Animal Zodiac Predictions for the Dog 2018 


Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Herbalist & Acupuncturist)
Christine Tsang


A few words from Master Jinyan - Another new lunar year will soon begin and I would like to wish all my readers an early happy, wealthy and healthy New Year of the Dog! My predictions of the year of the Dog is a general indication only for my readers and I’d like to remind readers that each person within the same animal zodiac are inevitably individuals, therefore each person’s fortune will differ and this prediction is for leisurely reference only.

The Lunar Dog New Year will be on 16th February 2018. However the day of first spring for the year of Dog will commence at 5:38 am, 4th February 2018. It is from this time onwards that the birth of a child will be considered to be in the year of the Dog. For those born in the year of the Dragon, this is a year where they will be “Clashing with the “Tai Sui”, meaning that this will be a year of volatility and unrest. Dragons should soften the effect by offering some fruits, vegetarian dishes, incense to the Tai Sui and facing the sky to ask for pardon. Those born in the year of Dog, Goat, Rooster and Cow will be “Offending the Tai Sui”, and this year it is will be an unstable and tough year so you should also use the fore-mentioned method in asking for pardon.



– 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018


The Dog is “Offending or opposing the Tai Sui” this year.  It is recommended that those born in the year of the dog seeks pardon from the Tai Sui for peace.  The Offence, is not a serious one, however there will be some unstable events during the year, and may cause some emotional unrest. On the other hand, there are 2 auspicious supporting stars which will support the Dogs’ career development and accentuate their talent.  The stars will elevate thinking process, the ability to problem solve, and relentless self drive.  There will be recognition of job development, respect, and travel with glamour. You may give in to the desire and consumption of buying or upgrading cars.


Career: The Dog’s career will steadily progress, your management and strategies will be well recognised. However as the auspicious star also exhibits haughtiness, strong egocentric quality and narcissistic nature, you should remember to stay modest and be considerate to others, so not to be isolated due to jealousy from others or disputes.


Fortune: Fortune will be stable, but need to work hard to enjoy proper reward. There will be some sudden additional expenditure, especially expenses from medication and servicing vehicle. As such Dogs need to be cautious and conservative with your finance management to prepare for unnecessary demands. It is not appropriate to conduct opportunistic investment for quick money this year, as there may be unexpected changes in a year of offending the Tai Sui.


Health: There are two unfavourable stars this year, and Dogs may experience injuries from sharp metal objects and traffic accident. Be careful of stomach issues, diet and pessimistic emotional fluctuation, bad temper, respiratory system problems, liver & biliary diseases, and also need to careful of mechanical safety. Careful driving is a must. Suggest to have blood test or blood donation or cleansing teeth in earlier part of the year to offset the potential occurrence of injury.  


Romance and relationship: The Dogs’ emotion will be volatile and easily fluctuate. Dogs should increase and improve communications with their partners. You are suggested to be patient and take it easy to your partner, be sensitive to their needs, control your emotions and turn negative situations to positive ones. Dogs will prefer to be alone and neglect their companions and family. Single Dogs will have less chance to meet their partner this year, so need to be patience for appropriate opportunities.




– 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007


This is a smooth and positive year for the Pigs, supported by good stars of “Sun” and star of “Happiness”. “Sun” represents a sign of activities and movements, which will clear away dull energy, and there will be a refreshed climate for your career which will have easily attainable successes.  You will find it easy to get assistance and support from male seniors, who will take notice of your performance.  Entrepreneurs need to grasp this favourable year to develop and grow your business opportunities.  With the star of “Happiness”, unmarried Pigs will meet suitable partners, and it is also an auspicious year for marriage and giving-birth.  You will also enjoy social popularity and support from good allies.


Career: The Pig’s career development is smooth, and you will have strong assistance from male allies. For those who are conducting business targeting male consumers, their sales and merits will develop smoothly and the business will be expandable, especially to overseas markets.  It is also a good year for Pigs to change jobs or even make a career change. The pigs will have good relationship with seniors, however the relationship with equals and subordinates will be weak. Therefore the Pigs need to be cautious in their daily dialogues, so to maintain a friendly relationship.


