XinChowYear of the Metal Ox 2021 General Predictions (Bazi)



Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Herbalist & Acupuncturist)
Edmund Chin


Welcome to the Year of the Ox! We wish everyone a thriving and prosperous year ahead! Let's analyze the 2021 Bazi:






Xin Metal

Ren Water

Gang Metal

Xin Metal

Hai Water



Yin Wood

Chow Earth








Lunar New Year in 2021 will fall on 12th February, however the actual First day of Spring for the year of Ox in 2021 will fall on 3rd February at 22:59 pm (Gregorian Calendar). The Four Pillars (bazi) of this date is Xin Chow辛丒Year, Gang Yin庚寅Month, Zen Wu壬午Day, and辛亥Xin Hai Hour. (see figure) In 2021, the first day of the Year of the Ox will be on 3rd of February, which means that Spring will arrive to be celebrated before the Chinese New Year. The Time of Spring is compiled by the Zijin Shan Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences. As if it is over by one minute to 22:59, it will be classified to the Time of庚子Gang Zi


On the First Day of the Ox year belongs to Water in nature. Sitting on Fire and Earth, the stars of Wealth and Official are clashing and draining the first day of Water. The month of the year belongs to metal sitting on Yin Wood. Metal and Wood clash each other and weaken the support to the first day of Zen Water. There are water, wood and fire elements mutually interacting between the Four Pillars of Ox 2021 and the first Day of Spring. Zen water has a supporting ally in the hour pillar. With all that support, Zen water is not that weak. However due to the Yin Wood 寅in the month draining the Ren 壬water and its supporting ally Hai亥water in the hour pillar is also combined by Yin Wood寅. All these symptoms indicate that star of Wealth (fire) is very conservative and the Official star (earth) is very weak and cannot generate and protect the star of Wealth (fire). It symbolises that countries and local governments have difficulty to make and manage their decisions and career industries.


Since the wood element is concealed in the earth stem, it reflects that people’s dialogues and thoughts are hard to express and are restricted. The Heaven stems of four pillars of the Spring belong to water and metal, which restrict and control the wood element. This symbolises that society and regions are getting back on right track.


The wood寅element is producing the star of wealth, and it is also combining with the Wu午fire and generating the star of wealth and it is only concentrating to gain wealth and has no other thought. On the other hand, the Wu 午fire is combining with Hai亥water which has no intention to support the star of Official. Therefore, those Officials have difficulty to generate wealth during commercial trades. In the year of Ox, from the four pillars of Spring, there are no head-on collision, but concealed harmfulness. Internally, there is emotional discord, yet mutual cooperation and compromise is essential.


Ren water, the first day of Spring is like river water in nature and has a characteristic of intelligence and flexibility. The Heaven stem of four pillars of the Spring are of both Yin and Yang metal elements, which symbolise bipolar mentality and belong to self-protectionism, one side is willing to contribute. The other extremity has strong protectionism, suspicion, only care for self-interests, afraid of responsibility and fear of being harmed, which represents Western countries.


Due to the Ren Water, first day of Spring, being weak, all parties need to depend and rely on each other. There is only one weak star of wealth. Trade and investments must be cautious, taken step by step and not be too aggressive. Otherwise, when there is one failed step, it will ruin the whole plan. Due to strong metal and weak wood, the prospects and things are lacking in confidence and oversight. Because of protectionism, countries will only care for themselves and stand alone and economy will be re-integrated. Global phenomenal disasters are inevitable.


It is also a symbol of decision for the local governments, leaders between countries and countries who will face a serious impacts and oppositions. However, due to the strong metal in place, they will adopt governance management. As strong metal invades wood element, rebellious mentality will be restricted.


Wood is the element to produce the star of wealth (fire) and no other intention. This represents that countries and countries are only caring for their own protectionism and economy. However, the star of wealth (fire) is concealing to combine with Hai亥water, therefore wealth will be shared with other countries or allies.


In the first day of Spring, Hai亥water combines to the stars of wealth (fire) and Official (earth), the only star of Official is lacking the support from fire to provide government officials to grain wealth. The wood element has numerous changes to produce wealth (fire). However, it is now concealing to combine with the only star of Official (earth). This indicates that government officials need to compromise with their local people. Therefore, economy of countries between countries will be impacted and need to look for relevant changes.


The four pillars of the first day of Spring, the star of wealth is invaded, drained and has no good support from allies. The star of wealth is therefore restricted and difficult to maintain. The Wood element is clashed. So how can wealth be obtained in the year of Ox? Meanwhile the star of wealth (fire) needs star of Official (earth) for protection. But the Star of Official is weak and cannot govern and protect wealth. Also, in the first day of Spring, metal and wood clash each other, there will be more conflicts, disputes, court affairs, imbalance of governance and problem arising. Wood is invading the star of Official (earth), how can global and district regimes be implemented? As there is contra-indication between people and governments and lack of harmony, there will be mutual attacks, opposition, provocative and general grievances.


