Juatkymm, HND/HGSC (UK) P Secretary


More than half a century ago, heralded the arrival of a newly born baby boy on the island of Hainan, and today, we had this grand day celebrated at Poh Hing Restaurant with Mrs Tsang and a group of students for Master Edward Tsang. 

Before this special day arrived, as Master Tsang’s students, we felt that no matter how busy we were, it was an obligation for us to make time to celebrate his approaching birthday.  We should not miss it.   We thought it would be thrilling to celebrate with a surprise dinner for Master Tsang, and spend this special evening with him as a symbol of Respect from all of us. It is also our honour being Master Tsang’s students since the day we met him.  The author has been his student since 2004 until today.   

On the same day at noon, Master hosted a 3 hour presentation on the Diagnosis of Illness by Facial Reading at 11 Hyslop Street, Burwood. It was a very interesting and successful power point presentation specially catered for the Chinese Medicinal Association.  All spectators enjoyed listening to Master’s explanation. Towards the end, Master tried to create some air of humour just to break the tedium of the long hour stationary seating of his guests.  This is the professional attribute of Master Tsang owing to his being diplomatic in more than 30 years’ occupational experience.

We headed towards Poh Hing Restaurant soon after the presentation.  The restaurant had arranged for three tables in order to cater for the 23 of us.  We toasted and cheered Master for this special day and wished him all the best in health with an everlasting longevity.  As there was not ample space in the restaurant, it was not possible for us all to sit together with Master.  Since this was an exclusive night for celebrating Master’s birthday, we tried not to get into the subject of Geomancy like we used to by putting forward loads of questions to Master on other social functions.  The evening was wholly for Master’s Birthday celebration.  Though we were not on the same table with Master, from a distance we could hear Master’s delightful tone of voice chatting with some of his students over the other table.  A while later, he came over to our table to express his gratitude. We cheered him for having successfully achieved the goal in the lengthy chapters of his life. 

When the serving of our dinner was over, we took out a cake for Master to cut. After we sang the Birthday Song to him.  Master was inspired and touched by the course of our action.  He then blew off the candles and made a special wish that all his students will achieve the goal of being successful metaphysicians.  We applauded and thanked him for his aspiration.  We took several photographs for him accompanied by Mrs Tsang.

Although the celebration was made simple and informal, Master really appreciated what we did for him as this meant a lot to him.  We had a splendid evening having ‘fun talk’ and rolling with laughter among ourselves. We were very reluctant to leave the restaurant as it was only 9.20 pm however we were given no choice as most of our students needed to work the following day.

Once again, this moment had actually drawn us closer not only to Master but also to each other among ourselves as his students.  It has always been Master’s desire to see that all his students make an effort to co-operate and work successfully together as a team and also like a big family.  His main aim and wish are that we can assist him to publicise and pass on the knowledge of metaphysics and geomancy from generation to generation when he is due for retirement. 

So……..Guys, we all have to work harder in order to get there!

18 Dec. 07