Fortune:  Although this is a good year for the Pigs to gain wealth, the star of “Sky” appears, which represents uncertainty, potential to lose money, and difficulty to accumulate wealth.  This means that, even though income is stable, there may be chance of bad debts.  You should be cautious of potential negative issues and your business might suffer loss or be taken away by others. Due to the star of “Good Allies”, the Pigs’ side income (e.g. investments, side business, windfalls) will increase, however you need to be cautious of money moving in and out quickly, and be vigilant and take gains when there is adequate reward. (但妨財來財去,見好即收)


Health:  There is no major health issues, but there will be some minor headache and muscles pain. This year Pigs will tend to socialize and dine out frequently, so you should be prudent with your diet to avoid gastroenteritis and stomach upsets.  You may encounter some unexpected events during vacations or business trips which may result in unpleasant emotions, and also stomach upsets.  Pigs need to release your emotions and refrain from putting pressure on yourselves.


Romance and relationship: This year, the star of “Happiness” appears, which indicate that unmarried Pigs may meet compatible partners and it is a suitable year for marriage. However, there is also a star of “Loneliness”, which dilutes to some extent from the auspicious “Happiness” star, and you might feel loneliness due to busy workload and being apart from your spouse or partner. Married Pig couples may have disputes and arguments. Married male Pigs need to avoid scandalous affairs and do not fall into the trap of temptation and these kinds of scandalous issues, so to avoid unnecessary losing money and harming your relationships.



– 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008


There are two auspicious stars surrounding Rats, the fortune of the Rats in 2018 will be tremendously smooth.  It will be a smooth year of good luck and positive growth. The star of “Tian Jie” has a strong power to solve difficulties, whenever there are any problematic issues, it can turn the negatives into positives. The star of “Tong Fu” represents the highest position in the army, so it can promote the Rats’ reputation and position, and it is a good year for the Rats to create and develop your merit. With the assistance of this star, the Rats’ career will be elevated and your position will be promoted.


Career:  With the support of auspicious stars, Rats’ career or academics will be elevated and well recognized, so you should grasp this good opportunity for further development.  The star of “Tong Fu” is especially beneficial and helpful to those Rats who are in disciplined forces, law officers or armed forces. You will have breakthrough performance and ear respect from the public, your seniors, and your reputation and morale will be promoted.


Fortune: The Rats’ fortune this year is average and not stable. There is a sign of losing money and high consumption. You need to be careful in managing your finance, as it is easy to suffer loss during monetary transactions. Don’t agree to be guarantor for anyone during the year of Dog and avoid large investment in high-risk transactions, so to avoid unnecessary loss. The Rats need to keep proper reserve money in the beginning of the year in preparation for some unexpected expenditures.


Health: There are four unfavourable stars, and Rats need to be careful of surgery, car accident, work injury, bleeding and face injury. Be careful of dietary hygiene and gastroenteritis diseases.  It is not suitable for the Rats to visit sick people or the cemetery.  You should pay more attention to your elderly and treat small illness as serious one, so to avoid complications and family loss. Ensure you do not overly engage in social activities and rest more. Avoid excessive alcohol and sex.


Romance and Relationship:  “Romance” for the Rats is stable; it is not a romantic year for the Rats, and you will not take much interest in romance matters this year. It is suggested to passively observe and thoughtfully search for an ideal match. Married Rats’ romance is somewhat volatile, you need to mind your emotions, control your temper, and pro-actively show more care to your partner, so to improve your relationship. Married Rats must avoid extra-marital temptations, so to avoid family problems.




– 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009


The Ox is “Offending the “Tai Sui” this year. Oxen should ask for pardon from the Tai Sui this year for peace.  The Offence, however, is not a serious one, but there will be some unstable events which may occur, and cause some emotional unrest.  There are two auspicious stars, “Tai Yin” and “Tian Moon”, which are Good allies to the female Ox, so the Female Ox will have good fortune. Female seniors or elderly will be greatly helpful to the Ox. The star of “National Chop” has the authority to promote and elevate the Oxen’s fate, and improve your strategies, therefore you should take this opportunity and be aggressive for your development. There is also a sign of movement, changing department, promotion, or changing job, and you will be successful for those challenge and opportunities.


