem, but only some minor issues, such as respiratory, skeletal, skin and gastroenteritis problems. Monkeys are suggested to have an early medical check. The star of “Wang Shen” is in place, Monkeys need to be careful of the elderly at home. Senior Monkeys are not appropriate to visit patients in the hospital or attend funeral. Whenever Monkey people are getting sick, Monkeys need to seek early medical advice. The star of “Tien Xi” is in place, female Monkeys are easy fall pregnant and it is also a good year to be pregnant.




1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017


With the combination of Snake, Rooster and Ox and the support of “Tai Sui”, Roosters’ fate is strong and abundant, social position and authority can be lifted up and career industries are brilliant. In additions from these auspicious stars, “General (Jiang Xing), Lu Xun and Tian Jia” are shining on Roosters and strongly support Roosters Their authority and careers will be definitely escalated. “General (Jiang Xing), Lu Xun dominates dignity and good allies’ assistance, no matter career, examination and reputation will be significantly achieved, a year of rewards in wealth and reputation. “Tian Jie” is guarding Rooster to sail tothe right route and can resolve difficulties, negative and fierce forces.


Fortune: Working class Roosters’ salary will have a significant increase. The combination of “Tai Sui”, Roosters will gain good allies’ admiration and provide them a chance of business joint-venture. Merchant Roosters will benefit from fundraising, partnership and collecting new clients. Binding by “Bai Hu, Fei Lian and Fu Chen”, “Fei Lian” dominates and drains away their energy, Roosters will spend more unnecessary expenses and energy or wasting unnecessary money. It is advised that Roosters should not carry out any risky, gambling or investment trades, as all these activities will cause Rooster to lose money. It is also inappropriate to be guarantors; otherwise Roosters will face court cases.


Career: “Lu Xun” indicates academy and reputation. Roosters’ examinations, promotions and salary increases will be achieved and easily hitting their goals. However, Roosters will only obtain all these rewards through their actual hard work and self-management for their investments. “Jiang Xing” dominates power expansion which will be recognized by their seniors or bosses and supported by their staffs. Changing jobs or careers this year, Roosters will be successful after their careful planning and it is also a good year to make the changes.


Romance and Relationship: Romance is fair; this is not Roosters’ scandalous year. Unmarried Roosters will only go for their food culture, social net-work and not really care for their romantic affairs and stay back to look for their careful selections. “Fu Chen” is an unstable star, married Roosters’ romance is up and down, so Rooster people must control their emotion and temper and actively consider and look after their other half, so romantic relationship will have chance for improvement. Married Roosters must self-control their additional scandalous affairs and stay grounded and self-alerted, so to avoid hurting their family.


Health: “Bai Hu, Fei Lian, Xue Ren and Fu Chen” are in place, which will reduce Roosters’ strong fate. Roosters must be aggressive and plan cautiously, so to avoid the impact from these negative stars. Roosters need to be careful of blood drawn by sharp objects and traffic accidents, surgical operations, work-injuries and being hurt by animals. During travelling, there might be some sudden events coming across and threaten. Care for daily diets and hygiene or gastroenteritis. It is suggested that Roosters should visit dentist for teeth hygiene or blood test after the first day of Ox year (February 03)




1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018


Auspicious stars are shining on Dogs, “Tien De, Fu Xing and Ba Zuo” stars are in place, with the good allies’ strong support. Dog people will be smooth and lucky in the year of Ox. With “Ba Zuo” guarding, Dogs’ career and authorities will be elevated. It is good year for Dogs to march forward and explore chance of prosperity. With the support from “Tien De and Fu Xing”, Dogs’ examination and mind will be achieved. But due to offending “Tai Sui”, even though it is a good year for Dogs, there will still some negative issues. Therefore, it is suggested that Dogs ask for pardon from“Tai Sui”. Methods are as stated in the earlier section.


Fortune: Offending Tai Sui this year, Dogs can gain wealth, but also lose money. Within the luck, there is hidden auspiciousness, hence not a good year for wealth. “Jie Sha” star is in place, which indicates monetary disputes are inevitable. Therefore, Dog people need to be careful to double check money exchange transactions. Don’t be too aggressive in investments and look for quick returns, so to avoid loss. It is not appropriate to be guarantors or lend money to others, otherwise, Dog people will break or ruin their friendships. Dogs, on the other hand, can have short term small investments, as it won’t hurt their finances.


Career: “Ba Zuo” is in place, which can elevate Dogs’ careers and authority. Social positions can be enhanced. The career achievements can improve Dogs reputation. This is also a good year for Dogs to pursue changes. There are sudden unhappy events which cause Dogs’ emotional stress. Dogs must stay calm. Due to the offending of “Tai Sui”, Dogs will experience hindrance and troubles. There will have some minor conflicts with seniors or bosses and causing relationship tensions. Dogs should be patient and stay calm.


Romance and Relationship: Romance is not smooth. Unmarried Dogs’ romance is rugged and it is difficult to obtain their goals. Lovers will come across of alteration and need to face emotional test ride and be cautious of love triangles. But by trying hard and with more communications, Dogs will resolve all these impacts. After having all these efforts, lover Dogs will understand the importance of both view points. “Gua Su” is in place, Dogs will be separated from their partners due to busy work or frequent business trips. Dogs will feel lonely. Married Dogs will be tense with their partners and more disputes, so Dogs need to communicate and understand their partners and keep closely with their partners.


