On 1 May 2010, our Metaphysics class had decided to make time out dining with Master and Mrs Tsang before their upcoming departure for overseas trip.

There were 16 of us, and reservation of two tables was made by Alfred and Sandy Lai with the Treasure Restaurant at Forest Hill.

Although this was quite a chilly autumn evening at this time of the year, yet we felt the cosiness and warmth over the entire atmosphere having everyone sitting together and chatting over the table like a big family. 

It has been nearly six years since I first met Master Tsang and today I see he successfully conducted the Metaphysics classes consisting of Geomancy, Pillars of Life, Face Reading, and Palm Reading (Palmistry) which will soon commence in August this year.  Tonight saw the 4th batch of young diligent students who put their heads together working towards their goal of achievement.

Master Tsang spent a great deal of his valuable time and effort compiling and putting all the resourceful information into notes form to teach his students including myself.  All these years, from an amateur student who started from nowhere, Master Tsang have furnished and enriched me with metaphysical knowledge that is sufficient to enable me to resolve much of the doubt in my life.

Therefore, it is in fact a lifetime investment on taking up Metaphysics study, a profitable knowledge that you will never regret having it for the rest of your life.  Although it is quite a challenge at the beginning of every study, yet it is always true of a common saying, “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”. 

Hopefully everyone of us will value the opportunity given to us by Master Tsang. 

Many thanks to our young students for making this a very delightful evening for Master Tsang and everyone.  Work hard for your goal……..


By Kim Tan