TRIP TO GRAMPIANS  20-21 October 2007

Juatkymm, HND/HSGC (UK) P Secretary


The day for the Grampians Trip finally arrived. Early morning on 20 October 2007 the 19 of us including Master and Mrs Tsang met at one of the car parks at Glen Waverley.

Our Coach took off at 8.30 am on the dot, heading towards the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. Peter, our coach driver welcome us all aboard and gave an introduction of himself and concisely briefed us on the schedule of our current day trip to Grampians.

Initially, on our way, Peter also briefly gave us historical ideas on some of the landmarks and landscapes of the regions that we passed by. Later our President, Raymond took over and co-ordinated with Master Tsang who came up with a long list of questions on Metaphysics and Geomancy in order to keep us awake for the long trip, but then we felt slightly overwhelmed with suspense by Master’s questions. Anyway, he was pleased that most questions were satisfactorily well answered.

On the road, we viewed some breathtaking mountainous scenery with the existence of farmhouses and agricultural living beings. Master then hopped on to question us on the various shapes and types of mountain ranges that came into our view. We did our best to satisfy Master’s expectations of our capability on this knowledge. It is crucial to be able to identify and recognise the shape of each individual mountain, as each of these shapes has not only its own classification, terminology but also its own definition of the five elements of the Universe, ie Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Yet, very often the structure of some mountains come with a combination of more than one element, perhaps such formation had occurred as a result of either an erosion or a growth of the landform. Then this type of Mountain Range could be classified as “YU BAI” - an interpretation in Chinese on Metaphysics Terminology meaning that a mountain with a combination of more than one shape.

Time passed very quickly and soon it was midday when we arrived at “J Ward” in Ararat. This was a very old and historical Lunatic Asylum constructed in the 1880’s in order to treat those considered criminally insane, but now it is no longer in use and is merely open for public tourism. There was security and a fee would be charged for entrance. As this was not initially covered in our trip, we decided to go over to the park located opposite this Ward instead. There was a beautiful pond in the park. On such a sunny and lovely day with a light cool breeze, it was a real pleasure to take a stroll down the park. It was irresistible not to have another ‘Jin Yan’ group photograph taken with this breathtaking scenery.

We then headed towards HALLS GAP, a gateway township at the foot of Grampians where we lunched out at the Brambuk Living Cultural Centre. After lunch, we were all ready to set off for the Boroka Lookout Stop and subsequently the Reid’s lookout stop. On our way we came across the “Elephant Hide”.

Master talked to us about some picturesque and amazing landforms. He also explained to us some important factors that are to be considered before choosing to purchase a plot of land to build our dream house. He pointed out some of the drawbacks for eg never to choose to construct a residential building on an area close to the foot or valley of a mountain as the flow of “QI” is much too rapid. Such rapid flow of Qi would definitely threaten the life of the residents in the house. He went on to talk about the appropriate way of setting up the Sitting and Facing Position of a house, so that we can get the best flow of Qi entering into our house. The good Qi can bring harmony, wealth, and peace for the residents in the house. Needless to say, buying a property is a lifetime investment; the aforesaid advice from Master should therefore be prioritised. The view overlooked from the balcony where we stood was just amazingly spectacular and it would of course, be a waste not to take more snapshots.

By 5:30 pm, everyone seemed to be worn out after a long tiring day. We then returned to our coach and got ready to check into the Motel. After having some rest, we then had dinner at the motel-owned Restaurant at 6:30 pm. After dinner, we gathered around Master and put forward as many questions as possible grasping this golden opportunity for this very private moment. A few of our friends were too exhausted after a long tiring day, so they retired earlier soon after dinner. We were the last to leave the restaurant.

Day 2 – After an elaborate breakfast, everyone felt fresh and energetic once again, and was ready for the day taking off to Mackenzie Falls at 8 am sharp. It was a 40-minute drive. As usual, Master raised some more questions to refresh our mind and keep us going. We should be thankful to him for wisely utilising every second of our precious moment so that we could memorise what were being asked simultaneously would not waste one bit of our time while having a ride in the coach. On arrival, we walked up the steep steps leading to Mackenzie Falls. We also stopped over at a balcony to have an overview of the Falls and other nearby landscapes. The view was massively spectacular when overlooked from the balcony.

The walk going up the steep escalating steps was straining enough to drain away our energy especially for most of us who are in our 50’s and above when compared to those younger people. It did not take us very long to arrive at the Mackenzie Falls. Just by listening to the sound of the Falls was amazingly musical but peaceful, and smelling the fresh morning air seemed to have recharged our energy. We noticed that there was a flow of the White Qi emerging from below the Falls as the water touched the ground and flowed along the creek. The whole scene was fascinating and nothing beyond words could describe. Photographs were taken from different angles in order to receive a full view of the Falls for that was the whole purpose of coming to Mackenzie Falls of the Grampians. Then we started measuring the best Sitting and Facing positions for the setting of the Plot of Land in front of the Falls, assuming that a house will be built facing the Falls. We adjusted our Compass (LOUPAN) Needle to the best possible degree in accordance with Master’s instructions and guidance. For “Period 8”, the best Sitting Position is South-West (Wei San) and Facing Position is North-East (Chou Xiang). Later, with Master’s guidance, Raymond came up with some crucial tips on the most ideal setting for the position of a house including a couple of added cures to harmonise the exterior environment of the house should it be built. As the day was getting sunnier and warmer, we were perspiring and hurrying for some cool and soothing drinks to quench our thirst at the kiosk, before we returned to meet Peter.

The next destination was Silver Band Falls, a 10-minute walk from the car park. The unusual sight of this Falls was that the downpour of the Falls which, when touches the ground, just comes to an abrupt stop and its water is drained right through into the underground leaving the surrounding area dry, without forming into a stream or creek as what a waterfall usually does. As such, this allowed many of us to stand closer to the Falls in order to pose for more photos without getting wet.

As time was running short, soon after lunch, Peter took us to a Vineyard to get some good wine. Some of us tried the taste of different wines.

Time just flew by too quickly that eventually it was “Sayonara” time to Grampians and set off time for Melbourne. Everyone was exhausted and looking forward to go home, but yet lingering onto the memories of these two unforgettable days of being together. On behalf of our Team, Master expressed our heartfelt thanks to Peter who had made this trip very meaningful and memorable for us. Besides, he had been our great chauffeur who has a sense of humour. As a whole, though the two-day trip was tiring, it was well spent and worthwhile as a priceless experience for all of us. Therefore, a BIG THANK YOU TO YOU PETER, of course not forgetting MASTER TSANG, RAYMOND and MEI for hosting this trip extremely successful.

On the way back to Melbourne, Master Tsang persisted to seize the residual time challenging us with more questions. Putting aside all our weariness, we all put in our best effort to prove to Master that we have not wasted his invaluable tutoring by answering without hesitation. Master was pleasingly satisfied, and at long last announced on top of his voice: ‘CONGRATULATION!! YOU ALL HAVE PASSED THE EXAMINATION!!” Everyone cheered happily with applause.

We arrived at Melbourne around 6 pm; enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Poh Hing Restaurant in Pine Shopping Centre at Mount Waverley before bidding everyone good night.