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Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Herbalist & Acupuncturist)
Kitty Sin, Edmund Chin


Welcome to the Year of the Dog! We wish everyone a thriving and prosperous year ahead! Let's look at the 2018 Ba Zi analysis:

Lunar New Year in 2018 will fall on 16th February, however the actual

First day of Spring for the year of Dog in 2018 will fall on4th February at 5:38 am (Gregorian Calendar). The Four Pillars (bazi) of this date is Wu XuYear,Jia Yin Month, Ding Mao Day, and GuiZi Hour. In 2018, the first day of the Year of the Dog will be on4th of February, which means that Spring will commence before the Chinese New Year.












Mao Rabbit-Wood

Rabbit -Wood



The First day of the Dog is Ding fire, the Yin Fire sits on Yin Wood, Yin Wood and Mao Wood transform into strong wood element, symbolising a very strong wood to support the First Day of Ding Fire of the year. The Heaven stem of Year, Wu Earth, combines with the Heaven stem of Time Gui water to transform both elements into fire. In the meantime, Xu earth combines with Yin wood also to transform into fire, and all these combinations of fire generating the First Day of Ding Fire. Therefore, the First day of Spring Dog has a very strong fire nature. On the other hand, the Heaven stem of the year, Wu earth is also draining Ding fire. Gui water invades the First Day of  Ding Fire. Gui water represents Government Official which is only a weak water without other supporting elements and therefore can hardly resist the strong Ding fire. The weak Gui water is also drained by strong wood and conquered by strong earth.


On the First Day of the Lunar Year, Mao wood combines with Yin wood to intensify the wood element, which can conceal the Ding fire. The Four Pillars of the First Day of Lunar year is lacking Metal element (star of Wealth) to support weak water (Government Official). This reflects that governments throughout the whole world lacks populous support, very weak governance, executive powers of government everywhere are restricted with little wealth. In the first part of the year, government policies and strategies are restricted and progress with difficult. In the second half of the year, situation will slightly improve.


In the first day of Spring, there is no star of wealth (metal), which is invaded by strong fire. This reflects that money will go as quickly as it comes in and wealth is hard to accumulate. As per analysis of the four pillars of the first day of Spring, Monetary market and business is hard to foresee. Due to the lack of Water (Government, Officer) and Metal (wealth) in the year of Dog, investors in the stock and financial markets need to be cautious to avoid loss. Banking industries will also be restricted and restrained and financial market will not be smooth. Financial planning will be the major issue for many countries.


In the First Day of Spring, although Ding Fire looks like it has strong wood support. However, it is drained and dried down to the four earth stems. The Ding Fire is just like stars in the sky and moon under the water. The Heaven stem of Wu earth has the nature to generate metal, however there is no metal for Wu earth to assist. Countries and nations search for the development of business. Western countries, especially America still carries out her hegemonism to spread her sanction principle. However, due to lack of metal (representing America and European countries) element, all American efforts will be in vain. In the First Day of Spring, the Spring wood is young, inter-country economy have only a virtual surface or they need to hide their strength.


In the First Day of Spring, the star of Earth is restrained by strong wood, Hong Kong real estate will be contained by unfavourable policies. Global real estate will also be contained. Fortunately the earth is still strongly supported by Fire element; real estate will still be supported. However property market will be volatile. Investors need to be careful and watch their own investing strategies. In the current year, wood element is strong while earth is weak, wood represents discipline or control. Real estate prices will be gradually controlled by government policies. There are some regions, due to the unfavourable policies, in the second half of the year, property market could decline.


In the First Day of the Spring, Star of Officer (water) is weak, metal (wealth) is weak, there will be problems relating to respiratory, kidney, bone, teeth, ears and brain, gastroenteritis diseases and intestine cancer.


People’s thinking is confused and lacks patience. Financial, monetary and information systems are in chaos and with communication disruptions. Countries enter into information warfare.


