Xin Chow Year of the Ox 辛丑 Monthly Predictions for 2021



Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Herbalist & Acupuncturist)
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Welcome to the Year of the Ox ! We wish everyone a thriving and prosperous year ahead! Let's analyze the 2021 Ba Zi:


Lunar New Year in 2021 will fall on 12nd February, however the actual First day of Spring for the year of Ox in 2021 will fall on 3rd February at 22:59 pm (Gregorian Calendar). The Four Pillars (bazi) of this date is Sin Chow辛丒Year, Gang Yin庚寅Month, Zen Wu壬午Day, and辛亥Sin Hai Hour. In 2021, the first day of the Year of the Ox will be on 3rd of February, which means that Spring will arrive to be celebrated before the Chinese New Year. The Time of Spring is compiled by the Zijinshan Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as if it over one minute of 22:59 will be classified to the Time of庚子Gang zi.




Predictions For the Lunar Year Month Period


Lunar January (03 February – 04 March), wood is very strong, metal and wood are clashing each other. This indicates that people’s perceptions are confused, more traffic, aviation and rail accidents. There will be more disputes and arguments among Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Philippines. America is still maintaining her strong maritime position and persuades other Asian countries to against China. China is also resisting and showing a strong message to America and her supporters. There will more undiagnosed diseases, stomach cancers and abdominal pain, especially care for those middle men’s health is necessary. In the Northeast areas, there will be more diseases of urinary system, abdominal pain and intestine pain. However, jobs and wealth development in the Northeast can be achieved if proper arrangement can follow. Because of the monthly star, the Biggest Disaster is in place and the Eight stars return to their original positions, the energy of Five elements is increasing and creating a false scenery. All activities will be blocking and there will be possible landslide that may happen. Elderly people will suffer respiratory diseases.


Lunar February (05 March to 03 April), wood is still very strong and metal is weak, wood and metal are clashing, people’s perceptions are confused and full of conflicts. American and European leaders will suffer serious or terminal diseases, lung cancers, respiratory diseases or death. People in Japan, North Korea, Korea and Taiwan will suffer gastrointestinal disease, gas reflux, especially for the young people. Southern countries, easily suffer pneumonia, dry skin, but people will have a smooth better development. Special attention on lunar January and February, wood and metal are clashing, people need to seek for medical treatment. The monthly star is not favour to European countries and regions


Lunar March (04 April – 04 May), American and Western countries will suffer undiagnosed diseases, and their fate are sliding down, sluggish and easily suffer kidney, intestine, stomach and variety diseases. Northern part of China will experience diseases of ears and gynaecology. Southeast districts, there will be more unknown plaques, disputes and conflicts. Metal and wood are clashing, European and American countries will not escape away. Southeast regions and areas are also excepting various diseases.


Lunar April (05 May to 04 June). America acting as the leader of European countries will lose their further control and disciple and stir up waves again and quite bully and frequently interfere the South China Sea by excurse of freedom sailing route and create conflicts and tease China’s bottom line. Wood element is strong this month and metal is weak, American actions just like creating the noise of thunder and only small drops of rain and no actual rewards. There will be more traffic, aviation, rail accidents and colon diseases this month. The financial and stock markets in Europe and America will be fluctuating and global countries will be affected and investors must be cautious. People in Northeast regions and areas will suffer intestine, urinary and unknown diseases, dermatology diseases, reflux, especially for young people. Southern regions, areas and Australia need to be cautious of pneumonia, lung diseases, tuberculosis and blood collapse for ladies after giving birth. Northern China, her fate will be international renowned. However people will easily suffer respiratory and gynecology diseases for young ladies and men will have scandalous affairs.


Lunar May (05 June – 06 July), America will act like world police again and deliver their orders everywhere and sanctioning to other countries and provoking arguments. European countries and American economy will be affected and young people will also face another new tough month. There will be more unknown diseases, respiratory problems, urinary system disorder, kidney diseases, gynaecology, deaf, womb, eyes diseases and uterine and bladder cancers, kidney stone and mental neurological problems. Due to the five elements mutual impacted this month, people need to seek for medical supports, elderly leaders and officials need to pay more attention to their heart diseases.


