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Year of the Dog 2018 – Flying Stars Analysis 


Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Herbalist & Acupuncturist)
Kitty Sin ; Edmund Chin(B.Eng)



The " Wu Xu” Year of the Dog" is just around the corner, hereby, I sincerely wish everyone have a smooth and excellent year ahead.

Apart from analysing the Ba Zi for the first day of spring, we can also predict as to what will happen around the world throughout the year by looking at the positions of the 9 Flying Stars.


In this “Wu Xu” Year of Dog, both the "5" Yellow Ominous star and the “Three Killings” star arrive in the “K’an” North position, “Tai Sui” occupies in the Northwest “Chien” position and the “2” Black Illness star occupies in the “Tui”, West position, and the "3" Jade green Dispute star occupies in the Northeast position. These four positions are likely to experience various natural disasters throughout the year. The “8” Wealth Star falls in the “Sun” position, in the Southeast. On the first day of Spring, there is no star of Wealth, which is concealed and clashed by the supporting star, and the star of career is also invading the first day of Spring. Stars of Wealth and Career are unstable. Wealth matters are not optimistic and hard to achieve. It the meantime, there is no supporting star to assist the star of Wealth, and there is a sign that money comes and goes. On the first day of Spring, the star of Official is not prominent and there is no auspicious star to support it, this indicates that governments will be weak and will be challenged over their policies regarding their society. As per the Xuan Kong Flying Stars and the combination of the stars, the property market will be challenging and hard to predict in this year of Dog.


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Description: the Year of Dog, the "9" Purple star of Celebration will occupy in the Centre position and it will combine with the original Flying star of 5. If it also comes across with the stars of 25, residents will experience urinary system problems, kidney diseases, gynecological problems and ear disease, uterine cancer, bladder cancers, kidney stone disease and weeping abscess ; if it comes across with stars 43 there will be gastroenteritis, reflux and mental impairment. If it comes across with stars 79, there will be respiratory and asthmatic diseases. If it comes across with stars 16 and 8, residents will be easy to obtain wealth easily and gain respect and will be in position to achieve their objectives. If the combination of 1, 6, 8 are utilised properly, good examination results and wealth can be easily obtained.  


The “1” White Official Star occupies the “Chien”, Northwest position, which is of the water element. “1” White Official Star is an auspicious star. If the main entrance, window, bedroom or kitchen is located in this direction, residents will experience movements, popularity, scandalous affairs, promotions, urinary systems problems, gynecological problems, bladder and ear diseases, disputes and legal matters.



This year, the "2" Black Illness star occupies the West and Western districts, countries, residences and main entrances of business and bedrooms located in this area, will face undiagnosed and infectious diseases, gastroenteritis and respiratory diseases, abdominal problems, disputes, legal matters and traffic accidents are to be expected. However the "2" Black Illness star will have its strength reduced by the “Tui” position which belongs to metal element. The "2" Black Illness star occupies the West and Western countries, it directly affects the European and American leadership’s policies and their diplomatic dialogues and strategies, and Britain’s exit out of European unions and the associated negotiations are misguided. There are still a lot of arguments and disagreements between Europe, America, Asia and China. It is not appropriate to carry out major house renovation and construction in this position.


The "3" Jade Dispute star arrives in the Northeast position; it represents disputes and arguments and invades the “Gen” Northeast position which is earth in nature. Young residents will be harmed and face emotional stress, rebellious, gastroenteritis and reflux problems. The Northeast direction will also experience more traffic accident and injuries of the 4 limbs.


Description: Image result for volcanic eruptionsThis year, the "4" Green Intellectual star is at the South position. “4” is wood in nature and generates the Fire position, and it is an academic star that benefits people in examinations, studies, promotions, reputations and relationships in the regions of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam. However the wood also generates the fire position and consequently, there are natural disasters, undiagnosed diseases, volcanic eruptions, inflammatory diseases, eyes diseases and weeping abscesses. If the main entrances of houses, shops or offices are located in this position, residents, especially for the middle females will be successful in love affairs, celebrations, and career. However middles females will also experience inflammatory diseases, eye and respiratory diseases, cough, asthmatic and gastroenteritis, dry skin, cold and flu. In the Southern area, the “Li” position, also need to be alert of volcanic eruptions.


This year, the "5" Yellow Ominous star meets with the star of “Three Killings” arrive in the “K’an” position of the North.  In the Northern part of China, Russia, there will be a lot of negatives and oppositions.  Governmental and district official’s strategies are unstable, unclear with more objections and protests. There will be kidney diseases, bladder diseases, urinary system problem, prostate, uterine cancer and mental impairment.  If the main entrances of houses, shops or offices are located in this position, residents will face negative events in career, wealth, family, health and reputation. The “5” star is the fiercest star of the year and “three Killings” has also a negative effect therefore, it is not appropriate to carry out any renovation and construction during this year in this direction.


The "6" White Prosperity Wealth star will be at the "K’un" position in the Southwest. In the Southwest region, wealth is good, feminist is in power, good allies support, work career is good. However, the eldest females are more likely to socialise and have no thoughts of home.  If the main entrances of houses, shops or offices are located in this position, residents will face injuries of the 4 limbs and gastroenteritis.


The negativity of the "7" Red Destructive star will fall in the position of “Chen” in the East.  This Star is clashing the “Chen” position: Eastern regions, such as Japan, Korea, North Korea, Taiwan and Eastern areas will face arguments, disputes, scandalous affairs, bloodshed. If the main entrances of houses, shops or offices are located in this position, residents will face increased injuries of the 4 limbs, study difficulties, emotional problems, diseases, stomach and liver discomfort and abdominal pain.


Description: Click to viewThis year, the "8" White Wealth star appears in the Southeast at the "Sun" position. Wealth is good in this area. If the main entrances of houses, shops or offices are located in this position, residents will be very prosperous this year, investment gains, popularity and good career. However due to the star of “8” is invaded by the “Sun” position, investments still need to be planned properly and cautiously to avoid unnecessary loss. Proper Feng Shui management and setting can achieve better results.


Dr Edward Tsang (Jin Yan) is a registered Chinese medicine traditional practitioner and acupuncturist in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Tsang has extensive knowledge and experience in Chinese metaphysics. This includes date selection, compatibility analysis, Feng Shui, palm reading and face reading.

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