Health: Although it is a positive year, “Jiao Sha, Juan She” can bring Dog people some arguments, rumours and stress. Whenever gathering with family or friends, peace is a must, as minor arguments can stir up waves in the calm seas and causing unfavourable consequences. Whenever there are some minor changes, Dogs need to keep calm. There might be some respiratory sickness. Dogs need to be careful of internal air-circulation at home, so to avoid trachea and throat sickness. Be careful of elderly at home and there is possible filial service.




1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019


There is only one star “Yi Ma” in place, which indicates that there will be more changes and trips, changing of jobs, or renovations for Pig People. Without other auspicious star to support, Pig’ fate will be only a fair, normal and stable year and is a more passive mood. Pigs need to stay calm, keep back and keep an optimistic mind to face all that might happen. It is a year to actively look for benefit from changes and reach their goals.


Fortune: Pigs’ wealth is stable, fair and need to seek for wealth in modifications, which can gain for Pigs’ probability, such as expansion and business trip. Pigs will gain benefit through these sorts of movements. As per investment in stock and financial markets, Pigs need to utilize their own talents to analyse how to put their investments in real industries. Overseas developments and explore overseas markets will bring for Pigs’ significant income, but need to adopt stable strategies for wealth, such as overseas properties, currencies and stocks.


Career: “Yi Ma” is in place, there will be more modifications, romance, career and living. Changes may not be the worst things, as long as Pigs can grasp their initiatives, look for new modifications, such as changing jobs, marriages, additional new born members and moving houses. Seeking for self- modifications to ward off disasters. Self-employment will also benefit for Pigs this year. For working class pigs, it is a good year for new decision and strategies.


Romance and Relationships: Due to the influence of “Yi Ma”, unmarried Pigs will have chances for overseas development and meet with their ideal other half during their overseas business trips. Married Pigs will be less likely to gather because of frequent travelling and neglect their partners’ feeling and creating hidden tides. It is suggested to plan for short trips with their partners, so to improve couple’s love. Unmarried Pigs will be easily face romantic waves and disputes. Pig lovers need to have mutual understanding and care for their other halves.


Health: No major issues, there might be only some small issues, such as, insomnia, tiredness, unstable emotions and sudden loneliness. There are unfavourable stars “Tian Gou, Diao Ke and Gu Xu” which dominate bleeding. Thus Pigs need to avoid sudden disasters, traffic accidents, and major surgical operations. Due to the impact of “Yi Ma”, Pigs will be busy, causing them tiredness and energy exhaustion. At the meantime, the unstable diets will cause Pigs’ stomach to be uncomfortable.




1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972,1984, 1996, 2008, 2020


With the combination of the “Tai Sui” this year, shining on Rats, Rats will be smooth for the year of the Ox. The “Academic” star is in place, those are in administrative planning, media, cultural writing, their creation and thinking will be admired and recognised. No matter career development or job planning, Rats’ talent will be elevated. Therefore, Rats need to grasp this opportunity to actively look for changes to improve their fates, such as changing jobs, changing departments. Academic Rats will have chances for overseas studying.


Fortune: The combination with “Tai Sui”, there is happiness, concern, trouble and hurt popping out. As Star of Wealth doesn’t appear, Rats need to work hard for their income and need to rely on Rats’ real conditions to explore the path of wealth. There must be careful management of finance. Stabilisation of their family economy is a must. It is inappropriate for gambling and excessive expenditure, so to avoid falling in a dilemma.


Career: “Academic” star represents talent. For those Rats are interested in studying and analysing things, the star can activate Rats’ creative mind and generate Rats’ strategies. All these will be recognised and admired. This star can also benefit Rats’ examinations and interview or internal promotion to be a successful one and obtain prominent results. The “Academic” star also belongs to scandalous affairs which can be escalating Rats’ social net-work, popularity and reputations. “Mo Yue” will bring Rat people new missions, challenges and working environment. All these changes, Rats need to settle down and get acquaintance after some explorations. It also symbolises Rats’ careers will gradually march into another new success.


Romance and relationship: Because of combination with “Tai Sui”, unmarried Rats will meet their ideal lovers, but there are also alterations, which will hurt your romance in coming quick and disappear fast. Married Rats will come across with hidden tides. The busy life and their jobs will lead Rats to neglect their partners. Rats need to especially aware not to hurt their partners’ and families’ feeling, Single Rats might miss their romantic opportunity due to preparation for their examination or progression.


Health: The unfavourable “Bing Fu” star is in place, Rats need to be careful of possible sickness and take extra good care of themselves. Although there may be minor issues, they can cause spiritual deadening and indirectly affect personal performance. It is not appropriate to visit sick people or attend funerals, to reduce the impact of the star. Take extra care for hidden arrows aimed at you. Whenever meeting seniors, bosses or elders. Rats must be cautious, so to avoid conflicts.



Final Note:  Dr. Edward Tsang (Master Jin Yan) is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist.  He is an expert in metaphysics, including life predictions, palm reading, face reading and Feng Shui, honed from many years of practical experience, and his predictions are highly regarded, detailed and accurate.  Dr. Tsang was previously a lecturer on Feng Shui at the Victoria University.  His predictions and writings can be viewed at and enquiries for personal/business consultation can be made at 0400 878 618.