Lunar June (06 July – 06 August), there will be more conflicts and arguments, emotional stress, liver & biliary diseases in the regions of Japan, Korea and Taiwan. European countries and America will come across of unknown diseases and plague. China and Northern regions and areas will also suffer influenza, gastroenteritis, urinary diseases and water product contamination. Southern regions, areas and countries will be more relax, peaceful and wealth can be developed, however these regions and areas have a more dryness month.


Lunar July (07 Aug – 06 Sept), metal and wood are clashing. This indicates that people’s perceptions and emotion are confused and fluctuated. Demonstrations, Senior Government’s policies are non-stop attacked and situations are difficult to control. Stock market and banking stocks are not appropriate for investment. Investors must be cautious and pay special attention. There will be more respiratory, kidney diseases, injuries of 4 limbs and emotional stress. There will be more traffic, aviation accidents and phenomenal disasters. Southeast regions and areas, there will be more negative events, undiagnosed diseases, abdominal pain, intestine, skin cancers, stomach bleeding and bad dreams. Northeast regions and areas, there will be more stomach, intestine diseases, abdominal pain, eyes diseases. Proper wealth still can be obtained, but plenty of small sickness and troubles and unfavourable socialism, commercial trade and conflict opinions and blockage of monetary income.


Lunar August (07 September – 07 October), Western countries and regions, there will be more inflammation, blood and pneumonia diseases. Australia and New Zealand and Southern regions, there will be more stomach diseases, anaemia, diahorrea and intestine pain. Eastern regions and areas more undiagnosed diseases, stomach and intestine diseases and reflux. Northern regions, China and Russia, more disputes and conflicts, due to the clashing of flying stars this month, there will be more internal monetary conflicts, attacks and troubles.


Lunar September (08 Oct – 06 November), there will be more respiratory diseases, inhale and exhale problem. European countries and America and Western regions, there will be more painful sickness, respiratory diseases, argument and conflicts. Southern countries, there will be more activities and hypertensions. Southeast regions and areas will experience undiagnosed diseases, gastroenteritis. Due to the influence of flying stars this month, wherever has been favourable, it will keep this same situation, vice versa, it will be worse.


Lunar October (07 November – 05 December), wood and metal are clashing in Europe and America, USA will stir up and provocative troubles everywhere. However Metal fails, America cannot achieve their plans but weaken their strong force. Southeast countries and regions will be more intestine and stomach diseases, abdominal pain, stomach cancers, and be careful of middle ladies’ health at home. Northeast regions and areas, there will more ear, urinary system and cough diseases. As per the flying stars this month, water element is more effective and draining and sliding European countries’ domineering. Water element can generate Eastern wood energy, Chine and European countries and America will count on their own strengths.


Lunar November (07 December – 04January), Due to the impact of the star of Wealth, it is not appropriate to plan large investment this month and investors must be cautious, so to avoid unnecessary lose. Transportation industries will be also impacted, traders must pay special attention. European countries and America will experience undiagnosed diseases, chest and lungs diseases, influenza and leaders will come across of terminal diseases. Eastern regions and areas, there will be more intestine and stomach diseases. The monthly flying stars won’t be benefited to Western regions and countries, as the fiercest stars are in those place, the Western regions should not carry out major military exercises or movements, otherwise due to their bully intention and grasping others’ wealth and will be in result of their phenomenal creating disasters.


Lunar December (07 January – 03 February), America and European’s hostility is very serious, and stir waves and make troubles everywhere and create conflicts. However, due to global unfavourable atmosphere, they cannot succeed their plans. America and European countries will suffer cold and flu, plaque and should not be neglected and their leaders will experience the possibilities of terminal diseases. Due to metal and wood are clashing and not favor to these regions, they will against each other and relationships are tight and disharmony. South-eastern countries will also be influenced by the unknown factors. Please note that, there are many different outcomes with various combinations of the positions of the Flying and Current stars, which cannot be covered in this brief analysis. You may also be interested in the two other companion articles written by the Author which are Xin Chow Ox Year Prediction”, "Xin Chow Year of the Flying Stars" and "The Cures of Negative Energies in Xin Chow Year of Ox" and “12 animals Zodiacs”.


Dr Edward Tsang (Jin Yan) is a registered Chinese medicine traditional practitioner and acupuncturist in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Tsang has extensive knowledge and experience in Chinese metaphysics. This includes date selection, compatibility analysis, Feng Shui, palm reading and face reading.

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