Juatkymm HGSC/HND (UK) P Secretary



Friday, 2 November 2007 marked the graduation night for the 2nd batch of the “JINYAN” Advanced Metaphysics class.  There were 14 students graduated from this subject; 12 attended the graduation night and 2 were unable to turn up owing to other commitment.

On that night, all the young men put on their best, looking handsome and smart, and the ladies looked radiantly charming.  Master Tsang looked delightful and felt proud of his students.

At 7.30 pm the president initiated the ceremony by welcoming all students by giving a brief speech followed by Master Tsang who presented the testimonials that were awarded to all the candidates who successfully completed the aforesaid course.  After the presentation, a group photographs were taken.


A dinner was organized in order to celebrate this special occasion.  Master tossed and congratulated everyone, and we cheered back with thanks.  Subsequently, the President invited all students to give speeches expressing each individual interest, experience and opinion as regard to “Metaphysics”.

During the dinner, Master also gave us a chance to raise some questions.  Our classmate Cindy had the most to question.  However, Master was more than pleased to answer all the questions.  Many of us seemed to have come unprepared and felt lost in this overwhelming moment that we forgot what we wanted to ask. 

We then had a Lucky Draw and the lucky three were Fann, Matthew and Cindy.  After the prizes were distributed, someone suggested that we could sing or perhaps dance for the evening celebration, however most of our preference went to just spending this evening with the Master indulging ourselves in an informal conversational state of moment.

The night was inspiring though it seemed to end far too quickly, and soon it was again time to say good night.