Author : - Dr. Edward Tsang  (registered Chinese Herbalist & Acupuncturist )

                  Wu Zhu Metaphysician


Translator : Christine Tsang, CA



Tip 1



住宅圍牆不可滋生纏藤,陰氣太重,易招陰,宅內的人, 腸胃不好,胃酸多,(木剋土)


Fences and walls of the house should not be covered by climbing plants. Due to yin qi being too heavy, wood invades earth, increasing stomach acids leading to vomiting and nausea.


Tip 2



圍牆不耍太高,住在內邊的人好像 困獸一樣,會導致貧窮


Fencing should not be too tall, otherwise, people living inside the house is like living in the jail and will became poor.


Tip 3





The Corner of a neighbour’s house or fence directly facing to one’s own house is unfavourable . This is called “ne tu sha”. Corner hitting one’s own left side will be unfavourable to the senior male ; to the right will be harmful to own female, also breaks the economic robustness and affects mentality.



Tip 4





It is disastrous to have a T junction in front of the house. It will increase the chance of litigation for residents and become disabled and failure.



Tip 5





It is hard to hard to become wealthy if a house is located in the centre of the crossed roads.