Juatkymm, HND/HGSC (UK) P Secretary

Metaphysics covers a wide range of subjects that include Geomancy, Four Pillars of Destiny (Life), Facial Reading, and Palmistry.

Generally, most of us consider that the knowledge of Metaphysics is superstitious belief.  Without denial, nowadays, there are many, who claimed themselves as Professional Metaphysicians, utilise this as "Fortune Telling".  As a consequence of this, people have been misguided a wrong impression that Metaphysics is very unreal.

No one takes into consideration that this subject is in fact an integrated study of geography, chemistry, geometrical mathematics, and physics.  More relatively, Metaphysics is a subject that associates with the geographical features involving landforms, atmospheric surroundings, and how the Ying and Yang elements of the global universe react to each other.   Such global elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.  

Geomancy also known as "Fengshui" is composed of the Metaphysical terms "Wind" and "Water".  Basically whether one really believes in Geomancy, it is inevitable that in this physical world we are in contact with Fengshui practically every second of our daily life.  In another word, we live with Fengshui.  Fengshui denotes the flow of "Chi". The surrounding condition of a house owned by a person is ultimately important, in particular the "FLOW OF GOOD AND BAD CHI". This would really affect a person’s every day life.  Without doubt, if we live in a house with the right Sitting and Facing positions that blend well with the celestial environmental condition inside and outside the house, the residents of this house will live harmoniously.  The environmental atmosphere will certainly affect and change our life for either the better or worse dependant upon how the setting of the house was established in the 1st place before it is built. 

The Four Pillars of Destiny/Life describes the Fate of a Person from the time of his Birth.  It is considered essential for one who decides to go into Geomancy to also gain the knowledge of the Pillars of Destiny.   Amazingly, how the philosophy of Metaphysics works, it is based on the conditional changes in how Ying and Yang elements react to one another’s presence eg. Water produces Wood, Wood exhausts Water and Metal clashes with Wood and so on. Unlike the calculation of Maths formula, which is fixed e.g. 1 + 1  = 2 or a + b = a + b, and so on; in Geomancy, it is possible to read a person’s life or fate by calculating the YIN and YANG elements using a formula to work out the four Pillars of Destiny based on the YEAR, MONTH, DATE and TIME.    The Pillars consists of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.  The Four Pillars should be complete and accurate; otherwise the Reading would be incorrect as it should be.   With such analysis, it is possible for us to foretell the likelihood of the occurrences of the past, present and the future.

The analysis of one’s Pillar of Destiny is only approximate and can never be a 100% accuracy.  We need also to take into consideration factors such as Palm and Facial Readings in order to conclude a more accurate ‘reading’ of a person’s Life.  The combination of all the aforesaid steps will enable a Metaphysician to read one’s lifetime events more accurately, whether it be the past, present or future.  After the analysis is done, the Metaphysician would further recommend some appropriate adjustments probably on "fengshui" cures or other essential necessities in order to enhance the person’s life accordingly if there is a need.

People used to become very curious about whether there is any possibility in altering one’s fate in order to live a happier and more perfect lifestyle.  There are also questions and doubts about how true the Fate Reading would be.  The fact is that it is impossible to completely change a person’s fate from bad to better; however, there might be possibility to readjust just the destiny lifestyle by utilising the metaphysical cures as in "Fengshui", in order to minimise the level of traumas that may lead to one’s suffering.  Otherwise it would be improbable to take steps to accomplish the "Cures" if there are too many conflicts in one’s "Life Pillars" of his current Destiny.  Whether a person is destined to live happily or tragically is owing to the Cause and Effect of one’s ‘karma’ of one’s Past Life according to the teaching of Buddhism. 

Even the lines on both of our palms, the features of our faces will change without us noticing the gradual transformation each passing day, month and year.  However, nothing is perfect in this world.  It is beyond our knowledge to explain how this happens but the variance in life does take place without us realising the changes do occur.  Therefore it is wise to go into the study of Metaphysics as we need to learn to courageously accept and cope with our own Fate in real life. 

The philosophy of Metaphysics derived from our ancestors millions of years ago.

It is really astounding for anyone to really understand how possible it could be to have one’s life being foretold just by using the calculation of the elements of Yin and Yang.  No one could explain why but the reality is that it works!