Career: Oxen who are conducting business with female customers will have a rewarding performance and income. However you may face some hindrance, impacting your planning and success of your strategies. You are suggested to remain modest, as that there may be some sly people who will try to hurt you behind your back. Be careful of internal personnel arguments and don’t get involved in others’ affairs and disputes. Remember the more your talk the more you will lose, as silence is gold.   


Fortune:  Due to offending the Tai Sui and there are also another two negative stars, the Oxen will easily suffer hindrance and damage to your fortune. Be careful of unexpected unfavourable events, and if these arise, you should stay solve and manage calmly.  Be cautious in managing your finance, as there is sign of money flowing in and out and whatever you gain, you may lose something else. Anything related to receiving finance and monetary issues, you must ensure these are recorded in writing, and maintain signed contract, so to avoid possible loss. Avoid investing in high risk investment.


Health:  There is no major issue this and you just need to look after your daily diet, as there is a symptom of stomach, intestine and digestive sickness, which will cause discomfort. Oxens should try more out-door travelling and gathering, so to pacify your emotion. It is not suitable for you to visit sick people, so to avoid the possibility of loss of close ones. Pay more attention to elderly family’s health, and ensure that any small issue is resolved with medical advice.


Romance and Relationship: Unmarried male Oxen will easily meet their better half. If you meet any suitable partner you are suggested to be brave and ask her to be your companion. You will also have a chance to meet a stable and mature partner.  Unmarried Cows should take a observant attitude, if you are reluctant to make the first move, you can begin as a friend and observe for a suitable opportunity. Married Oxen & Cows needs to stay away from the opposite gender, exercise self control and avoid extra-marital temptation, so to avoid unnecessary family disputes.  




– 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010



There is good ally of “San Tai”, Tigers will have a smooth and auspicious year. “San Tai” benefits academic examinations, examinations for promotion, elections, and competitions, which will result in great success. The Tigers need to grasp this opportunity, which is especially beneficial for those in government service or politics as the auspicious star can strengthen your authority. Those in civil services, your strategies and decision making will be more advanced than others, so you should grasp this opportunity for promotion. At the same time, the Tigers are in harmony with “Tai Sui” this year , which will be helpful to Tigers, and you will reap better rewards.


Career:  Although the fate of the tiger is smooth, you need to be cautious that there may be someone trying to bring you down behind your back. The star of “Kun Fu” is a star of dispute, there could either be small issues, such as a penalty from the car, or larger issues such as a court affair. Therefore whenever there is a signed contract, or verbal promise, Tigers need to be very careful on what is agreed to avoid unnecessary problems. The star of “Zhi Pei”, which is a symptom of people’s jealousy, may also impact you and you should be cautious of bad people who are snooping and looking for opportunities to defame you. You need to maintain a low profile.


Fortune:  Tigers’ finances is stable this year, salary increment can be expected. It is a good year for Tigers to can earn some additional income from property investment.  However, be cautious of being cheated financially or you suffer money loss due to your friends’ mistakes.  There will be new investors or partners, and Horse or Dogs will be suitable and beneficial for your partnership. There will be some negatives among the positives and some uncertainty, as there is only one auspicious star appearing this year.  For those that like to invest or gamble, you need to pay more attention to avoid possible loss due to your greediness.  


Health:There are no major health issues for Tigers, but there will be some minor discomfort and digestive system issues caused by workload and emotional stress, so you need to relax. The star of “Wu Kwai” will affect Tigers’ emotions, increase your doubts and suspicions, which will affect your quality of sleep. Tigers should avoid  visiting sick people in hospital or attending funeral, so to reduce your negative energy.