First Day of Spring, wood element dominates the month pillar, which represents greed, rebellion and confrontation. Zen 壬water is drained by wood 寅, causing the star of Wealth to be not in place properly and is impacted. People’s value concept is low. Zen Water will be strong when we step into the lunar month of August and then the fate of the year of Ox will be smoother. However, when it turns into the lunar month of September, the element of Fire will be getting stronger and invade the Zen Water. Countries between countries will not keep their promises and contracts. Scourge will be done by Western countries and America. In the first Day of Spring, the heaven stems of four pillars are of metal element which represents European countries and they will team up to against Eastern countries and China. Due to the metal weakness and being buried into the earth stem of year, earth 丒, European countries, especially America are only strong on the surface, so Eastern countries and China will have counter measures against America.



The First Day of Spring, it combines with the stars of Wealth and Official. This is only a false illusion and it is hard to obtain actual benefit. Government officials have difficulty to execute their strategies. Global regimes and leadership’s governance will face resistance from local people. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and regime will be impacted and foreign power will continuously attack Hong Kong Government and her policy implementation will be disputed, inhibited and restricted. In the year of Ox, wood element is restricted, people’s emotion has no place to release. Countries between countries will only compromise their own interests. Wealth will be definitely impacted and restricted and monetary funds will be suspended. Wealth (fire) cannot protect Officials (earth). Property market will not be stable and lack of direction. In the year of Ox, earth element does not appear on the heaven stem on the four pillars, this indicates that property market will be slow or have no movement. Fire dominates culture, civility and law, due to water and fire invading each other, how can culture, civility and law be followed?


First Day of Spring, 3 metal elements appear on the Heaven stem of the Four pillars, star of Wealth (fire) is lacking wood to support. Meanwhile, Wood 寅also combines to Hai 亥water. Investors must be cautious to avoid unnecessary loss. In the year of Ox, water and earth (Official) elements are extremely weak and Fire cannot generate the star of Official (earth). Global district governments and leaders will experience a difficult situation, and use high levels of enforcement to govern their people, but their power will be restricted and challenged and their policies cannot be achieved. The hegemony of European countries, especially, America, UK, Japan and Korea are most serious. Russia and China won’t be affected much. Water and fire are clashing, this indicates that people are lacking patience, wisdom and their thought will not be justified and easily to be courageous and dominated. Countries between countries are having the same situation. In the year of Ox, wood and metal are also clashing each other. People’s emotion and mental are fluctuating, confused and lacking of patience and difficult to control and non-stop anti-government voices arise. There will be more traffic accidents including aviation and train. Tourism, hotel industries, transportation, shipping, aviation, restaurants, property will be challenged. Situation will be improved in the second part of the year.


In the Spring of the Ox year, wood and metal are clashing, wood is slightly weaker than metal. European countries will ally together, America will act as the leader and interfere, bully and extend their long arms to different countries and places, creating troubles, and deliver their sanction activities. However, there will be conflicts and arguments, disharmony between American leaderships who are not supported by their people and global countries. All these dominance and bullying will have no rewards and America will pay for their hegemony. At the meantime, other Western nations will not be able to provide their support. As wood and metal are clashing, people’s thought and management policies are not clear enough. There will be lot of documentation and policy errors. Global leaderships, local governments policies will be attacked and restricted. As per the four pillars of the first day of Spring, earth stems are mutually combined, this indicates that global countries and local governments also secretly cooperate with each other and solve and compromise in their settlement of all problems. The Age of Eight (Feng Shui) is fading, global governance begins, Western metal will eventually produce water which will support Eastern Wood, Wood will produce fire, another new civilisation will commence.


In the first day of Spring, water and fire are invading each other and also combine secretly. Fire represents internet and communications. Global regions’ communications are confused and intend to create confusions and deliver wrong messages. In the current year, people’s blood circulation and personnel issues are in disharmony. People easily suffer from heart, blood circulation system, eyes, teeth, skeleton, ears, bladder, brain and kidney diseases and indulgent sexual affairs and disasters.


Prediction for the Regions



Northwest regions and areas, the economy of European countries and America seems to be supported and improved in the surface. However, this is hard to sustain and pressures are inevitable. In these regions, people’s emotions are out of control and will suffer pneumonia diseases. Especially European and American leaders will come across critical or terminal illness. In these regions, it is inappropriate for infrastructure and metal industries. In the year of Ox, there is a sign of conflicts, changes and revolt that happen in these regions.


