Juatkymm, HND/HGSC (UK) P Secretary


On Sunday 20 April, Master Tsang again hosted another Fengshui presentation at BoxHill. It was an honourable invitation from the ‘HWCI (Health, Wealth, Confidence, Independence) Club’  for Master to conduct this presentation. 

This is Master’s second Fengshui “Power-point” Presentation since beginning of 2008.  With honour, Master proclaimed that he had decided to assign the four of his disciples: Raymond, Mei, Beatrice and Kim, including three other Honourable ‘JIN YAN’ Members: Patrick, Edwin and Leanne Tsang, to participate in answering all questions, on his behalf, from all the invited guests after his talk.  

Before the presentation, Master introduced himself and the seven of us to all the audience, inviting them to approach us for any answers to their queries that were associated with the Fengshui when the presentation concluded. 

The crowd was diminutive; approximately 40 guests, hence the presentation conducted that evening was personal and informal. The theme of the subject presented was very preliminary however the information was concisely demonstrated and fully illustrated with diagrams to make things clearer for the audience to comprehend what the Master was actually explaining.  Master professionally presented his talk with sense of humours simultaneously sustaining the eagerness of the audience keeping them all fully awake. 

Three Fengshui Compasses (LOPANs) were passed round the audience to give them an overview of these complicated yet amazing Fengshui measuring tools that were essential whenever measurements were required for a setting of a property Direction. 

Basically the presentation was all about our daily contact and involvement with Fengshui; most of the Do’s and Don’ts including the Pros and Cons.  The whole objective for this occasion was mainly to cater for those who have little or no ideas what the authentic Fengshui is all about.  The subject carried out was also to clarify the doubts and scepticism that many people might have against the belief in Fengshui; assuming that the whole idea could all be about superstition or some kind of a cultural mysticism handed down from our past ancestors.  Until today, it is somewhat like an unsolved riddle that many people still find it hard to accept the Philosophy of Metaphysics including Fengshui  

(Geomancy), which in reality, is indeed a subject of Science and not merely a mystical belief that surpasses human apprehension. 

The overall reaction from the guests on the subject of Fengshui was ultra overwhelming as everyone was engrossed in the presentation.  Occasionally there was interruption by a few inquisitive and anxious listeners however the response for that evening was good.  Without denial, it was inevitable that some controversial issues challenging what Master had presented also confronted us. However, we diplomatically presented our best to clarify the doubts and queries of the guests.  Master felt proud how we had presented ourselves dealing with all the questions. 

This was indeed a significant evening as this served the purpose for us in learning how to socialise and deal with publicity. 

It was felt that after this evening’s presentation, all the guests would realise and have some idea on, at the least though not wholly, how Fengshui works; and that it does exist and is real.  

We expressed our appreciation and thank to the President of HWCI Club, Ms Amanda Lu, Ms Helen Wu and Dr Xing for having us and organising the time as well as providing us the opportunity to utilise their private precinct in order to promote the Fengshui presentation to the public.   

Most of all, we would also express our heartfelt appreciation to Master Tsang for enabling us to partake together with him during this exclusive and invaluable evening.


28 Apr. 08