Romance and Relationship: Tigers are harmonizing with Tai Sui this year and will have good popularity. However the Blossom Star does not appear, so Tigers need to search for your romance and your better half diligently. You may be missing opportunities due to your intense focus on your career.  Affected by the star of “Wu Kwai”, you will be emotional, suspicious and not trust your other half, which could affect your popularity and cause tension in your relationship




– 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011



The Rabbits were ‘Clashing the Tai Sui’ last year, and it was a year of instability, change, negative emotions, and fate. In 2018, there is an auspicious star of “Yuet Tack” which will change the negatives to positives, your fate will be smoother than last year, and your career will be elevated. The star belongs to a female auspicious star, a star full of love and kindness and also represents your assistance from female allies. Another good star of “Sui He” is appearing this year, which is also a star of Romance, and Rabbits will be popular and the fate of romance will be smooth.


Career: Career will be smooth and elevated. Those who are in the administrative level or leadership, your talent will be respected and recognized. Merchants can expand your business and network, and customer volume will increase. It is not suitable for Rabbits to intervene into others’ events or matters. You are suggested to focus on your own job responsibilities and position.  Avoid getting involved in other people’s matter, otherwise, you may not reach your goals. Avoid any matters that could irritate your boss or colleagues, otherwise you could create conflict on your onward path, and your hard work will not be rewarded.


Fortune:  The Rabbit’s Fortune will be stable in 2018 and comparably improved from last year. Whenever the good star of “Yuet Tack” appears, the star “Siu Kau” will also be present, which is a sign of losing money and some unexpected expenditure. The Rabbits also need to prevent theft, this applies to signed contract, penalty from court affairs, or car parking issues.  You should hold some cash reserves to be prepared for unforeseen expenditure.


Health:  There is a star of “Si Fu” meeting with “Yuet Tak” and “Siu Kau , which is a symbol of restriction, meaning that there are obstacles inhibiting your performance and impacting your emotions. Don’t be complacent, be cautious of unnecessary health issues, and be careful of your daily diet – especially to avoid gastroenteritis. Some sudden diseases might affect you, hence carry out health check in the beginning of the new year, and seek medical treatment for any minor sickness. Be cautious of unexpected working injuries, or traffic accident.  It is not suitable to visit sick people or going to funerals.


Romance and relationship: There is a star of “Zen Chi” appearing, and Rabbits’ romance will be abundant and smooth this year. Unmarried Rabbits will easily meet your desired match. Although “Zen Chi” will improve your attractiveness, it is not a straightforward star of romance, so those married Rabbits may easily come across temptations. You need to be alert to avoid these fleeting romances and avoid those uncertain scenarios. Don’t dwell on or chase those short-lived irregular romance and love, so you can avoid disturbances to your relationship or an unwanted affair. Whenever you come across with opposite gender and money related issues, you need be vigilant. 




– 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012


Dragons are clashing the “Tai Sui” this year and also lacking of auspicious star too. The Fate of Dragon is comparatively unfavourable and not as great as last year. There will be changes, whether it is romance and love life, or career, or finance. However Dragons should not be disillusioned, you should keep a low profile, avoid interfering into other people’s issues, less talk and more actions, stay modest whenever dealing with others, be more humble and preventive, one year will quickly be over and opportunities will be around the corner.  The motto for Dragons in 2018 is less talk, work hard, and don’t get involve in anyone else’s business. Given this is a year where you are “Clashing the Tai Sui”, meaning that this will be a year of volatility and unrest, you should soften the effect by offering some fruits, vegetarian dishes, incense to the Tai Sui and facing the sky to ask for pardon.


Career: Unfortunately for the Dragon, career and job opportunity are not stable, and there appears to be a lack of direction. The Dragons need to be pro-active with decision making, do not just accept the status quo. Work will be busy with much movement, there will be some road blocks and it will seem you are not rewarded for your efforts.  Be careful with contracts and documents, you must cross check to avoid errors. There will be more workload and heavy pressure, there will be some conflict with your boss, but you must be patient. There will also be a chance of changing job or retirement.


Fortune:  Fortune is not stable for Dragons this year. Dragons will easily suffer monetary loss, because there are stars of “Year Broken, Lan Gan and Tai Hao”, these 3 stars will lead your fortune being obstructed and drain away your energy. You must be cautious whenever managing finance, or transacting money. There may be some sudden expenditures which catch you by surprise. Dragons are suggested that you should hold some cash reserves to be prepared for sudden uses. It is not wise to engage in any investment and gambling, otherwise you will face loss.


