Year of the Metal Ox 2021 – A Flying Stars Analysis 



Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Herbalist & Acupuncturist)
Edmund Chin


The " Xin Chow辛丑” Year of the Metal Ox " is just around the corner, hereby, I sincerely wish everyone a predictable and excellent year ahead. Apart from analysing the Ba Zi for the first spring day, we can also predict what will happen around the world throughout the year by analysing the positions of the 9 Flying Stars. In this “Xin Chow辛丑” Year of the Ox, the "5 Yellow Ominous Star”- destructive in nature, falls in Southeast “Sun” position, the “2 Black Illness Star” occupies the North “K’an” position, and “Tai Sui” Star occupies the Northeast “Gen” position. The Three Killings falls in the East “Chen” position. These four positions are likely to experience various natural disasters throughout the year. The “8 Wealth Star” stands in the West “Tui” position. On the first day of Spring, the Wealth star is drained, the supporting stars on the First Day of Ox are weak and not really supportive. How can wealth be accumulated and obtained in the year of Ox? It means that wealth will be difficult to generate and it is not looking optimistic. It symbolizes that regimes around the world, local governments and strategies are in challenging situations. Governments are weak and attacked. There are more contra-indications between government and people and lacking of harmony and resentment arisen everywhere. On the first day of Spring, the Official star is directly invaded by the first day of “Ren” water, world leaders are mutual attacking and are provocative. As per the indication of numbers of “Xuan Kong” flying stars and their combinations on the First Day of Spring, the Year of Ox will have a hard and challenging time.


The “6 White Prosperity Wealth Star” is metal in nature, stands in the Centre. “6”drains and weakens the Original “8” Wealth Star. In the year of Ox, investors must be careful for their investments and planning strategies, otherwise, investors will experience possible lose. If meet with stars 25、52, countries, regions, main entrance, window, bedroom or kitchen is located in this direction, residents will easily suffer fluctuating emotion, unsteadily, wealth lose. If meet with stars 43, 34, These regions, countries and people will experience bad tempers, disputes and arguments, liver and bile diseases and injuries of the limbs. If meet with stars 79 ,97, will suffer wheezing, respiratory disease. If meet with stars 16, 61, will gain the fate of wealth, reputation and authority and academy, career will be escalated, these regions and residents are suggested to make good use of the combination of these stars.


"7" Red Destructive star occupies in the position of Northwest (Chien), star “7” and Chien position are belonging to metal element, this reflects metal energy is increasing in the Northeast region. There will be more negative issues, Western countries, districts, especially America whose hegemonism will be escalated and hostilities arise. At the meantime, as per the indication of first of Spring, Metal and Wood are clashing. America will create severe conflict with China. China will also in return to take strong actions against America. The situation in the South China Seas will be tense. If countries, regions, main entrance, window, bedroom or kitchen is located in this direction, residents will easily suffer respiratory diseases, wheezing, liver & bile diseases, cough, disputes, arguments, bad tempered, 4 limbs injuries, especially for the elderly.


The 8 Big Wealth star arrives in the West “Tui” position– is earth element in nature generates the “Tui” position, metal energy will get strong on the surface. However, the qi of “Big Wealth star” will be also drained by the “Tui” position. For western countries, especially America, their hegemonism will not be successful. If the main entrance, window, bedroom or kitchen is located in this direction, residents will be easily obtaining wealth this year, yet likely to go out and don’t want to stay at home. Residents will experience respiratory system problem, wheezing, cough, arguments, heart diseases, womb, and bladder cancers, bad temper and neurological problem, especially for the young ladies who will come across respiratory diseases liver & bile diseases and bad-temper.


This year, the “9 Purple Happiness Star” is locating and meeting “Tai Sui” in Northeast “Gen” position, Star “9” is fire in nature and generates the “Gen” position. In the regions of Northeast, countries, and if the main entrance, window, bedroom or kitchen is located in this direction, residents will experience more celebrations and happiness. But they will also face more sickness, dryness and skin disorders, inflammation, womb cancers, bladder cancers, constipation, ear diseases and deaf, especial for the young man. “Tai Sui” is also present, northeast regions and countries should not carry major construction or renovation, so to avoid the negative impact by the influence of “Tai Sui”. As offended Tai Sui will bring a range of misfortunes, - from plans meeting failure to loss of career and wealth.


The "1 White Official Star”, it represents wealth, arrives in the South “Li” position, which has the nature of water. Water and fire conquer each other. Australia, New Zealand, Southeast countries and regions will be more promiscuous, disputes, court affairs, thefts, fire, heart attack, blood collapse and kidney diseases. If the main entrance, window, bedroom or kitchen is located in this direction, residents will easily suffer diseases of blood circulation, periodontal diseases, kidney failure, bladder diseases, bone pain and cannot concentration and diseases are hardly to cue, especially for middle ladies.


This year, the "2 Illness Star” arrives in the North position, it is earth in nature and invading the North “K’an” position which represents Water. The Northern regions, countries will experience of stomachache, diarrhea, poverty, intestine pain, facial yellow skin and lean body, abdominal boating, deaf, kidney deficiency, low IQ, widow in charge, dwindling family business, especially for the middle men who will face the above syndromes.


This year, the "3 Green Intellectual Academy Star” is at the Southwest “K’un” position. “3” is wood in nature and belongs to the star of Academics, this Star invades the K’un” position which is earth in nature. Countries and districts in the Southwest regions will experience gastrointestinal diseases, kidney and bladder, urinary system and prostate diseases, womb cancer and neurological problem. If the main entrance, window, bedroom or kitchen is located in this direction, residents, especially elderly ladies will experience such syndromes. However, in this districts, people’s popularity, study, academy, thinking, will be escalated, scandal affairs and disputes will be increased.


The "4 Intellectual Academic Star”, which is wood in nature, falls in the East “Chen” position, East belongs to wood element. Strong wood represents a symptom of strong principle. Whenever it falls into the months of metal, there will be a sign of metal and wood clashing each other, there will be more disputes, liver & biliary diseases, gastroenteritis and injuries of 4 limbs and bleeding. If the main entrance, window, bedroom or kitchen is located in this direction, residents will have a good academy and popularity. If falls in the month of earth, there will be more negative affairs, such as gastroenteritis, abdominal pain and reflux. Due to the “Three Killings” are also in place, there will be more negative matters in this region and countries, it is not advisable to carry any major constructions or renovations; otherwise residents in these areas will attract disasters.


The "5 Big Yellow Ominous Star” is earth by nature, will be at the Southeast or “Sun” position. Southeast “Sun” belongs to the element of wood, Wood invades the current star, Southeast regions, Japan, Korea, North Korea, Taiwan will suffer undiagnosed and infectious diseases, gastroenteritis, abdominal pain, doom, career, wealth, families, popularity and health will be affected."5 Big Yellow Ominous Star” is the fiercest star in the year, it is not suggested to carry out any major renovation or decoration, otherwise, there will be phenomenal disasters. Please note that, there are many different outcomes with various combinations of the positions of the Flying and Current stars, which cannot be covered in this brief analysis. You may also be interested in the two other companion articles written by the Author which are "Xin Chow Year of the Ox Prediction" , “Xin Chow Year Monthly Predictions” ,"The Cures of Negative Energies in Xin Chow Year of Ox" and “12 animals Zodiacs”.


Dr Edward Tsang (Jin Yan) is a registered Chinese medicine traditional practitioner and acupuncturist in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Tsang has extensive knowledge and experience in Chinese metaphysics. This includes date selection, compatibility analysis, Feng Shui, palm reading and face reading.

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