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Juatkymm, HND/HGSC (UK) P Secretary

In no time without anyone realising how time could fly so swiftly, it will soon be the approach of the 1st Anniversary of JinYan Website on 6 September 2008.

I remember sometime last year, that was one Saturday afternoon, on 8 September 2007 during our Class of Four Pillars of Destiny, Master Tsang brought us this surprising piece of news that the JinYan Website had eventually launched two days ago. 

The official launch took place on Thursday, 6 September 2007 at around early morning 5:00 am while everyone in every household was still fast asleep.  Master Tsang was overwhelmed with anxiety that kept him in full spirit and wide awake the whole night, waiting for the countdown of this Official Launch; an hour just before dawn. 

There was no doubt that this had to be an exciting moment for Master Tsang as each second of the hour was ticking by.  Without doubt, Master Tsang’s heartbeat must have been pounding and racing rapidly while welcoming the touch down of this launch.  This moment might have seemed like a Scientist who had successfully achieved his long-awaited new invention and was about to achieve his goal.

It has always been a dream and ambition for Master Tsang to create a Website of his own in order to allow all his students and JinYan Members to have an opportunity to put forward some kind of individual thoughts as regard to the subject of Metaphysics that covers the compulsory subjects such as Geomancy, Pillars of Destiny, Face Reading, Palmistry ,Chinese Medicine, etc.  Apart from these, Master also welcomes contributions on other areas that can provide a wide range of resourceful knowledge in order to attract public attention. 

According to Master Tsang, his main objective of having this website created is to promote a rational and useful perception for public awareness as regard to what "Metaphysics" is all about.   Metaphysics is commonly known to the public as "FENGSHUI".   Master primarily wishes to reveal and share, all what he had learned and experienced in the past 30 years, with the public.  He also expressed that there should not be any confidentiality to suppress about the knowledge of Metaphysics.  Before the launch of the Website, Master knew that by introducing the subject of Metaphysics and sharing with publicity is gratifying, and he generously allows everyone to beneficially gain such knowledge from the JinYan Website.

Master had called upon a team of 10 members to meet up for discussion once a month in order to create the JinYan Website.  Every individual comes from different professionalism.  Co-operation and Co-ordination were successfully fulfilled.  Tremendous effort, skill and talent were combined and the workmanship concluded with incredible success and Master’s goal was eventually achieved.

During this process, Master had also the privilege of engaging loads of professional supports from not only his students and friends in Australia including his next of Kin, Mrs Tsang and daughter, Christine Tsang, but also many of his good friends from all corners of the world.


Significantly, the JinYan Website is a non-Profitable station.  Everyone is welcome to surf the web and have access to it in order to read all the metaphysical articles free-of-charge.   Master Tsang is generous enough to provide as much information on Metaphysics , Chinese Medical  Information, Spiritual Path on the Teaching of Buddhism; and he has also invited friends in China from different aspects to make as much useful contribution by providing more resourceful knowledge  in other topics for the website in order to cater for the public enthusiasm.   

Although the Web is yet to expand in term of its size as it is only 1 year old considering very young, Master never stops encouraging all of his students and JinYan Members to put forward as many materials in order to help increasing its size and catering for pubic interests.  In a way, this creates an opportunity for the authors of the subjects to have more exposure and further experience in the art of article writing.

It is a sensational creation of the JinYan Website by the Master with great supports and assistance from the JinYan Web Team.  It took about 4-6 months to accomplish this wondrous project, and it is hard and challenging work for every team mate who was involved in this task.   Tremendous effort, time and labour, such as translation, collection of data and uploading all resourceful information onto the website, had been spent upon this creation to enable the website become operational with success.  

As soon as the Website was launched, the flow of the response was astounding.   Master was impressed by the appalling achievement of and response for the launch.

Apart from the above achievement, Master also hosts a 20 minutes’ talk “on air” as regard to “FENGSHUI” at Radio Station 3CW on every 1st Sunday of each month at 10.00 am.  The topics are interesting and information furnished is of great benefit.

Congratulation to Master Tsang and all the JinYan Website Team Mates for all their great effort!  Well done, Guys!

Most of all, Master is to be thanked for creating this resourceful website, and precious moment for all of us. Nonetheless, Raymond, the President, is to be praised for his continued effort to spare his precious time in order to co-ordinate with Master in editing all forwarding materials before publication can be done; and also our compliment goes to Joseph’s remarkable effort  in assisting to translate all Master Tsang’s written articles into English scripts.