The four pillars of the year of Dog are not balanced. Fire and Water clash, causing disharmony to people’s qi and energy. Strong Ding Fires represents global internet, and it does not need additional wood to support, however due to the strong wood in the whole four pillars, the freedom of speech is suppressed and monitored. Information and financial industries must follow their legislations and rules to achieve growth. Because strong wood invades earth element, earth is not able to generate metal, global economy will decline. Strong wood and weak earth reflect that real estate will face difficulties and challenges and form an empty shell. Real estate market declines in some regions and countries or there is no demand. Due to the unequal four pillars, global climates will not be stable. Typhoons and weathers are difficult to predict causing environmental disasters. The Heaven stem of the year pillar drains away the Ding Fire, problems from last year will carry on to the Year of Dog. All these combinations will form instability for the first part of the Dog Year.


Unexpected natural disasters will occur in the Northern region of the world, especially in Northern China, Mongolia and Russia. Influenza and plague are common. People’s thinking will become chaotic. Hidden murderous and ominous events are to be expected. There will be more unfavourable matters relating to employment, finance, family, health and people’s self esteem in these regions. In the Year of Dog, it is not advisable to carry major renovation or relocation in these regions. Otherwise there will be high risk of disaster.


In the Western part of the world, Northwest, Europe and America will escalate their hostilities. Especially America, who with her high and mighty attitude will use political pressure on other countries and stir up trouble everywhere. In the Western regions, more scandalous events result, musical industries will be more popular. Males will be hounded by scandalous matters. There will be more urinary system problem, kidney, ears and bladder problems in these regions.


In the Northeast, the young males will be rebellious and difficult to control. Young people become brazen and aggressive. There will be more legal disputes, disagreements and bankruptcy. Spleen, stomach and reflux diseases will also be prevalent in these areas.


In the Eastern regions, South China Sea and Korean Peninsula, America, Japan and South Korea, with their military exercises in those areas will continue to alienate and provoke. However weak Metal cannot advance against strong wood, America will encounter strong resistance everywhere. In these regions, Japan, South Korea and North Korea are unstable and will face more turmoil. The political situation in Taiwan will be unstable and there will be minor conflicts among parties. There will be liver and gall bladder diseases, emotion, disputes, conflicts and scandalous affairs in these regions. The eldest males are more rebellious.


In the Southeast region, with a strong star of wealth in the current year, development and finance are easy to achieve. Proper investment planning will be rewarded. Eldest females will benefit from this star and succeed in their romance. Liver and gall bladder, respiratory diseases, injuries of 4 limbs will be prevalent in the Southeast region.


In the South, the star of Wood generates the natural Fire, academic and career developments will be easy to achieve in the countries of Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore. Due to the strong fire in the Southern region, people will suffer from dry skin and bushfire. People are in high spirit.



In the West regions, there will be influenza and coldsin the European countries and America. Unexpected events will occur for leaders in these regions. However, the nature of Western “dui” position is metal in nature which can reduce the “2” Illness Star. So, should there be any influenza, there is always effective vaccine. In this region, middle age females will encounter more large intestine or stomach diseases and gastroenteritis



In the Southwest region, there will be the star of Good Allies to support, hence wealth, career advances and admiration from superiors will be easier to obtain.


Lunar January (04 February to 04 March) – The wood element is strong and invades the star of earth, which creates an under current against the Star of Officer. This indicates people’s thoughts are unstable, increase in traffic, aviation and train accidents. There will be more disputes and conflicts in countries like Japan, Korea, North Korea, Vietnam, Philippines. America, in order to protect her ocean sovereignty will continue to team with other Asian countries to go against China and China will also deliver her strong signal to those countries. There will be more liver, gall-bladder, lung and chest and respiratory diseases and injuries of 4 limbs this month. The weather in Australia and southern countries will be very hot, with bush fire and inflammation diseases.


Lunar February (05 March to 04 April)– The Wood element is still strong, and metal is weak. People’s thoughts are unstable, America and European countries will face natural disasters and undiagnosed diseases. A European leader will contract undiagnosed terminal diseases or death. Northwest, there will more meningitis, respiratory diseases. People in Japan, Korea and North Korea and Taiwan will suffer large intestine and stomach diseases. Real estate markets will be affected, property investors need to be careful. However, academic and communication exchange will have good outcome.