Health: The star of “Lan Gan” appears this year, a symbol of obstacle and possibility of hospital admission. Due to the blinding pressure from work, Dragons will be emotional and pessimistic. The star of “Tai Hao” will cause increment for Dragons’ workload and overtime. Thus, you need to have sufficient sleeping time to keep your health. Rest is important for Dragons this year.  


Romance and Relationship: Romance and love are not smooth and ideal. There will be a lot of volatility; a lot of change, smokescreen romances which will soon be over. Couples spend more time apart than together, and there will be conflicts and arguments. Dragons need to be very patient, control your emotion, be more considerate to your other half and engage in more mutual communication. Married Dragons will have misconceived attraction to opposite gender, so you have to raise your attention, and avoid sending wrong messages.




– 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013


There are four auspicious stars for the Snake this year, especially the stars of “Zi Wei” and “Long Tack”, which is like the sun hanging in the sky, brightening your path. Career, reputation and wealth for Snakes will be elevated and easily gained. Whenever there is any hindrance or obstacle, Snakes will easily overcome it without any difficulties. The star of “Hung Luen” is a positive scandal ally, which will benefit romance and love and also represents popularity; Snakes will be admired by your boss and seniors. Career and job opportunity will be much more abundant. Snakes need to grasp this auspicious year to develop and promote yourselves.   


Career: Under the shelter of auspicious stars, salary and income for those who are under employment will be increased.  Career development will be smooth and well recognized, and cooperation with colleagues will be harmonious. Politicians will also be benefited, business and revenue for merchants will be promoted and expanded. There will be opportunity for administrators and leaders to show their talent and strategies. Participants for examination will achieve higher academic results. 


Fortune:  Although it is a good year for the Snakes, you need to be prepared for some hidden and unstable factors. There is an unfavourable star appearing, and you need to be cautious of some potential negative issues, as wealth can be gained and lost easily. You must avoid all high-risk investment, otherwise there will be a risk of damaging your fortune. It is not suitable for Snakes to be guarantor, or lend money to others, unless you intend to give away your money.  Even though working Snakes have the ambition to develop your career, you need to be cognizant of your own ability, and don’t raise debt to support your career.


Health:  It is a good year for Snakes, Snakes will be delightful, good spirited and positive mood. In general, there won’t be any major health issue, however minor sickness might appear and you will be fine as long as you pay more attention.  Due to the star of “Tian Ke”, Snake will face some small accident during travelling or business trip. Fortunately, there is also an auspicious star and good ally, any negative issues will turn to positive, as long as you check all your travel document and belonging properly. It is suggested to avoid high-risk activities, so to avoid possible accidents.


Romance and Relationship:  With the positive star of “Hung Luen”, Snakes will have a smooth and harmonious romantic life, enjoy an abundance of high profile social activities, dating and building relationships will be smooth, and it will be easy to make acquaintance with desired companions. Unmarried Snakes are likely to meet heir soul mates via social networks and possibly commit to wedding bells. Married couples will have a harmonious love life that would be further enhanced by more travelling.  Married male Snakes will be quite popular and you need to self-control, don’t concentrate in alcohol and prevent indulgence in sex and wine.




– 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014


The star of “General” is in place for the Horses in 2018, which is an auspicious star of Authority, a symbol of power and dignity. The career of Horses will be definitely elevated and promoted. This is the year for the Horses to expand your professional talent. With the support of this star, Horses can dispatch and direct your troops according to your will. Another star of “Sky Kitchen”, is a star of diet, which is a symbol of daily diet and you will have a lot of opportunities to taste different good foods, menu and you will have the desire to cook and host dinner parties for friends. The Horses are combining with “Tai Sui” this year, which will also assist your authority, reputation and position, no matter for career or job developments, you will smoothly march onward without any hindrances.


Career: Working Horses will have power to expand your position, you will be appreciated and recognized by your boss and seniors, and you also easily be accepted by your staff and subordinates who will be willing to support you. The Horses will have the opportunities to change your job or career as long as you plan properly and all these changes will be an elevation and promotion. Merchants and entrepreneurs will have opportunity to recruit and accumulate capital, enter into joint venture and gain new customers, and you should take this strong opportunity to expand your business.


