Beginning to metaphysics

Life is like a mysterious puzzle. I am often curious in and have the urge in finding out more about my own life.  Most of the time, I am drawn to the unsolved mystery of life that I have gone through in this destiny.

I heard a lot about "Destiny of Life" (Ba Zhi) and “Feng Shui” which is the oldest form of knowledge since ancient time in China. Some people felt that these are superstitious or mythical beliefs.  

My interest and curiosity has led me to take up these studies with Master Edward Tsang, since 3 years ago. I have completed face reading, elementary fengshui and am now studying Destiny of Life.  

What have I learnt? The ancient art of Destiny of Life (Ba Zhi) is only 8 words & 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) looks very simple but it has a very complex inter-relationship. That is the reason it is so interesting. It can provide insights about our family, health, wealth, love and children.  

More importantly, I personally do not think that these are superstitious topics, they are more to the knowledge of Science and Geography, composing of the metaphysical terminology. Most amazingly, it can provide insight to our life when applied appropriately, and it’s not a religion on its own either.  

I am very glad I know Sifu Edward Tsang. It is a very enjoyable learning process and of course I have my doubts and times I wish to quite. However, Sifu provides a great support to my learning that keeps me motivated and intrigued.  

By Nancy Chen