West regions and areas, Europe and America’s economy seem to be favourable. However due to their principle of bully and hegemony and extension cause their expenditures are higher than income revenue. Economy will further slide down; finance and stock markets will also be impacted. American leaders will slightly change their bad habits to withdraw their exaggerations and thinking. However, all their promises will never be kept. In the area of Western regions will suffer more respiratory and pneumonia diseases. Due to the star of Wealth is in place, European countries will seize and grasp their benefit from other countries, but the star of “Three Killers” is also falling in this regions, European countries will experience phenomenal disasters if they create more bully activities. At the meantime, star of water is invaded by the current year of Big Wealth star (earth), which also dominates wisdom, their decisions.


Northeast regions and areas, more celebration, more scandalous affairs and job development will be smooth for the young people. Young people will easily suffer eyes diseases and be deceived when meeting the star of Sickness.


Southern countries and regions, there will be more angina pectoris, blood collapse and kidney disease. People will also easily suffer eyes, heart, blood circulation systems diseases. In these regions, fire and water are invading each other, people’s wisdom and thought will turn into negative and experience stupid behaviour.


As per the Age of Eight, the Dispute star locates in the South region with the support of current Star of Water, these stars will stir up conflicts and disputes. Star of Water dominates thinking and communication and it is now clashing with Li position (fire) which will create people’s disharmony.


Northern region and areas, especially northern part of China, Russia and Canada, there will be more sickness, gastroenteritis, stomach aid, undiagnosed and infectious diseases, gynaecology, urinary diseases and seafood virus. On the other hand, popularity and scandalous affairs are also abundant. There will be more thefts, rumours, slander and bully matters non-stopping happening, especially for middle man. Due to the sickness star locates in these areas, people will experience more sickness. It is suggested that people living in this areas should carry out frequent medical check to prevent unnecessary sickness might happen. As per the Age of Eight, the academy star locates in this area, which dominates paper documentations, contract and it is affected by the current star of Sickness, documentations and contracts are inevitable breached.


Southwest region and areas, there will be more dermatology, urinary system, re-flux, large intestine diseases, especially for elderly ladies. There will also be more disputes, conflicts, fighting and traffic accidents in these areas.


As per the Age of Eight, the Biggest Disaster star locates in these areas, and affected by the current star of “Three Killings”, there will be more sly scoundrels causing conflicts and disputes and unstable emotion, especially for Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Afghanistan.


Eastern regions and areas, will easily come across of liver and biliary diseases, lacking of energy. During the lunar months of June and July, people will experience of gastroenteritis, livers and gall-bladder diseases, respiratory diseases, neck pain, injuries of 4 limbs, emotional stress, traffic accidents and disputes and conflicts and mental confusion.


As per the Age of Eight, the star of Wealth is a metal in nature and its wealth energy is fading away, with the influence of the current star of Academy, metal and wood are clashing, people’s emotion is fluctuating up and down. At the meantime, the “Three Killings” is also in this area, there will be phenomenal disasters if major activities carrying in these areas.


Southeast regions and areas, there will be more undiagnosed and infectious diseases, gastroenteritis, lung cancers and turmoil. More military exercises and easily misfire. There will be more small actions created from Taiwan, Japan and Korea. Taiwan will be more clamoring and domineering because of instigation by America. China and Japan will come across with small conflicts or disputes. There will be more influenza, skin related and sudden explosive disasters, urinary system, flu epidemics and disasters, especially for elderly ladies. People’s mentality will be confused and with hidden ominous issues. In these regions and areas, countries’ fate, officials, monetary, families and health and people’s popularity will definitely face bad destinies. As per the Age of Eight, a disaster star locates in the Southeast area, it is a star of thefts, in addition to the current big disaster star, which will ruin the positive energy field and let people suffer sickness, break down their finances and lose jobs.


Middle regions and areas, there will be more movement and military exercises. Due to the fading of the star of Wealth, there are signs of bleeding, more surgical operations. criminal affairs and obstacles during long trips.


Please note that, there are many different outcomes with various combinations of the positions of the Flying and Current stars, which cannot be covered in this brief analysis. You may also be interested in the two other companion articles written by the Author which are Xin Chow Ox Year Monthly Prediction”, "Xin Chow Year of the Flying Stars" and "The Cures of Negative Energies in Xin Chow Year of Ox" and “12 animals Zodiacs”. .



Dr Edward Tsang (Jin Yan) is a registered Chinese medicine traditional practitioner and acupuncturist in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Tsang has extensive knowledge and experience in Chinese metaphysics. This includes date selection, compatibility analysis, Feng Shui, palm reading and face reading.

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