Dr Edward Tsang’s Profile


Author : - Dr. Edward Tsang  

                (registered Chinese Herbalist & Acupuncturist )

                Wu Zhu Metaphysician

Translator : Christine Tsang, CA


Jin Yan Feng shui master, Dr. Edward Kwok Chi Tsang, originated from the Hainan province in China. Jin Yan currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, and is a seasoned writer of metaphysical columns for the “Oh Weekly” and “Laozi Magazine” publications in Melbourne. He is also a speaker and advisor for the 3CW Chinese radio station.

Dr. Tsang is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner graduating with Honours from the Victoria University of Technology in Australia. He is also a holder of the Bachelor of Foreign Languages and Literature from the Hong Kong Zhu Hai College. In his earlier career, Dr. Tsang was a successful Regional General Manager of European and American Department chain stores and the country Manager of Merchandising companies.

Dr. Tsang is an avid Buddhist and devoted years of self learning to Buddhist studies. He believes that it is fate that he connected with superb and well known masters of Feng-shui. From this, developed a keen interest in metaphysics, and has studied metaphysics with more than ten different masters. Through out the past thirty years, Dr. Tsang has researched and studied Feng-shui, the art of fortune telling including birth date reading (ba zhi), face reading, and palm reading, which has become his lifelong hobby and enjoyment.

In 2001, Dr. Tsang retired from his commercial successes to enjoy a new life in Australia. He has developed a new career in metaphysics with the goal to help and counsel others. He has since established classes to promote his learning, and has become an active member in the Chinese community of Melbourne. In addition, Dr. Tsang was invited to be a lecturer of the Feng-shui course as part of a successful curriculum at the Victoria University of Technology and was a speaker at many Feng-shui seminars by the Chinese community. He is a well known and respected member of the Chinese community in Melbourne, and is currently a practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist and Acupuncturist.

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