Fortune:  Fortune is stable and proper income is satisfactory. The Horses will have reasonable income rewards, and working Horses will increase your income.  However the wealth star doesn’t in place, and this is not a year for the Horse to carry out investment.  It is not suggested to invest in high risk or speculative investments to avoid loss.  Do not act as guarantor, or lend money to friends, unless you are prepared to contribute your fortune to others and court affairs. There will be some unexpected expenditures.


Health:  Due to the star of “White Tiger” appearing in the year of 2018, The Horses will easily experience injuries, bleeding wounds, and monetary loss. It is suggested to have teeth cleansing or blood donation in the beginning of the year, which will not only be an act of good donation, but also dissolve disaster. The Horses need to be cautious and prevent for sly scoundrels who will look for whatever possible chance to defame you. However, disputes and arguments are inevitably difficult to avoid. Be careful and look after the elderly and the youth’s health, because the star of “Pi Tau” appears, this is the sign of sickness and pain for family members and the sickness is hard to cure.  


Romance and Relationship: There is no star of romance, unmarried Horses will pursue food and dietary culture and expand your social community. It is suggested to look for your romance and love in your social community and wait for a good chance to meet your suitor. It is a year of uncertainty and change for your romance and love. Married Horses and partners need to be more considerate with your better half, show more care and improve understanding of each other.



– 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003


Three stars of “Tian Tack, Fu Sing and Ba Juo” brighten mutually. A year of peace and harmony with good allies generates for the Goats. “Ba Juo” is the guard for the Goats and generates and elevates your career, authority and power. The Goats need to be pro-active for promotion and look for a year of complicate modification. “Tian Tack” is in place, you will have a peaceful and harmonious year for everything. Students will have agile thinking and reap successful results for examinations. Due to offending to “Tai Sui”, it is inevitable to avoid sly scoundrels and disputes even though it is a peaceful and harmonious year and there might be some emotional issues for the Goat. The Goats need to ask pardon to the Tai Sui for peace as mentioned in the beginning of the article. The Offence, however, is not a serious one, but there will be some unstable events which may occur, and cause some emotional unrest. 


Career:  The Goat’s career fate will be stable and strong. Working Goats will be successful in your career development and jobs will flow smoothly. Your boss and seniors will appreciate you. Wherever you are there will be an abundance of job opportunities, so you may actively grasp available opportunities. No matter in authority or salary income, you will achieve satisfactory increment. For those in a lobbying role or position of influence, you will gain trusts from your customers and your business will run smoothly. For those who are in art or entertainment, your reputation will be elevated and workload will be increased.


Fortune:  Due to offending to “Tai Sui” this year, even though Goats can gain some wealth, you will also lose money. This is not a good financial year, so don’t be too enthusiastic in investment and look for quick money investment return, so to avoid possible loss. It is also not suitable for Goats to be guarantors or lend money to others, otherwise you will lose friendships because of money issues. However, Goats can make a judgment call to make small investment in the short term which will not hurt you if the loss is not a major impact.


Health:  Although it is a peaceful and harmonious year, there might be some disputes, because the star of “Dispute” is in place. The goats will face the pressure of rumors.  When meeting with friends, mutual harmony is a must, as a small argument can stir waves in the calm sea and will cause you headache. Should there be any small, minor issue and changes, the Goats are suggested to be calm and keep low profile to face it.  You should pay more attention to the elderly at home, as there is a possibility of the demise of close ones.


Romance and Relationship:  Romance and love for unmarried Goats are not smooth and there will be some frustration and challenge to gain your true love. Married Goats need to spend more attention on your better half, be more considerate, and pay more attention to your partners’ health. The unfavourable star in place, some upsetting matters, such as disputes and resentment cannot be avoided. Luckily there are good stars surrounding the Goats, which can dissolve all difficulties.




– 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016


Star of “Active Horse” is in place, and the Monkeys’ life will be active and you will experience much variety, changing job, migration and renovation. At the meantime, the star of “Academy” also appears which supports reputation, examination and promotion. The star also stimulates Monkeys’ mental thinking and increases your flexibility. Your career will be definitely be recognized and elevated. However all these rewards will not be reflected by the benefit of income, due to lacking stars good allies.