Lunar March (05 April to 04 May) –The “3” Dispute Star occupies the Centre and controls the Eight Directions. There will be more disputes, conflicts and legal affairs. There will be a lot of conflicts and argument among America and European countries, influenza and undiagnosed diseases, diarrhoea and abdominal pain. In Northern China, Northern regions, with the support of Star of Wealth, development is rapid. Financial market is volatile, people’s minds are confused. Western region suffer influenza. Young females easily suffer undiagnosed diseases. Southeast region needs to be careful regarding investments, as there is a sign of monetary loss; people are emotionally disturbed.


Lunar April (05 May to 05 June) – America is continually being provocative and conducting military exercises to express her position of power. There will be more disputes in the European countries and America. In the Western regions there will be more conflicts, respiratory disease and influenza and cold, be caution of spreading of virus, bush fire and explosion.



Lunar May (06 June to 06 July) – Northwest region and European countries like USA, Canada, Ukraine will be unstable and expect changes. Banking sectors and financial markets will face turmoil and changes. Investors must be wary. There will be phenomenal disasters and flu epidemics. Senior leaders’ will also be affected and some pass away. The elderly need to be careful of these events as they can be easily affected. Demonstrations and dissatisfaction against government will continue. Southern regions, will also have undiagnosed diseases. As Strong Fire is present this month, more inflammation, respiratory, lung and chest diseases are indicated.


Lunar June (07 July to 06 August) –West, Northwest, undiagnosed diseases, influenza and cold and troublesome matters happening in these regions. There will be problem with qualities of local products in the Western countries. People will face spleen, stomach diseases and emotional events. Countries between countries will face complex entanglements and difficult situation. North region, sea products will be contaminated. In the Northern region, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and South China Sea will have conflicts. Northern China and Russia will also face influenza and cold breakouts.


Lunar July (07 August to 07 September) – In this month, the metal element is stronger and clashing with wood element, people are in high spirit, demonstrations and protest against government everywhere and officials in high level officesare under attack. Government finds it hard to control the societies. America and European countries are continuously interfering Asian regions and South China Sea. There will be more traffic, aviation and train accidents this month. Phenomenal disasters and accidents will be unavoidable. South, Southwest regions will have more plagues. Financial and banking industries will be hit, investors must be cautious. However, the impact will soon recover.

Lunar August (08 Sept to 07 October) – in this month, people are still in high spirit. People are prone to hypertension. There will be explosions in Middle East. There will be fire, virus and phenomenal diseases in Europe and America. People who like sports need to be careful, as there is a sign of injuries to 4 limbs and neck, especially for those living in the Western regions. There will be more traffic, aviation and train accidents.


Lunar September (08 October to 06 November) – there will be respiratory, lung and chest diseases. The elderly will easily be affected by cold and flu. Government’s strategies are opposed and Government needs to spend more money to solve problems. Western region, people will obtain their wealth easily. There will be more large intestine, stomach, urinary diseases in the Northern area.

Lunar October (07 November to 06 December) –During this month, Although America is still playing games, everything is futile and useless. This will be a peaceful month, all arguments will cease temporarily. Be careful with eyes diseases and careers will be stalled.


Lunar November (07 December to 05 January) – Academic, communication and information exchange can be achieved. There is need to be cautious of meningitis and respiratory diseases in this month. There will be more conflicts and arguments in Europe and America.It is difficult to achieve a harmonious environment for career and contracts. There is a sign of plague spreading in Europe and America.

Lunar December (06 January to 04 February) – Due to the star of Wealth being impacted, investments will not be appropriate during this month, investors must be careful to avoid loss, especially in Southeast region. People will be suspicious and not trust each other and cannot have mutual agreement.

Please note this "Year of the Dog Prediction" article is for reference only. There are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration for a more accurate analysis, in which cannot be covered in this brief article. You may also be interested in other two articles written by the author - "The Positioning of Flying Stars in Wu Xu Year of dog", and "The Cures of Negative Energies in Wu Xu Year of Dog".


Dr Edward Tsang (Jin Yan) is a registered Chinese medicine traditional practitioner and acupuncturist in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Tsang has extensive knowledge and experience in Chinese metaphysics. This includes date selection, compatibility analysis, Feng Shui, palm reading and face reading.

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