Juatkymm, HND/HGSC (UK) P Secretary


Time really flies, with a blink of an eye; the month of January will soon be over in another week’s time.   

Once again, Master Tsang had organised an annual rendezvous for the JINYAN members and students to meet at his house for socialising and barbecue on 13 January 2008.  This was also a “POTLUCK” gathering; everyone was to bring a dish for the evening. 

Owing to an unforeseen circumstance, the author could not arrive on time for the barbecue, which was meant to commence at 6 pm.  With sincere apology, the author could only begin the story from the time she arrived with her family. 

On arrival, the author and family went over to greet the host and hostess of the evening, Master and Mrs Tsang.  

Both of them were busy especially Master Tsang, who was busy entertaining from table to table trying to toast with all his current and old students.  A few guests of honour were being invited too to join in the fun. The author had lost count of the number of attendees; all she knew was Master Tsang’s backyard was overcrowded and the atmosphere was pleasing.  Master was more than overwhelming to see most of his students turning up for the evening.  Meanwhile, Mrs Tsang was busy barbecuing sending the aroma across to the tables, making everyone luscious.  It certainly was irresistible and had actually tempted most of us to have a second or may be more serving trying to stuff more into our digestive system.  

Simultaneously, our president, Raymond Chan was walking up and down the aisle, busy taking group and family photographs for everyone, having very limited time to eat.   

We were all chatting away and enjoying conversation of all sorts from the subjects of Religion, Geomancy, Facial Reading to Tai Chi. All of a sudden we heard Master raising a question to a group of his students on a Poem of Facial Reading over the other side of the table. We tried to feign innocence by turning deaf ears to the ‘SOS’ signal conveyed to us by the Vice President, Mei Chan. 

As darkness befell and the air was getting chillier, Master then suggested that we should go inside the house instead of staying out there suffering the cold air.   

The younger groups were getting around either watching television or playing indoor board and card games.

Another group gathered around the kitchen to offer help to Mrs Tsang in clearing the left over food, and cleaning up all the dishes.  Some helped to serve the dessert and fruits, others were busy conversing with each other.   

Not long after, we all sat around Master Tsang trying to socialise and do some catching up with him.  Master complimented his students and was encouraging them to work harder in order to achieve their goals.   

The memorable moment was far too soon to end; some had to leave with reluctance, as they had to start work early the following day, others stayed put for some hours seizing the opportunity to spend time with Master Tsang.   

Another unforgettable evening that was well spent with the Master, hopefully more to come in the near future.

21 January 2008