Career:  Star of “Active Horse” will influence change in romance, residence and career. Change may not be a negative issue, as long as you can grasp your choices for these changes, such as, changing job, marriage, giving birth and home moving and creating a business. The appropriate change can turn the negative to positive. For those working Monkeys, who want to implement work reorganization and pursue new strategies, this is a good year.  


Fortune: There will be stable income and you need to put in efforts to obtain your fortune. Monkeys can achieve your fortune through the opportunity of active movement, such as overseas development, or expanding your business to overseas markets. Monkeys need to plan conservatively for financial growth. Besides the day job income, Monkeys can consider to buy properties in overseas, foreign exchanges and overseas stock. Don’t gamble for fortune, you are suggested to invest in real property. It is not suitable for Monkeys partnering in ventures, so to avoid loss.


Health:  There are three unfavourable stars present this year, Monkeys will face bleeding, injuries, surgery and traffic accidents. The combination of these three stars will generate small accident and stress. It is not suitable to visit sick people and attend funerals, and be cautious for elderly at home. Don’t delay to seek medical treatment for the elderly even if it is a minor sickness, so to avoid possible demise of close ones.


Romance and Relationship:  Due to the appearance of star “Active Horse”, unmarried Monkeys’ romance will develop from overseas and you will meet your desired partner during your business trip and travelling.  Married Monkeys will face some hidden conflicts because of heavy workload, which will cause you to neglect your better half. You are suggested to plan a short trip with your partners, so to increase your romance and improve your relationship.




– 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005,

Rooster is “Offending the Tai Sui” this year. There will be some frustrating, unstable matters and pessimistic thinking, which will affect your emotion and health. There is no good ally to support Roosters, and you need to work hard and pay more efforts for achievements. The harder you work the more rewards are expected. Due to offending to Tai Sui, there will be hindrances and obstacles. However, all these negative issues will soon be over and no major harm.    


Career: the star of “Pak Yuet” is in place, which represents your job pressure coming from new missions, new challenges and new environment. Roosters need to explore these new issues to settle in, but also means your career is moving into a positive mode. There will be concealed conflict from seniors and boss. Roosters need to remain cautious and calm to avoid a bad relationship. .


Fortune:  Although the fate of fortune is stable, Roosters are offending to Tai Sui, there will be some obstacles, and income is inevitably volatile. Therefore it is not suitable for Roosters to expand your markets and you need to manage all the financial strategies cautiously. Be more conservative and keep your strength ready to wait for better opportunities. Side fortune is not stable, Roosters need to observe carefully and you should not invest in short term investment, otherwise you will suffer loss.


Health: Take care of health this year, there will have some diseases which are difficult to treat. Seek medical treatment for all small sickness. Roosters are not suitable to visit sick people or attend funeral, so to reduce the negative impact to a minimum. Due to offending to Tai Sui, Roosters’ emotions are not stable, easily fluctuate and become pessimistic. Roosters are suggested to join more gatherings & celebrations with friends, participate in festive activities and enjoy yourselves to relax and alleviate the negative emotions.


Romance and relationship:  Roosters’ romances this year is not stable and there may be changes.  There may be some uncertainty and a test of your relationship strength.  Be cautious of the existence of a third party, but if you put effort into the relationship and communicate with your spouse and family, you will overcome this hurdle.  Unmarried Roosters are not suggested to tie the knot this year. The star of “Liu Kai” is present, as such family relationship is not harmonious, and you should be careful with your words - the more you say, the more you lose. Be patient to your family and friends. Harmony is first priority.


Final Note:  Dr. Edward Tsang (Master Jin Yan) is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist.  He is an expert in metaphysics, including life predictions, palm reading, face reading and Feng Shui, honed from many years of practical experience, and his predictions are highly regarded, detailed and accurate.  Dr. Tsang was previously a lecturer on Feng Shui at the Victoria University.  His predictions and writings can be viewed at and enquiries for personal/business consultation can be made at 0400 878 618.